Maserati MC20 / Cielo vs Ferrati 296 GTB / GTS : the duel !

Two new supercars, available in coupe and cabriolet, each with a new V6 engine. Two iconic Italian brands Maserati and Ferrari. You hesitate between the two? Here is our duel Maserati MC20 coupe / Cielo vs Ferrari 296 GTB / GTS.



The design of a headgear is something very subjective. On the one hand the Maserati MC20 marks the renewal of the brand in terms of design, on which will be based the future Maserati, for example the new Grecale and the future GranTurismo. On the other side the Ferrari 296 GTB takes the new Ferrari design codes inaugurated with the SF90.


Equipment on board

In the Maserati as in the Ferrari, the interior breathes sportiness. Seats, steering wheel, paddles, ... the only small "design" advantage would be for the Ferrari which integrates the multimedia screen in the dashboard for the driver as well as for the co-driver. On the Maserati side, the central multimedia screen has a practical advantage. The audio system is entrusted to Sonus Faber for the Maserati. This is not specified for Ferrari.


For the Maserati MC20 and Ferrari 296, two new V6 engines. So goodbye to the V8 for both brands. However, these engines have a lot to offer!


3.0L V6 90° Maserati engine

Unveiled at the presentation of my Maserati MC20, the V6 Nettuno is announced by the brand with the trident as a brand new engine that takes technologies from the F1.

It offers a maximum power of 630 hp at 7500 rpm, a torque of 730 Nm between 3000 and 5000 rpm and a maximum speed of 8000 rpm.


However, this engine is not so new because it is similar to the Alfa Romeo V6 of 510 hp, which itself is taken from the V8 of the Ferrari Portofini to which 2 cylinders have been removed. So an evolution but not new.

3.0L V6 120° Ferrari engine

In the recent history of Ferrari, this is the first time a V6 has been unveiled. Not without making purists cringe. It is at the same time a hybrid thermal / electric engine.


It offers a maximum power of 830 hp at 8000 rpm, a torque of 740 Nm and a maximum speed of 8500 rpm.

This new engine, codename F163, is open to 120° which leaves more space for the turbos and the MGU-K electrical module is positioned between the engine and the gearbox, and in the axis of the heat engine.


As you can see in the official videos, for a V6, the sound of the Ferrari is exceptional.


Contrary to what one might think from the pictures, the Ferrari 296 GTB is slightly lower and shorter than the Maserati MC20. The wheelbase is thus also 10 cm shorter. The width is similar.

Maserati MC201,22 m1,96 m4,67 m2,7 m
Ferrari 296 GTB1,18 m1,96 m4,56 m2,6 m


On the performance side, at Maserati a 3.0L V6 90° of 630 hp faces a Ferrari 3.0L V6 120° 663 hp + electric motor 167 hp. If the power of the combustion engine is close, the electric motor allows the Ferrari to offer 200 hp more than the Maserati. So, it could be on the scale because of the battery of the Ferrari, but not at all!

WeightPower / torque0 à 1000 à 200Vmax
Maserati MC201468 kg630 hp / 730 Nm2.9 sec8.8 sec325 km/h
Maserati MC20 Cielo1540 kg630 hp / 730 Nm3.0 sec9.2 sec320 km/h
Ferrari 296 GTB1470 kg830 hp / 900 Nm2.9 sec7.3 sec330 km/h
Ferrari 296 GTS1540 kg830 hp / 900 Nm2.9 sec7.6 sec330 km/h

The Ferrari's electric motor has the advantage of offering more performance, lower fuel consumption, 25 km of all-electric range and lower CO2 emissions. 149 g/km for the Ferrari against 262 g/km for the Maserati.



The Ferrari, because of its positioning and its performances is inevitably above the price of the Maserati... before malus! As you can see below, with a French malus, without options, the Ferrari 296 is cheaper than the Maserati MC20. Thanks to the PHEV technology.

Price includes VATMalusPrice after malus FR
Maserati MC20235 200 €40 000 €275 200 €
Maserati MC20 Cielo265 400 €40 000 €305 400 €
Ferrari 296 GTB272 000 €898 €272 898 €
Ferrari 296 GTS300 000 €898 €300 989 €

Conclusion : Ferrari !

More powerful, real new engine, exceptional sound for a V6 and, price after FR malus below the MC20, the Ferrari 296 wins this duel hands down. The only drawback is the delivery time, which is longer for Ferrari than for Maserati. If you want to be exceptional, the Maserati MC20 is the first supercar of the Italian brand and remains rarer than a Ferrari...



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  1. Answer typo to delete: it is indeed the engine of the Ferrari Portofino that is taken and not Portofini 😉

  2. At this level, the line counts more than the consumption or the performances which will never be exploited, and I find the Maserati just sublime...

  3. Frankly my dream car is the MC20 but since the Cielo version came out that has changed, the Ferrari is great too and has a better engine but despite the power I still prefer the MC20 Cielo which I find more beautiful.
    This is only my opinion and I know that others will prefer the Ferrari GTB or GTS and I am not against far from there! xD
    Otherwise good day to all!

  4. It's not fair to compare prices without mentioning options.
    There was a comparison in Sport Auto. With malus and options, the 296 was priced at 444 000€.
    Full option and with malus the MC 20 360 000€.

  5. Having seen it up close yesterday and having ridden it, I have a lot of trouble with the 296. It feels like 2 pieces of sports cars glued together to make one. It's a bit of a mess when it comes to Ferrari's design 😔😖

  6. One thing nobody talks about is resale value. And here, unfortunately for Maserati, there's no contest!

  7. Prices for an MC12 in very good condition currently vary between 3 and 4 million euros... All you have to do is hold on to it long enough if you buy it with the aim of reselling it. As indicated at the end of this article, rarity is an essential criterion.

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