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The Ferrari brand, which was born in 1947, has since become an undisputed legend in motorsport and luxury.

You are a fan of the car manufacturer Ferrari and / or Scuderia Ferrari? You own a Ferrari sports car or you know someone who does and you are looking for a nice official Ferrari watch?

In addition to the car, for many years, Ferrari has been marketing fashion items including official watches. But how to choose? There are so many watches that have been launched since the beginning that it is normal to get lost.

Why choose a Ferrari watch

Ferrari watches are accessories that reflect the sporty and elegant spirit of the car brand. They have various characteristics depending on the model, but have some common elements:

Official Ferrari watches: the collections

If you want to know the latest Ferrari men's and women's watches, the best thing to do is to go directly to the official website to see the latest collections. There are usually about thirty watches with prices ranging from 200 € to 2500 €. Note that some Ferrari watches are in limited editions like the beautiful Pilota Evo watch and in this case, the price can exceed 1000 € to more than 10 000 €. But regardless of the price, all official Ferrari watches are excellent quality products. Even the cheapest one at just over 200 € is made in Switzerland.

There are real collectors of Ferrari watches because many models are regularly sold out. It is then necessary to wait for the next collection to find stock.

Ferrari watches are manufactured in Switzerland in partnership with MGI Luxury Group S.a. For the majority of Ferrari watches, the case is usually made of steel. For some watches, the case can be in black carbon fiber. For the dial, some watches have a carbon fiber effect, but it is not real carbon fiber for the less expensive. Still for the dial, they often take the design of a digital or analog counter, found in contemporary or vintage Ferrari, with red colors (the famous Ferrari red) or black. The straps can be made of mesh, leather, silicone, alcantara... The chronograph or date function depends on the model. For most watches, the movement is quartz but some watches are also equipped with automatic winding movement. More rare, there are also digital Ferrari watches. There are Ferrari watches for men and women.

Luxury and ultra-luxury Ferrari watches

Also note that it is possible to find watches from the brand Hublot in collaboration with the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari, they are also in even more limited edition, like the Hublot La Ferrari limited to only 50 pieces. This watch is priced at €265,800 and is a tribute to the La Ferrari race car, which itself was a limited edition.

Hublot La Ferrari

More recently, it was the ultra-luxury watch brand Richard Mille that unveiled a Ferrari watch for men, the RM UP-01 Ferrari. Ultra-thin with only 1.75 mm thickness, with automatic movement, it is a technical watchmaking feat resulting from 6000 hours of development. Limited to 50 pieces, the RM UP 01 is the most expensive Ferrari watch at a price of approximately €1.7 million.

Or the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Mexico watch launched in 2015 in only 25 pieces. A watch with a green stitched leather strap, a ceramic case, a green carbon fiber bezel, a dial that reveals a UNICO movement developed by Hublot, a chronograph function, and a spahir glass. A magnificent goldsmith's watch that would be praised by Enzo Ferrari. It can be found on the second hand market between 20 000 € and 40 000 €.

Also, the Panerai brand has collaborated with Scuderia Ferrari to produce official and limited edition watches from 2005 to 2010, under the name "Ferrari Engineered by Officine Panerai". Produced by Panerai, they are called Granturismo, Scuderia and other special editions. Robust, they are shockproof and their design is a direct reminder of motorsport with black and yellow dials that refer to speedometers.

Let's not forget the famous luxury brand Audemars Piguet to whom we owe the famous Ferrari 250 Testarossa watch. Made in the 50s, it is a true collector's watch.

Finally, the oldest Swiss brand Girard-Perregaux manufactured Ferrari watches from 1994 to 2004. The design of these watches is timeless and what will vary the prices are the materials used. Sometimes steel, sometimes white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Prices range from €2000 to €100,000. An emblematic model of this collaboration is the Ferrari Chronograph 8020.

Where are the Ferrari watches made?

The vast majority of contemporary Scuderia Ferrari watches are manufactured by Movado (MGI Luxury Group) in Switzerland. For the Ferrari watches of Hublot, Richard Mille, they are also manufactured in Switzerland.

How much does a Ferrari watch cost?

Owning a Ferrari watch is definitely exclusive! But there is something for everyone: from €200 for a Scuderia Ferrari watch, to €40,000 for a Hublot Ferrari watch! Be reassured that no matter what the price is, with a wide range of Ferrari watches, they are all of very good quality.

So if you are planning to buy a Ferrari man or woman watch, whether it is because you are a fan of their sports cars or a supporter of the Scuderia, you will inevitably find a model to your taste.

Where to buy an official Ferrari watch ?

When buying a Ferrari watch, turn to an official watch dealer with secure delivery. Beware of sites that sell Ferrari watches at low prices. These may be unofficial watches, counterfeits, that do not represent the quality and craftsmanship of Ferrari.

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