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You are passionate about MaseratiAre you a fan of Maserati, perhaps even a Maseratian, or do you know a Maserati owner and are looking for a beautiful official Maserati watch as a gift? Maserati is an iconic brand of Italian luxury, elegance and style.

Everything you need to know before buying a Maserati watch with our free guide below.

maserati watches

For a little over 10 years, the manufacturer of sports and luxury cars, Maserati, markets watches made in Italy and not in Switzerland, in partnership with Morellato. Almost every year, new regular collections and careful designs that reflect the design and evolution of Maserati sports and luxury cars.

In addition to the classic collection, from time to time, Maserati launches special editions such as the one in partnership with its sailing team, or more recently a smart watch. In the range, Maserati watches with automatic movements are more expensive and rarer, and to be watched by collectors.

You will find below examples of Maserati watches, black, silver or gold, for men and women.

Maserati Epoca watch with its beautiful black Milanese bracelet, its blue dial and its visible mechanism. It is a very elegant two-tone black and blue automatic movement watch.

Vintage Maserati watch whose very elegant dial is reminiscent of the beautiful years of the automobile. With its silver and rose gold bracelet, it is more suitable for a woman, although it can also be worn by a man. You will also notice that it is equipped with a chronograph function.

Maserati watch whose anthracite dial recalls the design of the emblematic rims of Maserati cars. This same dial that reveals the mechanism of the automatic movement. Its case and Milanese bracelet are golden which makes it a very chic watch.

There is a very wide range of Maserati watches, for all tastes, in all colors: blue, black, brown, gold, silver, white, etc.. For the material, for all Maserati watches, the case is made of stainless steel, the straps are made of steel, leather, and sometimes silicone. The mineral glass is scratch resistant (but not unbreakable unlike sapphire), and the movement is quartz or automatic depending on the model.

There is a wide range of models for both men and women, with modern, sporty, vintage and classic styles, classified according to different collections: potenza, successo, traguardo, tradizione, competizione, stile or sfida.

It would be impossible to make a complete list because there have been so many models in the last 10 years. That's why some people collect Maserati watches.

How much does a Maserati watch cost?

The prices of Maserati watches, whether for men or women, are relatively affordable considering the quality, count between 200 € and 400 €. For models with automatic movement or sapphire glass, count 400 € to 600 €. For example, there is a limited edition Maserati SFIDA watch, gold-colored steel case, sapphire crystal, automatic movement sold for €790.

It is recommended to buy these watches in specialized stores or partners to be sure to have official Maserati watches and to have a customer service in case of problem. These watches have an average warranty of 2 years but they are very good products that well treated and maintained will last for many years.

Who makes Maserati watches?

As explained in the introduction, Maserati watches are indeed manufactured in Italy by Morellato Group, a specialist in the manufacture of high-end watches since the company produces no less than 16 brands of watches but also jewelry.

Maserati watches are indeed jewels made in Italy. If you find a Maserati watch made elsewhere, made in china for example, it is not official...

Which movement in Maserati watches?

It is true that we sometimes tend to judge the quality of a watch by its movement. Very few high-end watch brands make their own movements.

The Maserati watches have automatic or quartz movements, with or without chronograph, and according to our information, they are different movements of the brand Seiko. A famous brand that produces movements for many brands of watches, including luxury.

Where to buy an official Maserati watch?

Maserati watches are high-end products. It is therefore preferable to buy your future watch from a trusted dealer. A price that is too low, too attractive should alert you to a non-official product, a counterfeit, or even a used product.

Why are some Maserati watch models not on the official website?

You have been on the official Maserati website and have noticed that there are only about 20 watches while other websites offer more models? As explained above, the Italian brand launches new collections every year and removes from its website the watches of the previous collection. The watches of the previous collections are no longer produced but often still in stock at other retailers.

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