Scoop: Maserati prepares a road-legal MC20 GT2 Stradale

Maserati MC20 GT2, not road homologated, reserved for the GT2 championship

While the future of the automobile looks electric, Maseratithe Italian luxury car brand, is no exception to the rule, placing particular emphasis on electrification. With the introduction of models such as the new Grecale Folgore, Granturismo Folgore and, soon, the Grancabrio Folgore, the trident brand confirms its commitment to a 100 % electric brand. What's more, we'll have to wait until 2027 for the unveiling of the new LevanteA wait that may seem interminable to some.

But, like lightning in the night sky, Maserati is about to unveil a surprise that promises to set the mood long before the arrival of the new Levante. According to our information, by the end of 2024, the Italian brand is set to unveil a MC20 GT2 Stradale.


Based on the current Maserati MC20, this GT2 Stradale edition does more than simply repeat the fundamentals that made its predecessor such a success. In fact, this newcomer more powerfulsporting a more muscular body kit which not only accentuates its athletic look, but also promises to improve its performance on the road. But the real revolution lies in the fact that, unlike the 740 hp Maserati MCXtrema - a monster of power prepared for the track but not homologated for the road -, the MC20 GT2 Stradale will be homologated for road use.

Maserati MCXtrema, based on an MC20 with 740 hp, not road-legal

This initiative seems to be a direct response to the frustration expressed by potential MCXtrema customers, eager to tame this Italian powerhouse not only on the track but also on the asphalt of open roads. The MC20 GT2 Stradale therefore represents a bridge between the world of racing and that of everyday driving.


While Maserati continues to chart its course towards electrification, However, the brand has not forgotten those who love thrills and exceptional machines. The MC20 GT2 Stradale promises to be a model that will undoubtedly reaffirm Maserati's sporting status in the hearts of enthusiasts.

To be continued...



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  1. All that's missing is a few seasons as a Gentleman Driver and a commitment from the brand to Endurance racing instead of Peugeot, which would be better off in FE.

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