Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: a beautiful supercar at last!

Months in the making, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is finally here! The new supercar that managed to keep such a low profile during its gestation period is a work of art to remember.

Let's start with the design! As we told you, this supercar will not be in the tradition of the Alfa Romeo of the current range. The Giulia and Stelvio were born of the FCA era, while the Tonale straddles the line between FCA and Stellantis.


A blank sheet of paper for this 33 Stradale, a pure Stellantis product, under the guidance of new French director Imparato and new Spanish chief designer Mesonero-Romanos, who joined the crew in 2021. The 33 Stradale marks the revival of Alfa Romeo styling, the one that should inspire the brand's future models... So we have high expectations for the future B-SUV...

Coming back to the 33 Stradale, why finally a beautiful supercar? Look around you: what carmaker these days dares to make such a sensual automobile? Whether in Italy or elsewhere... Of course, it won't please everyone on certain details, but we can't help but stand up and applaud the boldness of the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo teams.


I'd like to start at the back. It's great to see the return of round lights, reminiscent of the 8C, Giulietta, MiTo, 4C... and of course the Tipo 33. In rear 3/4 view, nostalgia gives way to modernity: the lights are extruded, the diffuser is very sharp. A 3rd brake light is located at the top of the rear vite.

On the side, a rocket. Even at a standstill, you can see that this car will be fast. In this respect, it is reminiscent of the Tipo 33, but also of the 4C. Aerodynamic efficiency is confirmed by an excellent Cx of 0.375, achieved without the aid of active aerodynamic devices. This compares with 0.34 on the 4C, 0.25 on the Giulia Quadrifoglio and 0.38 on the MC20. The lower the score, the better.


Sensuality is at its peak as she undresses... and the gullwing doors bear a striking resemblance to the MC20. Here too, a fine tribute to the Tipo 33.

The rims are also flawless. Beautiful telephone rims, as inaugurated by the Tipo 33 and subsequently adopted by numerous Alfa Romeo models. A trademark. The gold color perfectly matches the red of the bodywork. In fact, lucky customers can choose between several colors: the classic Alfa Red, Royal Blue, but also a more refined red-tinted varnish called "Villa d'este". Carbon can also be left visible on request...


And finally, the front will probably be the most divisive part. Disconcerting at first glance. Yet it's inspired by the Tipo 33's headlamps, but also by the Giulia's piercing gaze (before the Tonale's headlamps). The elliptical headlamps are complex. You look, you look again, and in the end, you say to yourself, this is a fine piece of work. And, of course, there's Alfa Romeo's signature V-shaped grille.

On board, too, there's nothing but superlatives. You'll find the cockpit of a contemporary Alfa Romeo, steering wheel, pallet, cap... but everything is sublimated.


The various controls for forward, neutral and reverse gears, as well as the different driving modes, are in brushed aluminum. These are finishes we've seen from Alfa Romeo in the past, notably on the 159. The classic DNA dial has disappeared. The needle-type counters, so dear to Alfisti, have not been abandoned.

Is all this a foretaste of what's to come from Alfa Romeo?


And what about the engine? Well, strangely enough, none of the photos shared by the brand praise the engine. Perhaps to emphasize style rather than performance?

In any case, the press release announces that the 33 Stradale is equipped with an evolution of the V6 engine already present in the Italian brand's models, a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 developing over 620 hp. Remind you of the MC20 V6? When you've been told for years that these are the same engines!


And surprise, surprise, the rumors are true: a 100 % electric version is on the cards, with 3 electric motors for a total output of over 750 hp. As a reminder, the Maserati Granturismo Folgore also has 3 electric motors for a total output of 761 hp.

It's clear that when it comes to power, whether thermal or electric, there's no need to indicate that Alfa Romeo is as powerful as Maserati. La famiglia!


Performance figures have yet to be verified, but for the fun of it, they're 3's all over the place. Claimed top speed of 333 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, braking from 100 km/h to 0 in less than 33 m.

The 33 models of this Stradale 33 are all sold and customizable. Rumors had it that the price would be over 1 million euros, then 1.5 million, and now it's approaching 3 million! The first model will be delivered in December 2024.



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  1. Well... I'm disappointed, because not only is it less powerful than a Maserati MC20, or a thermal equal, but I can't get the headlights to work. As for the rest, no problem, but as with Lamborghini, the design of the headlights is a complete failure. But I'm waiting to see it in real life.

    • As far as power is concerned, it's clear that Stellantis is politically correct, so as not to overshadow Maserati. This is reflected in the figures for both internal combustion and electric power.

      I agree about the headlights, which is why I ended with them. But you can clearly see the tribute to the tipo 33. It remains to be seen what kind of light signature the bsuv will have... are they going to continue like the Tonale or go for something else?

  2. It's a shame, because given Alfa's DNA, you'd expect more power and sportiness than in a Maserati. Alas, perhaps they should have let a famous Italian coachbuilder design ✍️ this diva, because while it has the 33, Montreal on the sides and I don't know what other Alfa in its design, the French have never been able to design headlights and we see the disaster.
    For the signature of future models, what will be will be but here we have just taken a nasty slap.😖

    • There's nothing French about the design; personally, I find it absolutely sublime, and for good reason, it's largely based on that of the original 33. The headlights update the large bubbles designed by Franco Scaglione. The result is that all the press think it's magnificent, and that it sets Alfa Romeo apart in the Stellantis galaxy (Peugeot or DS don't have the legitimacy to produce a supercar), which shows that the group's Italian brands have far greater potential than the others. Personally, I'm totally indifferent to the fact that the MC20 develops 630 hp versus 620 here, regardless of which of the two is more powerful.

      • It's your choice, but not everyone's, because when you shell out €3 million for a car, you expect power, handling, performance and weight that are far superior to those of a €300,000 car, all-inclusive. So the basic 740hp would have been welcome, especially coming from Alfa, knowing that this is the last thermal model of its kind.
        If the reinterpretation of the light signature is anything to go by, it's a success.

        • Hello everyone. I bought a 33 in 1986 (at a price of 33 333 FB if I remember correctly) and I don't see any reference to this model either in the design or in the technical specifications. I'm disappointed....
          All kidding aside, she's sublime, and to quibble over 20 or 30 CV...

        • It's fair to say, and you're entitled to think otherwise 😉 regarding the number of horsepower, the brand refused orders, proving that they weren't decisive. Moreover, the press is dithyrambic about the model, to which end the Automobile Sportive qualifiers: "magnificent", "superb", "remarkable". What "everyone" is going to do is hope to come across one one day in their life.

          • I'm not worried about that, in Switzerland or Northern Italy I think I'll come across one, given my work. In the articles, the word "confusing" comes up regularly when talking about the front light signature.

  3. On the subject of pricing, source Caradisiac: "As for the price, it remains top secret. While the Maserati MC20, the technical cousin of the 33 Stradale, has a base price of around €235,000, the totally exclusive character of the Milanese model suggests a much higher price tag. However, the brand assures us that it has remained reasonable: "We haven't exaggerated," sums up Jean-Philippe Imparato, who assures us that the price "remains in this world."
    In my opinion, it would be 300,000 rather than 3 million.

  4. Hello everyone,
    Alfiste and faithful reader of Italpassion, we discovered the new Alfa 33 Stradale yesterday. Thanks to Alexandre for his presentation, the photos and the text that let us discover this car. Of course, with the little information Alfa divulges. I often compare Alfa to Apple, you know the info when the product is released. That said, the 33 looks magnificent to me, I would have liked perhaps, a higher power. After all, everything's sold, so .... but the price of a Chiron for 700 hp leaves us a little hungry. Above all, last thermal and they announce the future Giulia QV electric at 1000 hp. That's how it is, it's the image!!! I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I'd like Alfa, and now Stellantis, to invest in showrooms, because when I take my Giulia Estrema in for servicing, and the showroom is made up of Fiat, Jeep, Opel Suzuki and Kia, it doesn't look very good, and the person taking delivery of your Alfa tells you it's a Giulietta, even though you've got a Giulia ???? Doing F1 (end at the end of the year) with mediocre results since they came back and are bragging on FaceBook. Anyway, beautiful Alfa and long live Alfa!

    • As a historic Alfista (my Giulia Veloce Q2 is my 12th Alfa), I'm in much the same frame of mind as Dan. This new-look 33 Stradale is magnificent, but what sense does it make to limit it to 33 examples for hand-picked customers (and for a price that's as confidential as it is probably enormous) if not a choice for a product that's a little bling bling, for a few customers who will add it to a Bugatti Chiron or a Ferrari Purosangue in their garage... Is this really the Alfa spirit? And then, the discretion of the engines, and the relative "modesty" of the power ratings compared to Maserati raises questions. So yes, Stellantis is capable of designing an extraordinary Alfa with references to past glories, but it's a styling exercise that's a little out of step with the brand's values. I'm a bit grumpy, no doubt, partly because for me, it's inaccessible to normal Alfists. I'd understand if Ferrari embarked on a similar project, but then with truly out-of-the-ordinary mechanicals. I prefer Zagato's unique SWB to this creation reserved for the super-rich.

      • Power is a matter of 10 or 20 HP... so there's no difference.
        What remains to be seen is torque and real performance, as well as on the racetrack...

  5. It's beautiful, it's pure, it's genius... it's been going on for 2,000 years, what's beautiful is on the other side of the Alps. Basta!

  6. I agree with Dan. Imparti is Italian in name only. I loved his "Garazie" "Benvenuto" etc...
    It makes you imagine the surprise of the original Alfa 33 stradale when it first came out. It was a knee-slapper. The 2023 has substance, but...
    It's time for the French from Stellantis to look after the French Vautos and the Italians to look after the Italians. It's a question of DNA. An Italian has nothing in common with a German and the latter with a Spaniard. So, to each his own.
    I hope that when the French quinquennium is over and the Italians take over the next 5, you'll see some real design.
    I'm already afraid of the next Alfa models under French tutelage. Owner of a giulie veloce .

    • Oh yes, I agree, we had to wait 45 minutes to hear a sentence in Italian (and even then it was in a broadcast video), which was quite appalling... incidentally, I understood half of the words Imparato spoke in English.

  7. Sounds like many here don't like the headlights. I was unsure at first but they've grown on me. The way they play off the logo in the front. And their profile from the side makes them very prominent. The eyes are the windows to the soul. This car isn't afraid to bear its soul. I find that refreshing.

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