Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Super Sport: a new very limited series

Alfa Romeo has just unveiled a very limited series that pays tribute to its sporting heritage. Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport are special editions that will only be produced in 275 units for the Giulia and 175 for the Stelvio, available worldwide.

These exclusive models celebrate Alfa Romeo's first Mille Miglia victory in 1928a legendary race won by the 6C 1500 Super Sport. This victory marked the beginning of an era of dominance in motorsport for Alfa Romeo, and these new special editions are a nod to that heritage.


The Centro Stile Alfa Romeo has dared a reinterpretation of the Quadrifoglio logo, featuring a black background for the first time in over 100 years. Inside, the vehicles breathe sportiness with the introduction of the new 3D carbon with red finish. The 520 hp 2.9L V6 engine, combined with a mechanical self-locking differential, promises an unparalleled driving experience.

The driving dynamics of the Quadrifoglio Super Sport remain unrivalled in their respective classes, thanks to a perfect balance of weight, agility and lightness, as well as extremely direct steering.


Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport embody the quintessence of Italian sportinesswith only 450 vehicles produced in total. These cars are the ambassadors of the technical purity and technology that place these models at the top of their segments, offering a driving experience true to the Alfa Romeo spirit.

The exterior design is enhanced by the new Quadrifoglio logo on a black background and the use of carbon, visible on the roof (optional for the Giulia), in the Scudetto "V" and on the mirrors. Sporty alloy wheels, "3+3" Full-LED Matrix adaptive headlamps and a sporty interior with 3D red carbon trim are just some of the features that distinguish these limited editions.


These Quadrifoglio Super Sport limited editions are more than just cars, they are a testament to Alfa Romeo's best. The price is not announced in the press release.


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  1. This Quadrifoglio Super Sport special series is magnificent. Are there any cars on the market more beautiful and exciting than the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio? No. Sales aren't what they could have been, but Alfa Romeo has still created wonders with the Giulia and Stelvio.

  2. The giulia is truly one of the finest sedans ever produced.
    It's a pity sales weren't up to scratch, but all the better for the lucky owners.
    Continue to enjoy driving this genuine Alfa Romeo

    • How lucky you are! The Giulia Quadrifoglio has become my dream car, ever since I drove the Stelvio Quadrifoglio. The 2.9 V6 is a marvel.

  3. OK Alfa. You take back my Giulia fuel oil and in exchange I leave with the same in quadrifoglio!!!! 😝 D'accord?? 😉

  4. A last stand for the last 2 real Alfa cars in the brand's history. A Giulia QV will be worth its weight in gold in a few years' time...

  5. With the possibility of reconverted internal combustion engines, or hydrogen engines, articles seen here and there on the web, I begin to dream of the continuity of the Giulia's internal combustion versions.
    The price is likely to be high... But it gives us hope

    Who has information on this subject?

    • I don't believe in hydrogen at all. As for the combustion engine on the giulia and Stelvio, given that the platform is multi-energy, if the Stelvio doesn't sell enough electric cars in 2026, I think the combustion engine will come back, but it will have to be a hybrid, and that's where the question arises... maybe the gme 4 cyl PHEV... but it's still early to think about it.

  6. 販売店に確認したら、日本仕様の限定車のエンジンスペックは普通のクアドリと同じく510PSとのことでした。マフラーも通常の4本出しですね。性能面で特に特筆すべきものがないのは残念です。

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