Lancia returns to Belgium with 10 showrooms

After a long wait, Lancia announces its return to the Belgian market. With a rich history spanning almost 117 years, Lancia is set to inaugurate ten new showrooms across Belgiummarking a new era for the brand in Europe and Belgium.

The announcement took place at an event at the Italian Embassy in Brussels, where Lancia's management confirmed its ambitions. The futuristic Pu+Ra HPE concept and the classic Aurelia B20 were on hand to symbolize the blend of tradition and innovation that characterizes the brand.


The new Lancia Ypsilon, scheduled for the second half of 2024, will be the first model to appear on Belgian roads. Made in Spain and based on the Peugeot 208 / Opel Corsa platform, the Ypsilon will incorporate design elements from the Pu+Ra concept, notably its distinctive headlamps.

The ten Lancia dealershipsspread across the country's main cities, will reflect the brand's new identity. Inspired by the model showroom in Milan, they will offer a premium design experience, true to Italian style. Lancia is thus moving away from its sporty, popular image of yesteryear towards a more luxurious positioning.


In addition, Lancia showrooms will be strategically located at close to Alfa Romeo and DS Automobiles sales outlets, forming the new Stellantis Premium division. Digitizing the purchasing process will also be a priority, with an estimated 50 % of sales made online.

Francesco Colonnese, Business Development Manager for Lancia Europe, explains that Belgium was chosen for its "Made in Italy" appeal and the potential of the B segment, where the Ypsilon will be launched. He also stresses the importance of patience and long-term strategy, with the announced return of the Gamma models in 2026 and Delta in 2028.

lancia range

Lancia promises to keep its prices competitive with those of its competitors, while maintaining a high level of service. premium quality. The first tests of the Ypsilon, available in electric and mild-thermal hybrid versions, are eagerly awaited.

The entire Lancia Ypsilon range in Belgium will be available from a list price of €25,000. For the hybrid engine, the price starts at €24,000. For the electric version, the list price starts at €34,500.



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  1. The Lancia Ypsilon is luxurious, and the interior is very good.
    I'll wait to see the front in person before judging, but the rest is a success, even if it's an upgraded or luxury 208.

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