Maserati: the luxury brand triumphs in the USA and Italy, but not in France

The Stellantis Group has just unveiled its new figures for the first half of 2023. As usual, since this is a report intended for investorsThe figures are flattering: increased sales, increased profits, increased free cash flow...

If we focus on Maserati we can see that the trident brand has up +50 % sales in the first half of 2023 compared with 2022.


Inevitably, sales are also up almost proportionally, at +39 %. Most interesting is the margin, which rises from 6.6 % to 9.2 %. A very important point for Stellantis, as we explained in another article, Maserati still far from being the most profitable luxury brand.

If we compare with previous years, thanks to our table below, Maserati has indeed achieved a very good first half of 2023, almost as good as 2018.


According to the group, this growth is being achieved by the Grecale model, which is selling well... We can reasonably estimate that Maserati will exceed 30,000 units delivered in 2023.

For a luxury car brand that has shifted its focus from volume to profitability, this is very good. Sergio Marchionne's target of 75,000 units/year is from another era.


With the future Grancabrio, the electric Grecale and the electric Granturismo, the brand will be able to count on these new products to consolidate its sales in 2024.

The USA is Maserati's number one market

We don't yet have access to all the figures by country, but here's what we do know.


The trend is for the United States to be the leading purchaser of Maseratis with around 600 registrations per month. Italy is just behind, with over 2,000 registrations in the first half of 2023.

Between them, the USA and Italy account for almost 40 % of Maserati sales (tient, like Alfa Romeo!).


Other countries make up the rest with Germany, Canada, the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Spain all good customers.

Special note for France, bludgeoned by taxationWith only 64 new Maseratis registered, dealers aren't too happy. Their last hope is the arrival of electric models, if customers want them.



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  1. Maserati has the same problem as Porsche with the Macan, the Grecale is going to do most of the work, which is why the V6 shouldn't disappear, and the same 4-cylinder hybrid for Lancia would have been great. A Giuliana, Thesis, Ghibli tripelette on the wide Giorgio wouldn't be a bad thing in coupe, station wagon and sedan form. The Giuliana in rear-wheel drive, the Thesis in raised 4WD, the Ghibli 4WD in rear-wheel drive, but that's just my personal opinion.
    France has become too autophobic.

  2. In my opinion Maserati On the external design level nothing to say, but the problem of this brand is the design of the dashboard which is bland and empty if you take parexemple ne AUDI you will see the difference, the latter has a full and beautiful dashboard.

  3. If they manufacture maseratis with v8 ferrari engines and zf mechanical gearboxes, their sales will explode in Europe!
    In Europe we don't like automatic gearboxes!
    It's the car that controls itself and you can't make the sounds you want, it's not interesting!
    the clutches are too fragile and too expensive, and that's what's holding back buyers in Europe.
    In France we love mechanical boxes!

  4. I couldn't agree more! A few years ago, France, a great car-loving country ( look at the 24h du Mans 2023 ! ) has become totally autophobic ! And worse than that to come because of the gaucho mentalities and the greens! with the endorsement of the politicos who bow down so as not to lose their places in Gold! But the same goes for the metal industry, agriculture, energy and worse! Aeraunotics! It's all going to come crashing down until a certain ....moment! The road is being paved by a new company! Let's watch it live! Merci Thank you merci a Tous!

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