The future Alfa Romeo B-SUV will be powered by a Peugeot PureTech engine!

You probably didn't miss it: the first photos of Alfa Romeo B-SUV leaked this weekend. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of a small SUV, some of the images raise questions, particularly about the car's motorization.

As a reminder, the "From 0 to 0" strategy has long been Jean-Philippe Imparato's catchphrase for explaining that all future Alfa Romeo models will be electric. The B-SUV we're talking about here will be the brand's first 100 % electric model, but to quote Mr. Imparato again "is also planned with other energies"..


And indeed, the leaked photos leave little doubt, the Alfa Romeo B-SUV will feature a hybrid combustion engine. Below, you can see the number of the gear engaged, as well as fuel consumption in l/100km and remaining range.

But which engine will it be? You don't have to look very far. The Alfa Romeo B-SUV shares the same platform as the Fiat 600, but also the Jeep Avenger, the DS3 and the Peugeot 2008...


And if we turn our attention to the Jeep Avenger, which has been available as a thermal hybrid for a few months now, we're talking about the infamous engine. Peugeot 1.2 PureTech. A small, three-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine delivering 100 hp, mated to a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox. The new Peugeot 2008 is also equipped with this engine.

To give you an idea, we found a video test of the Jeep Avenger with the PureTech engine.


PSA's CMP platform, manufactured in Tychy, Poland, with a Peugeot PureTech engine. What's so Italian about this SUV... one wonders...


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  1. Back to square one! Soulless ALFAs, the victims of a takeover by a group that cares nothing for the history and identity of the brand! We could criticize Marchionne, but it's thanks to him that we've had the only modern ALFAs worthy of the name! (Giulia and Stelvio)

  2. They don't want to bother until the complete transition to electric, i.e. until 2027. So long live the last Giulia and Stelvio thermal! this is for the alfists.

  3. What a piece of crap. To be avoided like the plague.
    An Italian with a French engine. What are the Italians doing? They're getting it handed to them by Tavares....

  4. Like I said, we're in the middle of a nightmare.
    Alfa can go under for all I care, I'll stick with models that stop at the end of the Giulia and Stelvio.

  5. The worst news of the year 😢
    With an extra 100hp engine, not exactly in keeping with Alfa's premium image.
    I still wonder why they were so quick to abandon the new firefly engines in favor of the puretec (for Europe) with its sinister reputation.

    • With the tonal, you're already disconnected from the brand, so you're just hammering home the point, because a 1.3 engine is what you'll find under Abarth.

  6. What a sad fate they dare to offer such a beautiful brand, it was to be expected, in France the majority of people don't like cars, and the captains of the car industry only have eyes for big dividends.
    All the best.

    • Euh ah bon en France on ne aime pas la voiture!!!??? In my village this summer was held a gathering of nearly 390 vintage vehicles that followed one another over a weekend! Despite the heatwave, people came in droves with their families to admire all these vehicles!
      So yes, in the cities, this feeling is real (at the same time, given the population growth in the cities, how can we continue to envisage travelling by private car if not at night or on Sundays 😅), but no, the "car is not dead" as a certain R.R. would say on a well-known medium 😉
      On the other hand, yes, current production can disgust many people, including myself, and I must admit that I'm worried about Alfa in the future! As for Lancia's comeback!!! 🙄🤔...

  7. What a shame what is becoming of this brand!!!!
    Initially scuttled by Mr Marchionne, who didn't opt for a Giulia SW for example, this is the end of Peugeot's work...

    The Puretech is the worst aberration in the history of the automobile. Let's not forget the figures: more than 500,000 vehicles worldwide are affected;
    Peugeot had the wrong idea when it signed with FCA. Not only did they get the 500 and Jeep biftons back, they opened up the US market and then forked over their crap.
    What's going on in Italy? Is there no one left to make decisions, or what?

    After-sales service is already tarnishing the brand, but now it's the end of everything....

  8. Alfa was never restored to its former glory. Afterwards, Alfa has always (for the past 40 years) remained in its past, admittedly glorious, but the past. Before the war, Alfa was a prestigious brand (after all, it launched Ferrari). After the war, Ferrari took off and Alfa launched some very fine models, but they didn't explode either. A bit like Maserati, which today finds itself in the same situation as Alfa. Year 60, not bad, 70 complicated, 80 cata, 90 complicated, 2000 revival with 156, 147, 166, GT, Brera, 159, MITO, Giulietta, 8c and 4c, then again hell, 2016 revival with Giulia then Stelvio (although sales are not there) and merger and now it's PSA who decides, so nothing good to come. As Takao says above, Marchionne was HE in the Alfa revival. After my 147, Mito, 159, Giulia Lusso, Stelvio sport edition and now Giulia Estrema, I wonder if I'll continue with Alfa. Sadly, I bought my first Alfa 20 years ago and today it's stagnating. I don't have a life expectancy of 150 years, so I'm fed up with always hoping.

    • Totally agree with Dan. I'm on my 14th Alfa (from the Alfasud TI in 1979 to the Gulia Veloce in 2022) but I think it will be the last. It's true that Alfa's history since 1970 has been a series of crises: the rusting Alfasud, IRI's lack of investment, which led to making something new out of something old (the Giulietta 2, the 75 and the 90 were remakes of the Alfetta, skilfully recycling the biablbero from the 1st Giulietta in the '50s), an Alfa 6 that took so long to come out that it was already outdated by the time it was launched, the search for unlikely collaborations that gave birth to monsters like the Arna. Then came Fiat's takeover, with its baroque models (the 155, the first Alfa with Fiat engines, fortunately soon abandoned), followed by a period of stagnation. But then came the 156 and 164, and above all the brilliant Busso V6, one of the best 6-cylinders in history, at a time when Alfa was still a major engine manufacturer. All this came to a halt when Fiat went into business with GM, and we remember how dismayed Alfists were when the Busso was replaced by a Holden V6 on the 159...). Then we could start to hope again with the 2010 Giulietta (I had a Giulietta QV, it wasn't perfect but it was still a "real" Alfa), then of course the Giulia and the Stelvio, the late Marchionne's bursts of pride (after having left Alfa in the lurch for years...) and which are masterpieces despite being commercial failures. Now that the ex-PSA teams are at the helm, we're going to have Alfa with Puretech engines (I have no opinion on electrics, which are undoubtedly unavoidable but will require a lot of Italian genius to maintain the Biscione's atavism, so we can reasonably fear the end result...) Peugeot platforms and a vulgar interpretation of what is presented as Alfa's genes, a garish image of the past with no technological content of its own. It's not for nothing that the 33 stradale doesn't communicate about its engines, with a platform and external powertrains that make Alfa an assembler, all in a baroque envelope and at an insane price, the car's vocation being to parade in Dubai more than on the racetrack. End of game, time for collectors.

    • The problem, Dan, is that Fiat didn't understand the potential of Alfa and Lancia as well as Maserati and Abarth, and that's where we are now. If Fiat had done the same job for its 4 brands as Marchionne did for Alfa, we wouldn't be where we are today. We're all in your position.

  9. I am Italian 🇮🇹 but where are the Italian origins of the brand Fiat alfa Romeo lancia fca and all the others, because since they are with the PSA is the decline of Italian brands, disagne awful nothing to do with the Italian disagner falls sales of Italian cars Fiat back to torino forza

  10. In any case, now that Alfa has brought out the sedan coupe of my dreams, the perfect SUV and a lightweight go-kart, a GT (8C) and a Supercar, I expect nothing more from this brand.
    Farewell Alfa (this will only be the second time).

  11. What a disappointment! No more beautiful Italians, I was expecting this to be my last Alfa!
    Now Pure Toc engines!!!
    I've owned 5 Alfa's, a Lancia, 5 Fiat's and unfortunately a Peugeot, my first new car. It's the worst piece of crap I've ever owned and a lot of people around me have problems with Peugeots. Since Stellantis declared Alfa a Premium brand, Alfa fiat Jeep agents... can no longer take vehicles under warranty. You have to go to the dealers and wait for them to take your vehicle. But we won't tell you about that.
    All to enrich shareholders.
    It's a shame to see another fine brand disappear.

  12. I sincerely thought that as a professional and with a well-informed eye you wouldn't fall into this hasty judgment and crude cliché...alas...

    • The engine isn't Alfa, it doesn't look like an Alfa, and it's made in Poland on a PSA platform, so it's not a judgment, it's an observation.

  13. A huge mistake, which totally spoils the presentation of the 33 Stradale. Alfa has always offered exceptional internal combustion engines, and if it was time to go electric, it should have preserved this history and forgotten about this puretech. Alfa also has a stylistic identity, and even the Tonale was noticed by the testers. This model, if its bodywork is confirmed, is filthy - that's the only word for it. Whereas the Giulietta, MiTo and 8C shared common features, there's nothing like that with the latest supercar. It looks like a Citroën crossed with a Mitsubishi, and it's going to sully the brand's image. The new management pretends to be premium and to make money, but not only is this completely false, this model won't sell. Imparato has understood nothing about the brand.

  14. I have a FIREFLY as the heart in my Tipo. A marvel!
    On the other hand, Pure TECH engines are truly unreliable... The story of the belt that soaks in oil... An aberration that has done damage to PEUGEOT customers.

    But I recently read that the PURETECH engine that will be assembled in Europe has received 40% of new parts, including a chain (no more belt)! To be verified! I look forward to seeing.

    In Brazil, PEUGEOT Pure-Tech engines have been replaced by FIREFLY engines.
    A final detail: the FIREFLY engine was designed in Brazil.

  15. Alas, since the merger with PSA, FCA has been eaten up, no more beautiful Italian engines, no more beautiful bodywork, and no more driving pleasure from cars with incomparable temperament. Now we'll be treated to pure-tech engines, I'm sorry, pure-merdasse engines from Peugeot, with their lymphatic character. Alfa and Maserati should have separated from stellantis and gone their separate ways, for me too being a pure alfist, that's it I don't want any more of these alfa-peugeot. Ciaooôoooooo mais belles ALFA-ROMEO les vrais .😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • I'm French and I say it loud and clear, this "puretoc" engine is a piece of crap, even at Peugeot, before the puretech, thp,... The whole XU, TU and even PRV range was top!
      It's a disgrace, even on a Peugeot, this engine...

  16. A PureTech engine in an Alfa Romeo is a disgrace!
    In a Fiat 600 at a pinch, but PureTech in an Alfa Romeo is an attempt to destroy the brand.
    As for the design, let's hope it's false information.
    All future Alfa Romeos in electric or with indigent engines, or how to be forced to look elsewhere even if you're passionate about the brand.

    • Even the 600 Abarth, it's not legitimate to see it with such an engine.
      It was up to Fiat to take care of the thermal segment, not PSA, because they never knew how to make engines.

        • In this case, the Firefly is better than the Puretech (less vibration, more reliable) and a hybrid version already exists, but no, Stellantis preferred to cobble together a new block with Punch that has the same fuel consumption as a 2.0 GME... If the aim was to take advantage of an existing platform and factory, they could have used the Tonale's, at least it would have been produced in Italy.

        • Except that Fiat engines are a thousand times more reliable than those of Peugeot, which has never been able to make its own engines (or with Renault (and) or with Volvo. It's easier to produce more hp from an Italian engine than from a French one. So even to see a Fiat running with catastrophic engines when Fiat has managed to start rebuilding its image with the 500 and Tipo family... it's enough to make you sick.

  17. As the owner of a 1964 Bertone coupé with the famous bialbero, I can only conclude that Alfa Romeo will no longer be ... Alfa Romeo.
    But as I also own a 1975 504 sedan (a reliable one), this irony of history makes me smile...

    • The 504's engine was reliable because it wasn't pushed, but its gearbox broke like crystal and the rear axle loved rust, so it was far from being a marvel... in fact, it was.

  18. I don't believe this information about the Peugeot Pure Tech engine block at all. The engine block will be Italian. Where do you get this information from?
    Fiat and Alfa Romeo are working together on their own engine blocks.

  19. There's a big problem with the source of your information. The vehicle's odometer reads 12,580 km. It's safe to say that the vehicle is well maintained. The vehicle's battery display shows 9,999 km, which is totally impossible for an electric or internal combustion vehicle. You haven't even checked this kind of information, and all the others give exactly the same answer. As far as the Peugeot PureTech engine block is concerned, this information is not accurate and does not come from the Stellantis group.

  20. A lot of confusion at Stellantis. As a result, aficionados are disappointed, as the brand's DNA has all but disappeared. What a shame.

  21. Pfff, a Peugeot engine when fiat and alfa make very good engines. Peugeot Citroën has been making crappy engines in recent years: 1.2 puretech with problems for almost all vehicles, and the same goes for the blue HDI.
    I had 3 alpha without any problem but now it's over unfortunately.

  22. Do Stellantis managers read the opinions of Alfisti from time to time? Probably not. They're locked into their logic of industrial optimization (sharing platforms, etc.). Stupid vision: if Alfa loses its soul, it will lose its customer base, which has so far weathered many storms. Trying to compete with German premium carmakers using the same recipes won't get you very far. Nor will going all-electric. The Stelvio is a beautiful car, even if it hasn't been a great commercial success. It was my first Alfa. And it will unfortunately be my last.

    • Alfa shouldn't worry about competing with anyone else, but about positioning itself where it belongs. As I've often said, the Giulia and Stelvio came out 10 years too late to be a success, but they put the brand back on the right track, and all they had to do was keep at it, but given the new turn of events... it's all over.

  23. Noch mal schnell zum Händler oder gebraucht alles kaufen mit dem Kleeblatt von heute. Ich bin gerade mit einem VW in Frankreich im Urlaub, der Dienstwagen meiner Partnerin und alle Alfas mussten im Stall bleiben. Es gruselt einen schon etwas, wenn man überlegt, dass Peugeot-Designer die Alfas machen sollen. Die Peugeots sehen schon furchtbar aus, was ist von Citroens Ikonen geblieben? Wer hat den Menschen bei Stellantis beigebracht, das Rückleuchten aussehen müssen, wie Karzinome aus Plastik, wo steht, das E-Autos Leuchtstreifen brauchen wie auf der Kirmes, wo ist die Dedignqualität geblieben, wo Alfa bis auf ein paar Ausrutscher meist vorne war? Schon als mir der erste Tonnale gebracht wurde, habe ich abgelehnt einzusteigen, eine Plastikschüssel mit unentschlossener Motorisierung. Ich fahre die guten alten Eisen weiter.

  24. Ich fahre seit über 30jahren AlfaRomeo und es ist für mich ein Lebens Gefühl aber wenn es stimmt das ein AlfaRomeo nicht in Italien sondern in Polen gebaut wird noch dazu mit einem Peugeot Motor und auf einer Peugeot Plattform dann hat das nichts mehr mit AlfaRomeo zu tun und ich werde mir keinen mehr kaufen den AlfaRomeo ist für mich Design und Emotionen und da muss Motor und Design aus Italien kommen schade um meine Leidenschaft

  25. I'm not too keen on having a Peugeot engine in an Italian car either. Owner of a Stelvio 2.2 JTD and an Abarth 595, I tried the Tonale 160hp. I wasn't really convinced by the micro-hybrid: not very comfortable, the engine often revs up. (I much preferred the Tonale 1.6JTD). So I'm curious to try the Jeep Avenger, Fiat 600 and thermal Alfa.
    But I find the forums quite critical of these new models. It's no problem for anyone - and certainly not in Italy, given the number of Audis on the road - that the Audi A3 is a re-bodied Skoda Octavia or VW Golf. For Alfa, on the other hand, it's the end of the world when you use group parts.

  26. It's Europe. The cradle of the automobile industry, Europe is killing off the industry, and not the least because, without learning the lessons of history, it is doing worse to China than it did to Japan a few decades ago. This time, the governments in Brussels are even more responsible. How sad. RIP to the European car...

  27. Currently, Puretech engines are reliable, all the problems have been solved, and it's even a fun engine in small cars like the 208 and 2008. But I agree that Alfa Romeos will lose their soul.

  28. A puretech engine, the most unreliable engine in automotive history, especially 3-cylinder crap, the Stelvio will be my last Alfa.

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