Alfa Romeo B-SUV Kid: first photos leaked?

His name is expected to be announced by the end of the year, The future Alfa Romeo B-SUV, due to go on sale in 2024, may be the victim of its first leak!

In fact, the instagram account @cochespias1 is said to have received the following message from a graphic designer working on the small SUV project Alfa RomeoSee the photos below. PS: we ran the photos through an AI tool to improve their quality.


If these images are genuine, the Tonale's light signature could be found at the rear, but a completely different light signature at the front. The Alfa Romeo grille is very much in evidence. It doesn't seem to take much from the Alfa Romeo 33 either...

It's likely that these images are genuine, as the light signature seems to match an official Stellantis photo in which Jean-Philippe Imparato presented the new Alfa Romeo strategy.


As a reminder, this BUSV will be based on the same Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600, and will be 100 % electric.

What do you think? Are you a fan or not of the new Alfa Romeo styling?




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  1. I sincerely hope it's fake, because it's downright hideous.
    The front panel is a horror without a name.

    Thank you all the same for sharing, but frankly it doesn't have the Alfa spirit at all. The Tonale offered continuity and already it doesn't appeal to Alfisti. This is going to be a flop...

    • As italien🇮🇹 The fca group should never have merged with PSA because the fca group has lost its history in the automotive industry, its heritage is designer, today the cars of the group resemble nothing more than the origins fca forza italia IvecO

  2. You're right, the front end is a copy of the Citroën C3 with an Alfa grille. They're trying to save money so they can't do anything original, a line that other brands know and will copy.

    • 2028 apparently, the name Alfetta has been slipped in... But the decision is being made right now. I mean, if they're going to come up with this kind of design, they can fire Mesonero-Romanos and start all over again...

  3. It's a sort of little Tonale in some respects, but the front end is perplexing: it almost looks like a Citröen!
    If this is the small SUV that Imparato believes will appeal to those who have owned a MiTo or Giulietta, there's every reason to be disappointed.

  4. Oh no, what's that thing?
    But what happened to Italian elegance?
    The new French management will totally destroy our Alfa...
    And the worst is the Puretech variant...

  5. Personally, I don't believe it. It's not just any old C'EST MOCHE.
    I think we're being made fun of. Even the grille doesn't look like anything. If the Tonale doesn't appeal to aficionados, this one will drive them away, and I'm one and own a Tonale. Thanks for the site and your information.

  6. Despite minor flaws, the Mito and Giulietta were successful and, despite some people's displeasure, they are still very beautiful in this sea of ever larger suvs. In these times, when reason should prevail, a replacement of the same size, with Alfa styling, thermal or electric, improved connectivity and gps, and that's all,... a si, and simply beautiful.

  7. Well, I don't think it's that bad!
    The rear end is highly original, and the broad shoulders set it apart from other well-known offerings in this segment.
    The luminous elements finally seem to be in vogue, in stark contrast to the timidity with which Alfa has set itself apart in recent years.
    I'm also delighted not to find the Tonale's ungraceful light signature, which looked good on the concept car but seems to have been cobbled together on the production version (and I'm not even talking about the Giulia and Stelvio, for which it doesn't lend itself at all...).
    I'm sure it will appeal in 3D, as for the moment it's just a matter of internal digital visuals. But from the images of the camouflaged proto seen at Stellantis, this proposal seems entirely credible.
    As a small bonus, the scudetto reduction means that the nameplate can now be centered, without distorting the Alfa's lines.
    We'll know soon enough anyway 😉

        • But a 911 has its engine in the rear overhang, which is essential to the model's identity. You'll soon be telling me that we'll have a Mini Countryman that's 4.50m long... in short, an Alfa is a rear-wheel drive, a "scudetto" integrating the logo and a license plate on the side, that's been the nature of the models since the 6C 2300 Turismo, and it's been going on for almost 90 years. When Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos was appointed head of the brand's design department, did he fully understand that he was joining one of the pioneers of motor racing with a strong tradition, or did he think that he could rework sketches for a Nissan Juke (cf. the C pillar)?

      • Assim se destrói a marca Alfa Romeo: o Tonale, embora seja rico interiormente, é uma verdadeira anedota. Onde estão os escapes que faziam as delícias dos apaniguados? Nem vêm de origem, nem se conhece a possibilidade de aplicação por opção. Incapacidade total para lidar com o espírito alfista! Façam Peugeots e deixem o resto para quem sabe!

    • A centered license plate, a logo protruding from the grille, oddly shaped headlamps not at all in line with previous models, random lines...

      The only thing I see is a loss of stylistic identity, not to mention the loss of Italian engines and chassis.

      The Tonale can be widely criticized, but at least it retains a modicum of the Alfa spirit in terms of styling.

      • Perhaps you haven't yet recognized the Alfa 33 (1983) in the fall of the line seen in profile, or the truncated AR of Zagato's alfasud and TZs, which is overlooked by a bezel also referring to it 😉
        As for the relationship with its brand-new big sister, for the moment I can only see the styling elements around the front lights (the little stripes). On the 33 Stradale, they're luminous; here, I don't know if they will be... ?
        In any case, as soon as a new Alfa is presented, there's always a passionate outburst from the true fans who, each to their own point of view, always see something wrong with it :))) And maybe that's just as well...

    • Hi, exactly the rear is pretty good, it's the front that I don't find in the design of an Alfa, I hope the front is not what we glimpse 😏

  8. I finally found out where the inspiration for the stern came from: it's the MG/SAIC/4 stall... We've found something more noble, and above all we were waiting for Alfa Romeo references. After all, they have a museum at their disposal, which they could have used as a home for the styling office, Arese being much more legitimate than Turin when it came to abandoning thermal power... These people obviously don't understand anything.

  9. If I remember correctly, they wanted to relaunch Alfa by focusing on passion, sportiness, design, etc. etc. Everything is there when you look at the 33 STRADALE, so how is it possible to follow up with this? Well, to each his own design taste, it's not horrible for a "car" but for an "Alfa" it's just incoherent.

    We'll just have to pray and see.

  10. Alfa sacrificed on the altar of marketing and profit. My Giulietta is probably my last Alfa? But what's left of Italy? Peugeot "crap in France" ... and our eyes to cry.

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