Maserati doubles its profitability in 2022


Here are the complete figures for Maserati (well, what the brand wants to communicate) for the year 2022. Figures that confirm that Stellantis is looking for, as for all the group's brands, profitability before volumes. A trend that we had already noticed almost a year ago when for the same volume of sales, profitability had doubled. The year 2022 confirms it, for almost the same sales volume as 2022, Maserati will have doubled its net profit.

More precisely, Maserati is 2.32 billion euros in revenues by 20222.02 billion in 2021, and a net profit of 201 million euros in 2022 103 million in 2021.


Yet, as you'll see below, production has not increased much, just 1700 more cars in 2022 than in 2021.

What improves profitability is certainly not the Quattroporte, Ghibli and Levante models that are coming to the end of their careers, but the new Grecale and MC20 models which are much more profitable.


You just have to look at the selling price which is increasing. From memory, a few years ago, a Ghibli was from 70 000 €, a Levante from 80 000 €... Today a Grecale is 77 000 €, a Ghibli 92 000 €, a Levante 98 000 €, a Quattroporte 153 000 €, a Granturismio180 000 €, an MC20 235 000 € and an MC20 Cielo 265 000 €.

In short, all this to say thatwith the same volume, Maserati's profitability is much better. We would also like to know if the 55 Maserati MC20 GT2 at €900,000 each (that is to say 49.5 million euros) were included in the 2022 turnover when the order was placed or in the 2023 turnover when the cars were delivered.


The years to come look positive for Maserati with the new Granturismo and Grancabrio in the short term and the new Quattroporte and Levante in the medium term. The arrival of Maserati in the GT2 championship will also do a lot of good for the brand's image.

To conclude, just for comparison, the 2022 figures of Maserati vs Ferrari vs Lamborghini (the latter's figures are over 9 months as they will be published in a few days).

Sales 202225 90013 2219 233
CA 20222.32 billion5.09 billion2.375 billion
Net income 2022201 million939 million614 million

It is very likely that Carlos Tavares has even more ambitious goals for the trident brand.


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  1. We can only hope that this will continue and that they will not plunge headlong into the electric world.
    Quality is better than quantity, which has always benefited profitability and brand image.
    It would be enough to do the same thing with Alfa and put these 2 brands in the same dealerships with an HDG after sales service (for the Giulia, Stelvio, 4C, 8C and historical models).

    • It's not good that alfa is reserved only for the most affluent customers !!! I am delighted with my giulietta but the more it goes the less I will be able to replace it by another alfa

      • However, it is because it is the position that is destined to him.
        Sorry gentlemen but I think that a compact car at Alfa, this time is over and there should have been one on the shortened version of the Giulia which would have done good to the Giulietta but now except the word SUV, they all know more than that.

  2. I share Dav's opinion. At the moment if I wanted to replace my Giulietta which dates from 2014, apart from the Giulia which would be likely to interest me but too expensive since there is only 4 wheel drive left, I don't see which model to choose because I hate SUVs. It is becoming urgent that Alfa Romeo finds a successor to the Giulietta in combustion, hybrid and electric mode. Otherwise, after 45 years of loyalty to the brand, I'll have to go to the competition.

  3. Apparently it's planned but not at all urgent, we're talking about at least 5 years... Otherwise, all I can see is the Mazda 3 which starts at 26,500 euros, even if the rear 3/4 is much more successful in the Italian car.

    • And yes it is always the same problem these last years at Fca, that of time lost to replace the stilo, the delta, the 159, the gde punto, the mito and the giulietta moreover if the future giulietta is an electric 308 or 1,2 puretoc, no thank you

      • If the 159 had been shared with Lancia, it would not have taken so long to develop it while waiting for the Giulia. The Delta the last two were a failure because badly positioned and the Delta 3 found itself having to replace the Lybra which broke the image of the product. Now all these products are going to go out the window because people only see the SUV and the pleasure of driving has become taboo for some people... sad world.

      • I think that by 2028 (!) the Giulietta will be based on the STLA Medium platform, so not the one of the current e-308, the good news for the former Fiat group is the construction of the future large platform with 800V architecture in Cassino, that is to say in the Alfa/Maserati factory (for the Grecale). The value remains in Italy. For the lower prices on the other hand, it will be essential to mutualize, otherwise we won't have anything at Alfa under 50.000€... For the SUV, we see more and more low bodies (like the 408, horrible but it's their problem) so there is still hope.

  4. We'll see but sincerely when I see what path the car takes, there is something to cry about!
    We can't say that the aesthetic revolution is on the way or else.... In reverse.

    • We'll see very soon since in a month it's Design Week in Milan and a concept will be presented... in fact, we're more interested in a return to the roots with a revisitation of the Stratos. The name of Aurelia is also floating around... This leads us to believe that they will also take the style of the first generation Delta, which is what everyone is asking for.

      • What is a shame at the time is not to have released a real new generation on the 147 and another on the Giulietta leaving the 4 RM to Lancia with a 2.0 Turbo and a V6 for Alfa. The takeover of the Artega would have done Alfa and Lancia a world of good and a Fulvia plus a Duetto on the MX5.
        Not to mention the sports car that was to be released on the 4C. Now that it's going to be electric, I prefer to buy the old models (I just bought the last Alfa GT 2.0 sold in Switzerland) to collect them, or even magnify them.
        I'll let you all be the judge of future products as I have no expertise in this area and I don't know anyone who is interested at this time.

  5. I am so happy to come across this site. I am an Alfa Abarth Maserati Fiat and Ferrari enthusiast,and always looking to see how the brands are doing. I currently own a Fiat 500 Abarth and a Maserati Gran Turismo. Will hopefully soon get my 4C And Guilia QV

    • Thank you for your kind word. Italpassion has been translated for almost 1 year and you are more and more readers from abroad. It makes us very happy to share this passion with even more readers.

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