Alfa Romeo Tonale: it represents 50 % of the registrations mainly thanks to Italy

The new Tonale SUV saves the Italian brand Alfa Romeo. While 1st quarter 2023 is a record for Alfa Romeo registrations compared to 2022, it is mainly thanks to the Tonale which, according to our information, alone accounts for 50 % of registrations in Q1 2023.

In the automotive industry, there is always a gap between sales and registrations, which correspond to cars produced and delivered to customers. If the Alfa Romeo Tonale has exceeded 20,000 orders in October 2022, in March 2023, 20,000 Tonale were delivered to customers.

Alfa Romeo Tonale registrations 2022 - 2023

These figures are encouraging because, let's remember Alfa Romeo aims to sell 45,000 Tonales by 2023. To reach this goal, we will have to sell more than 10,000 Tonale per quarter. About two years ago, one supplier even said that Alfa Romeo's ultimate goal is to sell 100,000 Tonales per year. This seems a bit unrealistic today, especially since the latest objective given by the CEO of Alfa Romeo is to market 200,000 cars per year by 2027.

Another interesting information, in the first quarter of 2023, it represented 50 % of registrations 8 302 Tonale for 16 304 Alfa Romeo.


If we look at the details by country, even if some figures are missing for some countries like Austria or Belgium, we can see that Italy has registered 4524 Tonale of the 8302 in Q1 2023, i.e. more than 50 %...

Tonal registrations by country Q1 2023

Let's wait and see how the USA will welcome this new Tonale model with the Stelvio and the Giulia, this country is the second largest buyer of Alfa Romeo behind Italy.



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  1. The advantage of Italy 🇮🇹 is that they are not overtaxed but for the USA, I do not see why it would sell more knowing that Dodge provides... its clone and with more interesting engines if I am not mistaken.

    • There is a strong Italian community in the US that is always eager to show its colors, the design is more accomplished on this Tonale (especially the light signature which in my opinion is the "coup de coeur" factor of this model) and with the 2.0 it should have a better road behavior. With the right communication (a video with the Tonale on the road between Bellagio and Como passing in front of the cathedral and ending for example in front of the Volta temple with a well chosen opera tune) it should sell quite a lot. One point on which you are right is the experience in the concession which must be improved.

      • Fredo, I'll give you an example, you live in the USA, they offer you a Tonale that costs a lot of money with a small engine and next to it they offer you the Dodge, much cheaper with a bigger engine and you know that they are almost 2 clones... in your opinion, which one would you take? Even with the best advertising in the world?

        • In France, the Tonale 1.3 PHEV starts at 53,000 euros, in the USA it is given for 43,000 dollars in Sprint finish... The Veloce PHEV version remains under 50,000 dollars. Nothing in MHEV. For the moment, Dodge does not offer any PHEV for the Hornet. So the offers are deliberately not competitive. But I would love to see a Tonale 2.0L turbo...

    • So in the USA Dav, I think the die is cast!
      It is a blow that Alfa decides to leave the USA again.

    • Yes and no, because the Japanese are mainly focused on small and medium displacement engines, but with very high performance and exceptional efficiency. But for the USA, you are completely right, they adore the largest possible cylinders, but with rather low efficiency.

  2. Alfa Romeo's sales are good again, and it's thanks to the Tonale. With the future B-SUV Alfa Romeo will surely get back above 100.000 cars sold.
    It doesn't matter if it's also the modest engines that are driving the Tonale's sales, it's only the result that counts.

      • Since this will be in electric, gentlemen, I leave them all to you with pleasure.
        Since Alfa released the 4C and Targa, the Giulia and the Stelvio, I don't expect anything from Alfa anymore (I would have liked the Duetto on the MX5 but hey), once I've acquired all these models, I'd go to Scara to make them into racing beasts adapted to any kind of surface.
        As long as you like it, gentlemen, do not hesitate to take the plunge, as long as you are happy... that's the main thing.

  3. Bof, the bsuv if it's with the 1,2 puretoc, it's not him who will replace my giulietta
    And then imparato will tell us that he has understood the spirit alfa 🤔😡

    • Imparato has figured out how to boost sales by releasing SUVs. Nothing says that the engines of the B-SUV will be PureTech.
      I'm waiting to see too, otherwise I'd stockpile a 280hp Giulia for years to come.

      • This is a wise decision Stanislas and you can even see for a Quadrifoglio that you use only on weekends or other.

      • And if Stanislas, Dav is completely right, it will be neither more nor less than a clone!
        Whereas to break into the pure sport market, as the Giulia and the Stelvio or the 4C do so well, you have to persevere and increase quality and reliability (as Lexus does with the IS200 and 300, which are capable of exceeding a million kilometers without a care) and above all have a service department worthy of the name (to the point of being a reference) and have, as Dav and Fredo pointed out, a showroom that is up to the standards of the clientele that comes to put at least 75,000€ on the table.

        Are we holding the bets?
        The next Giulia, the next Stelvio and the big sedan... will be neither more nor less than a Fiasco (in a way it will make a brand like Lexus even richer because their customers... they haven't gone anywhere else for a long time.

        • People who come for a Giulietta don't have more than 35,000 euros to spend, with some exceptions. The 1750 TBI QV with 235 horsepower was in those waters... The Tonale starts at that price and it's that model that carries the brand into 2023. I'm quite reluctant when someone proposes to purely abandon his clientele and we have testimonies here of this fact.

        • Well, I, gentlemen, have had a lot of real Alfa Romeos but now I've switched to BMW for reliability reasons because I'm not a mechanic.
          To return to LEXUS NO the SAV is not up to the mark either!!! I had an IS300H always maintained at LEXUS and at 98000klms have refused to take me in guarantee whereas it is part of the guaranteed parts 10ans, same report in two LEXUS dealerships and a customer service which does not hold better these promises because in spite of their intervention nothing was made thus attention with the received ideas all made! The IS300H is a great car but unfortunately the rest is not!

          • Not only are BMWs totally unreliable (I see this regularly with the 5 & 7, which are real driving nightmares), but their after-sales service is catastrophic.
            Reliability and BMW are not the same thing.

          • We drive Lexus LS and GS all the time, and not only are they ultra-reliable, but no matter which dealership I've been to, you can clearly see the professionalism of an after-sales service worthy of the name, and apart from the prestige brands, you can't see that anywhere.

    • We completely agree Dav, I don't see how he understood Alfa's DNA.
      Who knows, next year he will bring out an electric tricycle with the Biscione logo, we are not that close.

      • Next year the most likely will be a small 180 horsepower electric SUV. Hopefully it won't be too tall and efficient enough. I found BMW's patented à la carte mapping system very interesting, for a "sporty" brand like Alfa it would be nice to offer something similar.

  4. According to the press, if unfortunately, moreover its cousin the Jeep avenger is with the 1,2 puretoc psa and given that it will be made in the same factory in Poland .....
    The suvs were decided before imparato, I was referring to the fact that when he took office, he went to the museum in Milan and said he understood what the alfists expect........bref something like that....

    • As far as I know the Jeep Avenger is 100% electric (plus a model with a small 100hp petrol engine for some countries), and it seems to be a very good car (car of the year and unanimous press). As the Alfa Romeo B-SUV will be based on the Jeep Avenger I see no reason to be pessimistic.

  5. Absolutely, 100hp, with the 3 cylinder 1.2 puretoc from psa😡
    It's not to be pessimistic because the car will be maybe very well on the technical and aesthetic plan but an alfa with an opel/gm engine it didn't work then with a psa engine moreover an engine with problem.........I want well a common block with fiat and Lancia that each one retouches to its sauce but there......😖
    After many customers will not necessarily look because they will not boast to have mi a Peugeot block

    • This brand will end up as a simple low-end generalist brand... no more... no less! It's definitely screwed and for future products, like many, I will go elsewhere for sure.

      • Be reassured the bsuv will be 100% elec like the avenger. You will not see any puretech engine in the future alfa since they will be 100% elec. the question can be asked with the future Ypsilon which apriori will be launched in hybrid version and thus surely the same engine as the ds3.

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