Alfa Romeo Tonale exceeds 20,000 orders in Europe

Presented in February 2022, the brand had revealed on this occasion the objective to market 20 000 Alfa Romeo Tonale that same year. This goal was achieved when the SUV was launched in Turkey, Alfa Romeo has announced that it has exceeded 20,000 orders.

alfa rome tonale

Jean-Philippe Imparato, who has been at the head of the brand since he took over, is delighted with the fact thatAlfa Romeo is profitable for Stellantis (since the end of 2021 to be precise): profitability before volumes!


Aiming for 200,000 sales!

We are still a long way from the 400,000 sales per year that Sergio Marchionne fantasized about, but who knows one day? Jean-Philippe Imparato is betting on 200,000 sales by 2027. The last time this target was exceeded was in 2001...

To achieve this, the brand plans to sell 45,000 Alfa Romeo Tonale cars in 2023 and will be able to count on the PHEV version of the model for this. Eventually the Tonale should even reach 100,000 sales per year ! In 2024 the future Alfa Romeo electric B-SUV should also be a new volume model, in an important segment in EMEA.


With these two new SUVs, and adding the new versions of the Stelvio in 2025 and Giulia in 2026 (see our article on future Alfa Romeo models), and with a final model in 2027, the large E-SUV, the brand could indeed, by being modest, market 200,000 cars per year.

We will follow this with attention...

YearSales (worldwide)New model
2027200 000 ?Alfa Romeo E-SUV
2026New Alfa Romeo Giulia
2025New Alfa Romeo Stelvio
2024Alfa Romeo B-SUV
2022Alfa Romeo Tonale
202155 000
202063 000
201983 000
2018120 000
2017109 000
201672 000Alfa Romeo Stelvio
201565 000Alfa Romeo Giulia
201467 000
201373 000
2012101 000


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  1. Thank you very much for the information, the traditional press is silent on this subject. I am currently thinking about a possible purchase. Still some small doubts.

    • Thank you for the information... it's nice to know
      I have just ordered a "Special" edition... After testing, it is perfectly suited to my current needs (mostly city and intercity trips)

  2. 2001 was a year of full maturity for the magical 147/156/GT triplet, successful models in every respect, which corresponded to their market and even conquered the BAM.

    Let's hope that the Tonale, with these first good figures, will be the first model of the reconquest!

    • The triplet never overshadowed the BAMs and the quality and especially the handling were really bad (whether it was the 156 147 or GT GTA).
      In short, it was not enough to get up in the morning because, except for the Busso, the rest was not really a panacea because even with the Q2, it was not able to hold the road.
      The Giulia and Stelvio are a world above. It's like comparing a tea towel with an HDG restaurant placemat.

      • Anything....
        It's great to get information on the internet, but maybe you should learn to drive and try the cars in real life before talking nonsense

        • The best thing is to know what you are talking about instead of living in illusion and wanting to close your eyes to a concrete reality that has been demonstrated many times. Which shows that you have never tried any GTA model or even the rest of the range. Even Alfa has admitted that without the Q2 it was a disaster and they even recommended it when it came out, another argument that proves that among the blind... the limits are kings!

          PS: deleting my messages will not change the reality and the past facts and even if it means deleting the messages and well deleted those that are aggressive with others unless discrimination is a priority on this site!

  3. The Gt is a go-kart, so don't confuse road holding with lack of traction.
    The chassis of the 156 has always had good reviews... .
    Of course, 20 years later the Gulia is much better made than the 156.

    • A kart that does not hold the pavement even less than the 147 GTA (which was the most pushed of the 7 if we count the Thesis. It was well known that it did not hold the pavement even with the Q2 since the motricity was not passed and to make it a kart you have to go to Autodelta UK and invest 30.000€ in it (front axle of the 156), so that the chassis is really in adequacy with the engine and its torque.

    • It's not the build quality that I was talking about but the ground connection, but starting with the Tipo platform, you can't expect a front wheel drive to be able to handle it like a rear wheel drive. In any case, the 156 family could have had a V6 crosswagon and that would have been totally different since it is a rear-wheel drive car.

    • Having owned a 156 V6 192 hp and two GT coupes, I can say that these cars were certainly too heavy from the front which limited their agility (with a deplorable turning radius), but we can't say that they weren't safe and didn't hold the road. The problem is that with the extraordinary Busso V6, we were a bit frustrated not to have the reactions of a rear-wheel drive, but a snappy handling ending with a frank understeer at the limit, barely mitigated with the Q2. Nevertheless, these cars (especially the 156) were very attractive and I personally have excellent memories of them. Today, the Giulia (Veloce petrol in my case) is another world with extraordinary road qualities, a great comfort and a plethora of equipment, especially electronic, perfectly reliable. Except that I miss the Busso's vocalizations that used to give you goose bumps at the top of the rev counter or in the parking ramps with the windows open, which is unfortunately no longer the case with the Veloce's 4 cylinders. For that you have to switch to the Quadrifoglio, but it's not for everyone.

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