Maserati GranTurismo V6 : all the info

After unveiling the electric GranTurismo Folgore version, Maserati finally presents the first uncamouflaged images of the new Maserati GranTurismo with gasoline engine.

Update: added the characteristics of the car.


The new Maserati GranTurismo petrol will be offered in two versions: Modena (pictured here) and Trofeo (further down in the gallery), not forgetting the electric version Maserati GranTurismo Folgore..

The Trofeo version should offer a more muscular body kit, like the MC Stradale from the V8 era.


As for the design, we can recognize a Maserati GranTurismo in its proportions and is therefore faithful to the old one. The novelty comes from the front lights in the line of the MC20 and the Grecale. The rear is reminiscent of an Alfa Romeo Giulia cousin (if you look closely, after all it's the same Giorgio platform).

On board this new Maserati GranTurismo, goodbye to the 4.7L V8 of the previous generation and hello to the 3.0L V6 borrowed from the Maserati MC20, whose power will be between 500 and 600 hp. For information, the Maserati Grecale Trofeo, with the same engine, offers 530 hp. And considering the size of the engine cover, there must be some room left!


Maserati GranTurismo V6 Pricing and Features

The new Maserati GranTurismo is 4.96 meters long, 1.96 meters wide and 1.35 meters high.

For the moment the official prices have not been presented but rumors speak of a price from 175 000 € ... to confirm!

Maserati GranTurismo ModenaMaserati GranTurismo TrofeoMaserati GranTurismo Folgore
Engine3.0L V6 Nettuno3.0L V6 NettunoMaserati Folgore
Power490 hp550 hp760 hp
Couple600 Nm650 Nm1350 Nm
Weight1795 kg1795 kg2260 kg
0 to 100 km/h3.9 sec3,5 sec2.7 sec
0 to 200 km/h13 sec11.4 sec8.8 sec
Maximum speed302 km/h320 km/h320 km/h

The 4-cylinder hybrid engine present on the Grecale, Levante and Ghibli is not on the program... probably not powerful enough for the 1.8 tons of the car.

Maserati GranTurismo V6 against the competition

Engine0 to 100 km/hMaximum speed WeightPrice
Maserati GranTurismo ModenaV6 490 hp 600 Nm3.9 sec302 km/h1795 kg?
Maserati GranTurismo TrofeoV6 550 hp 650 Nm3,5 sec320 km/h1795 kg?
Aston Martin DB11V8 535 hp 675 Nm4 sec309 km/h1760 kg200 000 €

Maserati Granturismo Photo Gallery

The article will be updated as soon as we have more information.



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  1. Very successful, bravo the trident.
    I realize that the Gorgio platform is great. It can be found on the new Maseratis.
    It's a pity that it will disappear at Alfa, its designer.
    It's also curious that Alfa doesn't have the 330 hp L4 hybrid from the Giulia.

      • Not a waste but inconsistency as usual. They release an ultra accomplished product and never make it evolve.
        Because for once with the Stelvio and the Giulia or the 4C they were right but as usual, once on the market they move on to something else like the 124, the Fulvia which is gone, the Duetto and the mini SuperCar from Abarth not to mention the new GTV based on Giulia. And I'm not talking about the fact that the GTA and GTAm were released too early (and no GTAC in sight apparently).
        In short, incoherence in all its splendor.
        Not to have implemented the hybrid in the Giulia on the 4-cylinder as mentioned above was a huge mistake, just like not having made a station wagon.

          • It's rather Marchionne who saved Alfa with this kind of products but his replacements didn't make the products evolve especially since Chrysler group (apart from Chrysler) didn't need help to evolve in their corner (other car culture than Europe).
            Investing in the Tonale and a smaller SUV would have been less urgent in my opinion than to make the Giulia and the Stelvio evolve in depth and release a top model based on the future Levante replacement, or even a 2+2 coupe based on this new Granturismo coupe.
            Alfa has never been a volume brand (better quality and profitability in small volumes than mass production with the problems that go with it), it's not in its basic DNA.
            There are Citroën, Fiat, Peugeot and Opel for that.

  2. No. Marchionne killed alfa, stopping the ranges, 159, Brera, by being unable to make them evolve smoothly without creating a rupture.
    Unable to organize and structure a network that was crying out for lack of novelties, for stupid rationalization choices.
    Just one example, put on all Brera, a glass roof of 70k !!!! Even if the customer does not want a panoramic roof! This to transform this coupe, in "anvil". Choice of managers that kills a model that is expected as an alfa: agile! Result, the car is downgraded at its exit!

    • She was shot down on her way out for several justifiable reasons.
      Not only the 1.75, but the 159 and Brera family had no engine that was worth the effort. This kind of engine in a Lancia is ok but in an Alfa it's unforgivable. It's an ENCLUME, when you see the weight of the body worthy of a Tank, it's another unforgivable catastrophe. The handling is not the best and the driving pleasure is not good and it's a 4WD car. In short, it's a mistake for Marchionne not to have kept the original project to make a Thema family. When you look at the Brera, compared to the concept (I was able to ride in it at the time), the design is not as beautiful and there is a weird profile thing (not great), not to mention the totally missed rear ability that is useless and the convertible that has a stiffness and a handling not worthy of its predecessor.
      Already the 156/166 family, apart from the fact that it had 2 nice engines, because for the rest it was not a success, it was a traction car and the finishing as well as the assemblies quickly went wrong just like on the 155/164 or the era of the Italian State which totally destroyed Alfa with its political, economic, social and mafia problems (a State is not made to hold the reins of a car manufacturer).
      In short, between the 75 and the Giulia, between the 2, apart from the loss of the Busso which would have deserved a sports car like the Diva to pay homage to it, there is no reason to get up at night.
      In short, Marchionne's best testament is the Giulia, the Stelvio, the 4C and the 124 Abarth. His only mistake is not to have continued on his path and not to have believed in Lancia by finishing to massacre it after the disaster of its predecessors whereas he would have done better to create a Thema on the chassis of the Giulia in a more luxurious version with 4 cylinders and the V6 Ferrari seen on the Ghibli as well as a Thesis on the chassis of the Ghibli.
      When we see what is in store for us with the future Alfa's, many of us think that we will either go back to the competition or stay with the Giulia as long as possible.

      • For, the Brera, I have one, I love it, I think it's one of the most beautiful cups of large production. With a certain exclusivity, especially on the version I own (Italia Independente limited series). How many people ask me, if this is a new car 😂😂😂.
        For its V6, I have one, and I also love it, it surprises more than one, in this 2010 version. And yes, find me a press test of the V6 Q2 version of 2010, nobody has tried it. Alfa's communication and press service have always sucked.
        A pair of Supersprings at the rear, Autodelta exhaust manifolds that remove 2 catalytic converters out of the 4 that were originally put in place (and that would have also muffled the Busso....), and this engine is what it should have been! It's quite funny to read the current articles on this Brera one can read, "V6 finally not so bad". Well not in Sport Auto, that's for sure!
        For the anvil, I turned to the latest Q2 versions, much lighter than the phase 1s, despite that stupid glass roof still present!
        For the road holding not top, it is one of the only point which makes the unanimity, it is stuck to the road! And fun, a traction car can be fun to drive, because you have to get the grip at the limit.
        For the ability, it is a coupe, it is a little, as to reproach a Fiat 500, to be small. We went down to Tuscany, went skiing with our 2 children of 1,70, (at the time). They are still alive, and don't go to the shrink.
        The guilia has indeed ticked a lot of good points, but the 4 cylinders are ridiculous. When I got out of the Giulia to take the wheel of my Brera, the choice was obvious for me, I keep the Brera, with its v6 and its manual gearbox! Giulias are boring with 4 cylinders and gearboxes for "lazy". It's efficient, of course, but there's nothing to do in this kind of car, except to let it drive.
        I drove only gasoline, in 145, 156 Sw, Mito Qv. All of them gave me pleasure, and only good memories!
        Marchionne had everything to succeed with. Alfa, the 156, the 147 had restored the image of alfa. He killed Alfa. Just a financier who optimized the immediate and short term profitability of a company. The cars were there, nothing prevented him from making the cars evolve according to the German model, by small touches and by optimizing the existing bases, with a work on a real network! The huge investment on the giorgio platform was stupid, and the current state of the range shows it. No more money for anything else, not even a Sw! And now, the brand is for me, finished in addition with this electric madness. Seeing the launch of the latest small van and press returns, the new one is going to take the same path as all the alfa novelties: the back of the shelf.

        • It shows that we can have a different point of view.
          Where I agree with you is on the 4-cylinder versions of the Giulia which are rather adapted to a car like the Thema (instantaneous torque and low revs).... Like the 159 and the Brera that even GM didn't want to take over and went on another platform.
          When Marchionne arrived, the coffers were far from being full and the group was coming out of an unprecedented crisis (to the point of selling its family jewels, let's not forget) and it was the agricultural division that partly allowed the coffers at the time. Agnelli didn't know if he should sell his shares to GM (fortunately, it didn't work out).
          The 156 157 and GT sold well, but mass doesn't mean profit and there were never any technical evolutions except for the crosswagon and still only in diesel). To have tried the Brera when you come out of a Busso, the pill does not pass and does not give desire. We could have called this coupe Lancia Gamma that would have been more coherent. Moreover at the time Marchionne said that the Busso could not evolve because of the iron filings found in the oil of the block on the 3.2 while Gillet with the Vertigo to prove the opposite with a version 3.6 of 360cv and 3.8 of 420cv a few months later (in short Marchionne passed for an idiot in the eyes of the Alfists). I think that under Lancia (as was originally planned) the 159 and Brera range could have evolved with time (a crosswagon version as well for example), more customers would have signed up. They would have done better, for Alfa to start on the last evolution and development (4WD of the crosswagon) of the Tipo platform to make a new 156 and then prepare the Giulia (which was cogitated for looooong time).
          the Giulia has no manual gearbox, it's because the customers didn't buy it and it's a pity and it's not the lack of money that prevented the SW version... it's their stupidity (here too a mistake of Marchionne)

    • The problem of the catastrophic network at FCA does not date from the Marchionne era but well before it when Fiat became the European leader but did not know how to develop its network because they fell asleep on their Laurier and did not have the competent people to manage Lancia which was thrown in their laps by force (like Citroën with Peugeot), in a pitiful state and completely dismantled and it was the same for Alfa.
      It was under the Marchionne era that the 159 was born and we can't blame him for having to recover all the mistakes that Fiat made before him, it's too easy.
      To get back to where Alfa needs to be, this is not done in one series of cars but over several decades most of the time.
      There's no point in trying to make Alfa a mass-market brand, because like Maserati and Ferrari and Lancia, I don't see the point.
      If people want a coupe traction, they can go to the generalists, that's their job.

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