Alfa Romeo Tonale: sales rankings by country for the 1st half of 2023, with Italy well ahead!


Arrived at the concessions Alfa Romeo In June 2022, the Alfa Romeo Tonale celebrates its first birthday. An opportunity to review its performance in the first quarter of 2023. Is the Tonale finally the model that saves the Italian brand?

Well, yes, because out of approximately 36,000 Alfa Romeo sales in the first half of 2023just over 19,000 are Tonale. So, just as in first quarter 2032, the Tonale accounts for 50 % of Alfa Romeo sales.


Which countries buy the most Tonale? The answer may surprise you...

Surprisingly, out of 19,000 Tonales, more than 10,000 are registered in Italy. The other countries in the top 5 are France, Spain, Turkey and Germany.


Note that deliveries in the U.S. began in June 2023.. It got off to a good start, with 97 units in June, 190 in July and 237 in August 2023. We'll see if it wins the sales duel with its Dodge Hornet cousin. As a reminder, the USA is Alfa Romeo's second-largest market worldwide.

At this rate, Alfa Romeo can expect to sell around 40,000 Tonales this year, depending on the momentum in the USA, and if other countries don't lose steam.


And since we like to compare, here are the Alfa Romeo starting prices for all countries.

CountryAlfa Romeo Tonale price (from)
USA40 800 € ($42,995)
Italy36 350 €
France38 000 €
Belgium34 950 €
Spain37 400 €
Germany36 800 €
Switzerland43,300 € (41,900 CHF)



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  1. Bravo for these stats.
    In the USA, only the 280hp PHEV model is sold, and only for a very short time. There's competition from the Dodge Hornet, which is the same car except for a few details, with more engines and a lower price.
    The Tonale is selling well in Italy. Elsewhere in Europe, I can't say whether sales figures are satisfactory or not.

  2. My message didn't get through.
    As I was saying in Switzerland, the Tonale is a failure, as the only people I see are French, because they don't think it's sporty or upmarket, unlike the Stelvio and Giulia, which are very successful. I think it would be an even bigger hit if released under the Abarth name. In Luxembourg, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc., they expect a product that's higher than the Stelvio or Giulia, not the other way around.

    • Abgesehen davon, sind Alfa Romeo in der Schweiz im Vergleich zu anderen Ländern viel zu teuer. Schweizer Käufer werden so richtig abgezockt.

  3. In my opinion, these figures are far from encouraging. The Giulia sold just over 48,000 units in its first full year, and was deemed a commercial failure...

  4. You have to see these figures in relation to the number of inhabitants, a small country will inevitably have fewer sales has already been said on the arrival of the Tonale, it lacks the 2.0 l in jtd and at least a 1750 in gasoline to face all its competitors.
    When it comes to the 190 or 280 phev, not keeping the 1.5-liter is stupid, even the 3008 has a 1.6-liter.

    • The 4C's 1.75 would have been perfect, as it accepts up to 375hp without flinching, as Scara has demonstrated on several occasions.
      With a displacement like that, you'd expect an Abarth product, not an Alfa.

      PSA would do anything to put Peugeot first and the rest afterwards, whereas this brand has really been a drag for decades.

    • Switzerland is a small country, but that doesn't stop it from being at the top of the list for sales of the Giulia and Stelvio, but not for the Tonale. The only one I came across with a Swiss plate 🇨🇭 was from Ticino (Italian-speaking Switzerland), and it was a young couple.

  5. In any case, if the Tonale isn't selling so well, it's because Alexandre is diverting Alfa customers to BMW, who give him a commission of 05% on each sale... how do you think he bought his news 33 cash 💰!😁😂

  6. Hello,
    There's a lot of talk about the new models to come, but don't you think that a very important point for sales, too, is the dealer network.
    For the moment, Alfa showrooms are often limited to a corner at Peugeot, both in France and Belgium. What do you think?

  7. I've been an Alfiste for years, the network is really unmotivated, I own 3 Alfa Roméo. No invitation was sent to me for the Tonale presentation.

  8. This is totally untrue for Switzerland 🇨🇭.
    In Switzerland, yes, they're entitled to the 256hp 2l TB as in the USA, Canada and some Middle Eastern countries.
    Because there, no malus like in France.

    • I'm in a good position to know, as I've been living there since 2002 (paf the dog).
      Switzerland has always had its own specific engines, and has done so for decades, in all makes and models, and I have as many cars in France as in Switzerland. Please show me the Tonales you see with Swiss plates. I can't wait to see them, because all the ones you see in French-speaking Switzerland have French plates, and some have AI (rental) plates. But for the Giulia and Stelvio, it's the other way around, as almost all of them have Swiss plates.

      • Schon auf Grund des grossen Preisunterschiedes zwischen der Schweiz und den Nachbarländern empfiehlt es sich einen Alfa Romeo im nahen Ausland zu kaufen und in die Schweiz zu importieren.

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