Alfa Romeo Milano: new design information

L'Alfa Romeo Milano is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated launches in the automotive world (on a par with the Lancia Ypsilon). So far, a series of leaks and official revelations have built up a fairly accurate picture of what this new model will be like. From exterior images leaked several months agoto official photos taken on the Balocco test trackincluding the recent 3D representations of the interior, every new piece of information was carefully scrutinized.

However, one of the most recent revelations adds another layer. Photos of the Alfa Romeo Milano, still camouflaged but captured on the road, have brought to light a hitherto unnoticed detail that is sure to captivate aficionados of the brand. The images reveal that the rear window of the Alfa Romeo Milano is very steeply rakedThese are much more powerful than those of its technical cousins, the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600. This detail suggests a bold rear silhouette.


The interest in these new images is not limited to aesthetics alone: they also offer an overview of the hybrid thermal version of the Milano, identifiable by its exhaust outlet. With a claimed power output of 136 hp, this version completes the range of powertrains that will also include 156 hp and 240 hp electric versions. This diversity of choice underlines Alfa Romeo's commitment to offering its customers a range of powertrains to suit different needs and preferences.


All eyes are now on the early Aprilthe moment chosen by the brand to officially unveil all information about this model. Barring any last-minute surprises, this presentation should lift the veil on all the mysteries and confirm (or not) the various leaks.




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  1. The 240hp electric motor is something to behold. On the other hand, the 136hp PureTech and the over-hyped 156hp electric motor are unworthy of an Alfa Romeo.
    As for the design, we'll have to see if it's passable or ugly.

  2. It's possible that the powertrain will feature a mild hybrid with an electric motor on each axle, as on the recently unveiled Jeep Avenger 4xe, which would enable it to exceed 136 hp.

    • It doesn't matter, as long as it's puretoc, it's not acceptable. When you read in the press that they've hired extra people to increase production rates at Vezoul, in order to supply 1.2 puretoc spares because there's such a huge demand for them, it's hard to understand what's going on.

      • That's because given the number of weekly reminders. PSA has found a way to squeeze customers' wallets by charging them unnecessary fees. After all, given how propagandistic the press has become in France, it's best to be wary, knowing that PSA's sales are stagnating or falling, which is inconsistent. Fireflies are up to standard, so there's no need to make clones, because there's quite a difference between sharing components and cloning!

  3. before criticizing you have to see!! now it's either that or alfa disappears!!! mercedes has renault engines and nobody minds!

    • Putting fragile, soulless engines in an Alfa Romeo is hard to imagine anything worse. If that happens, the brand will be dead, especially as there will only be SUVs left.
      Is denaturing Alfa Romeo Stellantis' goal?
      Is the aim to turn them into Peugeots with an improved design?
      What's left of Italian, then? The name?
      I've been buying Alfa Romeos for over 20 years and there are reasons for that: they have character and a unique design. If that's going to disappear, I'll go elsewhere. Buying a mover, no thanks.

    • PSA's reliability and quality can be criticized, and not just a little, given that their products are constantly being recalled, with customer complaints piling up from 24/02/2024 with 18,000 vehicles affected and almost always the same problems never solved.
      Alfa was never destined to disappear, and we've seen that with sports and luxury cars, sharing is not a sign of success, and the 159/Sportwagon/Brera/Spider is the very example not to be followed!

    • Mercedes HAD* Renault engines. They changed over 3 years ago.

      The stop is quite significant when you consider that it cost them more initially than the partnership with Renault, so they recouped on reliability problems.

    • We're seeing constant reliability problems, and that's particularly frightening when you consider the number of justified collective complaints.

    • Maybe that's it AND Alfa Romeo disappears. I've been waiting a long time for this compact car, but apparently I'll have to wait another four years. I'm not sure I'll be there...

    • Exactly, it's all there is to it, who cares what Mercedes does? Besides, they didn't work with Renault for long .....not only is the Milano's styling not unanimously appreciated, even if we're waiting for the final version to judge, but for the 1.2 puretoc there's no need to wait, we know it's not a good engine.

  4. A sloping rear window is no guarantee of elegance or dynamism. Especially when the design is uninspired. For example, the new 3008 has a much steeper rear window than its predecessor, but the line is much heavier. At the other end of the scale, to speak of Alfa Romeo, the 147 had an almost vertical rear window, yet its design was a unanimously acclaimed success...

  5. Who'd have thought it, an Alfa Romeo that was once one of the world's best engine builders, if not the best, would be powered by a Pijot crap! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

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