Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: which rumours were true?

The event is now over, and everyone is making up their own minds about it. Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Now that the emotion has died down, let's take stock of the rumors that were right or wrong.

It will be called Alfa Romeo 33

And yes, it's true, it's even one of the first pieces of information we had, because when we first heard about it 8 months ago, Alfa Romeo unveils the first teaser for its supercar33 had already been mentioned!


It will be called Alfa Romeo 6C

That's not true, but it was one of the possible names, in reference to the 4C, the 8C and the fact that the supercar has a V6 engine.

Another clue that put us on the wrong track was the teaser below, which could have suggested the model's name, which in reality was the rear light of the 33 Stradale.


Power: 792 hp

Unfortunately, it's not true! We thought that with thehint left by the brand's CEO on social networkscoupled with the fact that the Maserati MCXtrema cousin boasts a 740hp V6, makes this power output plausible.

Motors 100 % electric

It's true! From the outset, Alfa Romeo had announced that the supercar would be either combustion or electric. In the end, it will be both, with 16 combustion and 16 electric models.


The electric version is equipped with 3 motors, as on a certain Maserati Granturismo Folgore which displays similar characteristics.

Between 700 and 800 hp

It's almost true. The internal combustion version only goes up to just over 620 hp, but it's the electric version of the 33 Stradale that offers 750 hp. So we're well between 700 and 800 hp.


If it's like Maserati, the 33 Stradale's electric power could have gone further and is limited by the batteries.

Based on an MC20

The information has not been officially confirmed, of course, but everyone suspected that with its carbon-fiber monocoque, V6 engine and dimensions, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is based on the Maserati MC20. So it's unofficially true.


33 copies

Jean-Philippe Imparato had announced that the supercar would be very exclusive, very limited. And this is indeed the case, as only 33 examples of the 33 Stradale will be produced.

16 thermal, 16 electric + the model that was presented. Customers will be able to personalize it: body color, wheel color, caliper color, visible carbon elements, etc. We can't wait to see the first customer car, which will go into production at the end of 2024.



Phew, yes it's true. But we might have doubted it a little when we know that the Maserati MCXTremaalso limited in number, more powerful (and a little less expensive), is not approved for road use.

The happy customers will therefore be able to take advantage of it to the delight of passers-by.


Costs over a million euros

It's probably true. There are no official figures, as you can configure your 33 Stradale on the Alfa Romeo website, but Imparato had announced that it would be "very exclusive and very expensive".

The MCXTrema is priced at €900,000 excluding VAT, so it's likely to cost over a million euros. Then there were rumors of a starting price of 1.4 million, rising to over 2 million euros with customization... In any case, this is the most expensive new Alfa Romeo ever produced.



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  1. The first model for Alexandre.
    The electric version for Fredo
    Personally, I'm waiting for the GTA version of this model 😍

      • Honestly, if they don't make an extreme version of this model for Gentlemans Drivers... they'd be missing out on a great opportunity to rake in a huge amount of dough.

        We no longer hear about the Classic Cars department for Abarth, Alfa, Fiat, Lancia that was planned and we still have to call on older companies for this!😖

  2. Where are the days when you could recognize an Alfa just by the metallic sound of its engine?
    There's more than a shared platform in this rebranded MC20, which is not shameful in itself, but which contributes to the general standardization, a bit like those leather goods manufacturers in Ventimiglia who offer the same bag under the Gucci or Fendi brand, depending on the customer's wishes...

  3. Mind you, I want to improve the driving experience with a battery as much as possible because I think the switchover is inevitable, but that doesn't mean I'd take it in this configuration today 😉 According to Automobile Magazinz only two models have been ordered in electric version by the 33 customers...

    • Admit it, the second is you but you don't dare say it and Alexandre is the first.
      We've got you guys figured out, let it go.🤣😂

  4. Apparently, the choice of motorization was a privileged one for our customers. Result: 2 electric models, not 16. Is this true?

  5. This new 33 is useless. People who buy an Alfa Romeo want a sporty, fun-to-drive car at a reasonable price. The 156 and 147 are two examples to follow, as are the old Giulia and Giulietta of the 60s.

    • Not only is the 33 more than indispensable, but when it comes to fun, the Giulia and Stelvio are a thousand times better, while still having pure DNA (Giorgio platform, not Tipo). The only thing missing is the Giulietta rear-wheel drive, which had been announced, and the Duetto based on the MX5 RF. A SW version, a 2.0 350hp engine and a 1.4 245hp.
      The only one that wasn't indispensable was the 4C, which was indispensable... at Abarth, accompanying the 124 as a flagship.

  6. Traditionally, Alfa Romeo customers belong to the middle class and are looking for a sporty yet affordable vehicle. Building a 33 stradale that costs over 1.5 million is an aberration. The wealthy will buy Maserati, because this 33 is a show-off. Its release only serves to flatter the new Stellantis management team, who are making a mockery of the world. Future Alfa models will be Peugeots in disguise.

    • Well, no, Alfa Romeo isn't an accessible sports car (this period was created because the Italian state and Fiat were in social and economic chaos and had no long-term plans for Alfa and Lancia), but no, it's not an accessible brand, or BMW is.

  7. Ich fahre seit 40 Jahren Alfa Romeo,4,6 und auch Boxermotor im guten Mittelklassen Bereich und sollte es bleiben,klar sehen die Modelle der neuen Art mit hohen PS super aus aber was bringt das für Alfa Romeo?
    Ich fahre seit einigen Jahren den 147 ,super Auto auf dem Chassis des 156 ,top Auto , Viertürer man kann ihn zum Combi umbauen,top Fahrwerk.
    Bei BMW geht es doch auch, Jahrzehnte lang immer erschwingliche Autos für jeder und treu zur Marke
    Nette Grüße ein alfisti.

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