Maserati launches the MCXtrema, an unlicensed racing car for gentlemen drivers

Announced almost 1 year ago as Project24, Maserati has just unveiled its brand-new track-dedicated car: the MCXtrema.. Not homologated for the road, this is the most powerful Maserati ever launched by the brand to the Trident.

Just like Ferrari with its XX program, or Lamborghini with the Essenza SCV12, Maserati in turn launches its very exclusive, very radical model, and also a very limited edition, dedicated to the track.


As mentioned in the introduction, the MCXtrema will not be road-homologated, nor will it be compatible with motor racing championships (the Maserati MC20 GT2 is for). It is neither more nor less the extreme vision of the "toy" that a gentleman driver can have in his garage to do a few laps around the circuit.

While the Maserati MC20 is already very race-oriented, the MCXtrema takes the concept even further. Indeed, underneath the MCXtrema you'll find a prepared MC20: a weight of around 1250 kg, and a 3.0L V6 that increases from 630 to 730 hp.


On the outside, even if you can recognize the MC20 template, you'll notice that the aerodynamics have been worked on to the extreme. Inside, everything is as uncluttered as you'd expect from a race car.

While this kind of model may seem absurd to some, if the brand wants to position itself as a luxury brand, it's got to be, Maserati was right to launch it, as it allows the brand to have its own very exclusive track program. for discerning gentlemans. Just like Ferrari and Lamborghini below. No price has been revealed, but a source who had access to pre-orders gave us a price of around €900,000 ex VAT.

Maserati MCXtremaFerrari FXX KLamborghini Essenza SCV12
Engine3.0L V6 turbo6.3L V12 atmo + hybrid6.5L V12 atmo
Power730 hp1050 hp (860 + 190 hp)830 hp
Weight1250 kg1255 kg1360 kg
Weight/power ratio1.71 kg/hp1.19 kg/hp1.64 kg/hp

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