Alfa Romeo teases images of its 2023 supercar

While the new director ofAlfa RomeoJean-Philippe Imparato, had announced that he wanted to focus on the profitability of the brand before making small series in his Alfa Romeo product planHe had also announced by surprise to the journalists of Autocar the presentation of a sporty Alfa Romeo for 2023.

A new Alfa Romeo sports car because the brand is finally profitable?

This was Jean-Philippe Imparato's primary role when he was appointed head of Alfa Romeo by Carlos Tavares: to turn the Italian brand around and make it profitable.


This is a prerequisite for the brand to survive this decade and launch new models.

So, successful operation? It seems so, Mr. Imparato revealed that the Alfa Romeo brand has become profitable again by the end of 2021. With the small volumes of the Giulia and Stelvio and the launch of the Tonale, the lights are green. The reason for the launch of this supercar.


Alfa Romeo teases the first images of its 2023 supercar

On the occasion of the 2023 New Year's greeting, the Italian brand took the opportunity to slip in some images. We can guess the new Tonale lights at the front and what looks like round lights like on the old 8C and 4C at the back.

The second image even gives a clue to its name, which could be 6C...


What we know about this future Alfa Romeo sports car

There is very little information about this new Alfa Romeo sports car because even internally in Italy, not everyone is informed about this model. Here is what we know:

  • It will be presented in the first half of 2023... on June 24;
  • It could be called T33, 8C or even 6C... ;
  • This will be an advanced concept;
  • If it is marketed it will be in limited edition (like the 8C and 8C Spider);
  • It will be " very exciting, very exclusive and very expensive " ;
  • The platform will certainly be that of the MC20;
  • It will be either 100 % thermal or 100 % electric, it will surely depend on the release of the MC20 electric;
  • The design will be carried out by the Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos team, Alfa Romeo's new styling manager. It will certainly mark the new Alfa Romeo design that will also be inaugurated with the B-SUV.

The 8C became MC20 and is back in T33/6C

At ItalPassion we have archives and we have to remind you that, before the MC20 was announced, a new Alfa Romeo sports car was planned for several years (at the time of Sergio Marchionne) and it was to be called 8C.


As a reminder, the project of this sporty Alfa Romeo was canceled in 2019 ... a few weeks before the announcement of an MC20 at Maserati, year of the merger FCA / PSA became Stellantis.

Here is a leaked image of this Alfa Romeo 8C... the new Alfa Romeo supercar project should not look like this one anymore.



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  1. Too bad I design under a tarp looked attractive.
    It's a good idea for Alfa to start with limited series and it will make the MC20 platform more profitable, hoping to see the Alfa V6 inside.

    • Oh yes, when you see how quickly the Giulia GTA and GTAm sold out, they can afford to make limited editions like this one from time to time... while waiting to have a fixed supercar model in the catalog in a few years...

      • Hoping that a GTAC version of the Giulia will come out with 580hp not for example with 250ex that will be sold at the speed of light too.

      • It's true that Alfa lacks a SuperCar, but so do Lancia (the MonteCarlo, the Beta, the 037 and the Stratos), Abarth and Vauxhall (based on the 4C, for example) and an Alfa 6C (a bigger 4C with the V6 in a longitudinal position). at Lancia, DS (I would have preferred Citroën) and Chrysler an Artega GT with the same interior (Marchionne missed the boat and bit his fingers off by playing cat and mouse with Artega when he had everything on a silver platter for a handful of cherries). They also miss 1 super sporty and the stop of the 124 is a huge bullshit without name (when you see all the money invested with Mazda in it) and to have migrated the 4C from Abarth (which also had several times the displacement 1.75 in its engines) to Alfa (after the failure of negotiations with Artega) which would have deserved a scorpion emblem (shared with Vauxhall today by changing the bodywork to replace the VX220 which was a hit). The MX5/124 base could also have ended up at Alfa (Duetto), Dodge (Demon), Lancia (Fulvia), Chrysler and DS to make the moves profitable and there is nothing better as a standard bearer except lotus in the same genre (which will also collapse little by little to want to change the light philosophy of the brand 👎 and it is already felt).

  2. Best wishes of success and happiness for this new year which should bring us something new at Fiat and finally a succession to the late Punto! To be discovered next spring...

  3. Happy New Year, health and success to all!
    Hopefully this year you'll find time to make us an app as a gift so we can enjoy it live!

    As far as this sporty car is concerned, from the front, we have the impression that the engine will be central at the front and not central at the back, but I hope I'm wrong.

  4. ......mal wieder was "Neues" vom....... "Ankündigungsweltmeister? " .
    Man bedient sich mit fremden Technikbausteinen (mit der Behauptung ihrer " Alfaisierung " ?) und versucht, mit extravaganten, jedenfalls extravagant teuren Miniserien den dramatischen Imageverlust " über die Zeit zu bringen " und nach und nach zu kompensieren. Gleichzeitig liest man an anderer Stelle in der Presse (Welt) einen Erfahrungsbericht über den " Alltag " mit einer aktuellen Giulia, welcher vielleicht als " vergiftetes Lob " gemeint ist, vielleicht aber eine alte (und inzwischen überholte?) " Alfa - Misere " dokumentiert: problemi problemi mit der qualita'......... ständige Beschwörung des " Mythos Alfa " ersetzt nicht den überfälligen Mentaliätswandel im Selbstverständnis der Marke (bzw. ihrer bestimmenden "Macher") hin zu überzeugender und - endlich - konkurrenzfähiger Alltagstauglichkeit, Alltagsbelastbarkeit und beständiger Fahrzeugqualität, und zwar in allen relevanten (Kunden-)Kriterien ...........!
    und : Designpreise sind das eine, Marktdurchdringung und breite(re) Pubikumsakzeptanz das andere (Wesentliche?)

    • L'esperienza con le auto tedesche ci insegna che sono assolutamente inaffidabili, che sono sempre così mal concepite (tipicamente, su una BMW bisogna smontare l'intero blocco motore per una semplice manutenzione), that always weighs more, when a Giulia is below 1,500 kilos, and that acquistano ad ogni generazione una bruttezza sempre più ripugnante, quindi scusateci se ci piacciono le belle auto sportive italiane, comprese quelle basate sulle MC20.

    • So sieht man die Dinge. Aber wir sind nicht alle damit einverstanden, weil diese Art von Serie genau das Markenimage unterstützt, das Alfa Romeo veröffentlicht.
      Frage Verlässlichkeit liegen wir deutlich über den "deutschen Mülleimern", die ich die halbe Woche unterstützen muss.

    • wenn Sie all die täglichen Probleme sehen, die ich mit dem Mercedes anhäufe, der jeden zweiten Tag kaputt geht, den Porsche-Limousinen und SUVs, die einen schlechteren Motor als ein Lada haben und ständig kaputt gehen, ohne sie jemals reparieren zu können.
      bei audi und bmw ist es noch schlimmer weil deren motoren bei 50.000 km kaputt gehen!!!

      Kurz gesagt, die schlechtesten Autos der Welt... sind deutsch und sogar die Chinesen sind besser als die Deutschen!!!

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