Orders open for the Lancia Ypsilon hybrid: better equipment/price than the 208 and Corsa?

A few weeks after the 100 % electric version, Lancia comes to open the controls for the new Ypsilon thermal-hybrid version. Available for the time being only with the top-of-the-range "EDIZIONE LMITA CASSINA" equipment, it is posted at €28,000. How is it positioned in terms ofequipment and rates compared to her close cousins Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa ? That's what we're going to find out.

As a reminder, the Lancia Ypsilon is a technical cousin, not to say twin, of the Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa. They share the same eCMP platform, the same powertrains and the same production plant in Spain.


So, beyond interior and exterior styling, do they differ in terms of equipment/price ratio? We compared the different configurators for each brand, to ensure a similar level of options.

Lancia Ypsilon
Edizione Limita Cassina
Peugeot 208 GTOpel Corsa GS
Price28 000 €28 290 €27 650 €
LED lightsyesyesyes
Level 2 driver assistanceyesyesyes
InfotainmentS.A.L.A (Sound Air Light Augmentation)Peugeot i-Connect Advancedyes (no name)
Front and rear camerasyesyesyes
Engine100 hp mhev100 hp mhev100 hp mhev
Weight1282 kg1295 kg1192 kg
Co2103 gr/km104 gr/km102 gr/km
0 to 100 km/h9.3 sec10.7 secNC

As you can see, both in terms of price and equipment, it's in the €1,000 range.


The Lancia Ypsilon has the advantage, or rather the difference, of offering a velvet interior rather than Alcantara. It would also perform slightly better at 0-100 km/h (Italian cars are always the fastest, even when it's the same car). Opel would be lighter and slightly less polluting. Factually, the Opel Corsa is the least expensiveand the most expensive Peugeot 208.

Note that Peugeot and OpelThe roof is available in a choice of shades, as well as a panoramic roof. Options that may come later in the Lancia configurator. when the more affordable version of the Ypsilon goes on sale.


In conclusion, if you had to choose between the three, it's just a question of style since they are otherwise very similar.

The Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limita Cassina thermal hybrid has been available to order in Italy since March 19, and will soon be available in other European countries where the Lancia brand is distributed.



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  1. The ex-PSA figures are as implausible as ever: a difference of over 100kg between the 208 and Corsa, which are the same car except for a few elements, where did they get the quintal? Almost 1.5s difference in 0 to 100km/h between the Ypsilon and the 208, with the same engine and the same weight?

    The data sheet alone is a lie...

  2. I like the Lancia Ypsilon's design, luxury and refinement.
    But all the same, making it just a slightly improved Peugeot 208, with that horrible 100hp PureTech engine, can't make you want to go to Lancia.
    Prices are almost identical with the 208 and Corsa, so you might as well choose the Lancia.

  3. It could have been done if they'd put something other than a Pijot crap as an engine, even though it's only a vulgar 208 as a base. But it's dead with a Pijot engine.

  4. I still have a lot of trouble with the Ypsilon's styling, which, contrary to what Stellantis claims, has nothing Lancia or even Italian about it: with the exception of the rear end, which is quite successful (we can even admit to a distant kinship with the Stratos's lights), it's a 208/Corsa clone, and even the front end, the new "Lancia signature", is strongly reminiscent of the Citroen C3 or C4 (particularly for the positioning of the headlamps or the hybrid versions' air vents above the grille). As Stellantis' Italian models are now designed by French or Spanish designers, they will lose the charm of the sometimes ingenious and always distinctive designs of the transalpine creators (we can worry about the Milano, as it's not enough to put the scudetto or telephone rims on every sauce to concoct the line of an Alfa Romeo, with the added bonus of a Puretech engine, even if improved). It's probably wiser to prefer the original to the copies: what will our Italians have that a 208 136 mild hybrid doesn't (fairly coherent if we're to believe the various feedbacks, assuming the Puretech's reliability problems are resolved...)?
    The standardization of Stellantis products is now total (208, Corsa, Ypsilon, Milano, 600, with totally identical technical specifications, and the new frontier being electric - can we really imagine that the future electric Lancia HF, with its ridiculously high battery capacity, will be the worthy heir to the HFs of the past? Differentiation is now limited to a few purely aesthetic elements, focused more on interior design, obliterating brand identity in favor of charmless variants of a sanitized design.

    • especially since Lancia no longer appeals to the under-50s, it's going to be a drag to sell and there will be super discounts for this Spanish Lancia without Alcantara!!!!!!

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