Lancia Ypsilon HF: its power revealed by the brand's CEO

The Italian automotive brand Lanciarenowned for its sporting heritage and elegant designs, is preparing to mark a new milestone in its history with the launch of the Ypsilon HF. This new version promises to carry on the tradition of Lancia's high-performance models, known as "HF".

Recently, Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano has shared some interesting details about the future Lancia Ypsilon HF. in an exclusive interview with Quattroruote. With a focus on innovation and tradition, this new model looks set to redefine expectations in the compact luxury car segment.


The Ypsilon HF, due in 2025is the fruit of the brand's renewal strategy. Napolitano revealed that the Ypsilon HF would, of course, be all-electric, with an emphasis on durability and performance. The CEO confirmed that the car will not be a small SUV, as some have speculated (in our opinion, this is more likely to be the case with the Gamma). a classic sedan, approximately 4 metres long and a height of 1.44 m. It will be very similar to the concept, both inside and out. It will also be 2 cm wider than the "classic" Ypsilon.

With a range of over 400 km, this car is designed not only as a secondary vehicle, but also as a viable choice for consumers' main car. In terms of performance, based on the STLA Medium platform, thehe Ypsilon HF promises to deliver 240 hp and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, interesting figures for a car in its class. It will be all-wheel drive, which indicates that this Ypsilon HF will feature an electric motor front and rear, like the future Jeep Avenger 4xe... (and one day on the Alfa Romeo B-SUV?).


The exterior design of the Ypsilon HF will be inspired by the Pu+Ra HPE concept, featuring clean, modern lines. Attention to detail will also be evident in the cabin, where the collaboration with Cassina will be reflected in the choice of materials and finishes.

With the Lancia Ypsilon HF, the Italian brand reaffirms its commitment to quality, performance and style. We'll see if it conquers the hearts of car enthusiasts.


But before 2025, first go to February 2024 in Milan, where the wiser version of the Ypsilonwill be presented in both hybrid and electric versions.

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  1. This 240 hp Ypsilon HF sounds great. It's just a shame there isn't a PHEV model too.
    Will the new sports models no longer come from Abarth but from Lancia?

      • Does this mean that the Abarth 500e can't be more powerful, and that there won't be a more powerful 595e version?

        And for Ypsilon models wiser than the HF version, what engines are planned?

        • I don't know, but given that Stellantis has no plans to pool it for the time being, the 500 has its own platform, engine, battery... developments will certainly be conditioned by sales... but who knows, the current 500 is 17 years old, who can predict in 2030 where the 500 will be?

          For the wiser Ypsilon it's the 156hp elec and the 1.2l puretech 100hp, similar to the future alfa, jeep avenger, Fiat 600...

          • Always the same motorizations already used everywhere at Stellantis, it's a bit of a pain.
            What's more, we don't want this PureTech over and over again.
            We'll have to wait for the Ypsilon HF to see if it's of any interest.

        • Won't it be the STLA Small platform?

          This Ypsilon seems to be more ambitious than the future Alfa Romeo B-SUV.

          Of course, we still regret that this Lancia inherits Peugeot components.

          • I made exactly the same remark to myself! Quattroruote who conducted the interview talks about STLA Médium, I would also have said Small like the future 208... maybe a typo...

  2. And Peugeot isn't going to go any further than its little 156hp? Miserable when you see others doing twice as much for the same price...

  3. Who here has ever driven a Y10 turbo back in the day.....? (The one with the axed rear end)
    A much-criticized car, but a real pleasure to drive... (some memories of the Col du Lautaret at night between walls of snow...).
    Then came the beautiful and original Ypsilon, also decried, which will only delight those with good taste.
    I can't wait to discover this future version, which will probably be plush and original.
    Hf (pronounced Italian!) turbo, 8v, hf 2.0 16v... a good kick in the c...!

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