We finally know when and where the new Lancia Ypsilon will be presented

To mark the 117th anniversary of LanciaAn important announcement has just been made: the place and date of the Lancia Ypsilon presentation have been revealed.

The long-awaited reveal of the Lancia Ypsilon will take place in Milan in February 2024. This key moment in Lancia's history will be marked by the presentation of the Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina. This limited edition of the Ypsilon, 100 % electric, created in collaboration with Cassina, will be produced in just 1906 numbered and certified examples.


The collaboration between Lancia and Cassina, a brand of high-end Italian furniture, has already offered the best of both worlds.he Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept. Today, this collaboration is strengthened with the Ypsilon Cassina edition, demonstrating a fusion between automotive design and high-end furniture.


Luca Napolitano, CEO of Lancia, shared his enthusiasm for this new era: "Today marks the rebirth of Lancia with the first image of the Lancia Ypsilon, the first of three cars in our strategic plan. We celebrate this moment with Cassina, an expression of Italian design excellence."


The model is distinguished by a unique design element: the "tavolino" (table), embodying Lancia's philosophy of creating a "home-like" experience in its cars. This approach is reflected in the meticulous attention paid to details, materials, colors and spaces.

Luca Fuso, Managing Director of Cassina, emphasized the importance of this collaboration: "We have a broad vision of what design means. Working with Lancia has enabled us to extend our expertise to the automotive sector."


The announcement of the Ypsilon represents the first step in Lancia's ambitious renaissance strategy. The second step will be the launch of production in April 2024.

The brand warns that, until February, 2024, further information will be released in the coming weeks.



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  1. The new electric Lancia Ypsilon is going to be a more luxurious and specifically designed Fiat 500e.
    Is a hybrid version planned?

      • Better the electric version than the PureTech engine.
        We can't have PureTech in every FCA brand! 🤢
        But what does Stellantis want to do, put customers off Italian cars?

      • Dav
        Unfortunately, they're banking everything on this engine, even Alfa (we've really hit rock bottom). All they have to do is put it in the Maseratis, and we'll have never fallen so far.
        Fortunately, there are the old ones, because like a lot of enthusiasts, I'm going to stop at the Giulia/Stelvio for Alfa and earlier products, and the same goes for Maserati (as long as there are V6s, that's fine), Abarth (500 and 124), Fiat (Panda 2, 124 or coupé) and Lancia (MonteCarlo, Fulvia, Delta and Hyena). They'll all increase in value over the years.
        That's why I'm hardly going to come to ItalPassion any more, because there's no passion left in the future products (apart from the Maserati V6 versions) if Lancia doesn't get the old Maserati/Ferrari V6 or Alfa keeps its own. There's more and more advertising on ItalPassion and it's getting tiresome.
        Like many, I'll be returning to the Japanese, who are the future of the automobile.
        As some people say: "Hasta la vista!"

    • That's what many are thinking of doing, going back to the competition. Many people in Switzerland and probably elsewhere are going to keep their last Italian in their collection and join brands like Lexus, Mazda, Toyota for everyday life! At least we'd have real engines and hybrids if need be.
      Too bad for Stellantis and bravo to the Toyota group because Honda is also making the same mistake by going all-electric in Europe and thermal only in the USA and Japan.... Too bad they're going to lose a lot of customers.

  2. Toyota mainly offers hybrid engines. At Toyota, there are only 3 sporty models, everything else is very quiet, and nothing really exciting. The question is, how long will the GR Yaris, GR86 and Supra remain in the catalog?
    I'm less familiar with Mazda, but apart from the MX-5, and the Mazda 3 and SkyActiv engines (not all that exciting according to the tests, but I've never driven one), what real engines are there?

    • Toyota already has 3 of these, and we can add the future MR2 which Toyota is preparing and which will be in hybrid or electric versions.
      I don't know where you read that, because the 2.0 185hp version on the RF is just as popular everywhere as the Abarth 124, and there's the future RX in the works with the rotary piston as a range extender to avoid having kilos of battery that serve more to weigh down the car than anything else.
      Nissan has just released its 400 and Skyline.
      What coupé do we have in Italy??? Nothing!
      What kind of coupé do we have in France, apart from the diabolical Alpine at the end of its life? Nothing!

  3. Dear Italpassion,

    I'm interested about the debute of the new Lancia Ypsilon on 14th Februar. The exact time and adress is the subject of my curiosity. Who can participate as audience? What are the obligatory documents and fees about the event?

    Thank you for your answer.
    Best regards, Dr Emese Pasti Md.

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