Italian cars 100 % electric

For the vast majority of manufacturers, the future of the automobile is electric.

By 2030 the majority of manufacturersincluding Italians, will offer a 100 % electric range. The thermal, hybrid, will at best be reserved for a few models of brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

In order to find your way around, on this page, the Italian electric cars already on the market or to come.


Abarth will unveil its first electric car based on the current 500 electric car. It will have to be more powerful and better equipped for sport. Prototypes are currently on the road.

  • Abarth 500 electric (2024)

Alfa Romeo

It's official, the Alfa Romeo range will be 100 % electric in 2027. The challenge is to keep the driving pleasure DNA of a Alfa Romeowith electric cars that don't have to look like iPads.

  • Alfa Romeo B-SUV (2024)
  • Alfa Romeo D-SUV (2025)
  • Alfa Romeo sedan (2026)
  • Alfa Romeo E-SUV (2027)


After introducing and starting to market its electric 500 in 2020, Fiat is preparing other electric models that will accompany it.

  • Fiat 500 electric (2020)
  • Fiat B-SUV (2022)
  • Fiat C-SUV (2024)


Talk about elegant sustainability for Lancia. On the menu timeless design, reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary way. Lancia is to be reborn thanks to electric power using the new STLA platforms from Stellantis.

  • Lancia Ypsilon (2024)
  • Lancia Aurelia (2026)
  • Lancia Delta (2028)


If the supercar brand Lamborghini will always offer thermal, electrified, it has also announced in its product plan a model 100 % electric in 2024.

  • Lamborghini (2024)


The brand Maserati has been suffering for several years from an aging range that is not compatible with the ecological malus, especially in France. An ambitious product plan has been unveiled with many 100 % electric models. The start will be given in 2023, the year Maserati enters Formula E.

  • Maserati Granturismo Folgore (2023)
  • Maserati MC20 (2023)
  • Maserati Grecale Folgore (2023)
  • Maserati Quattroporte (2024)
  • Maserati Levante (2024)


If for several years Ferrari did not want to communicate on the possibility of an electric 100 % car, it was confirmed by John Elkann. The first Ferrari 100 % electric car will be presented in 2025.

  • Ferrari (2025)


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  1. It's quite surprising (to say the least) that Maserati is the brand that develops its electric range first and most widely when Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo - which are the brands aiming at the highest volumes - remain so shy... And is Abarth really going to take another two years to develop a 595 on an existing base?

    • I think that Maserati is the brand that suffers the most from CO2 emissions with no real novelties in terms of thermal (PHEV a priori not in the program...). For Abarth it's a question of battery, weight and sound.... It could be presented next year, but the product plan does announce an Abarth 500e for 2024.

      • We can also think that each Fiat customer is a few hundred/thousand euros away when the Maserati customer can easily spend more than 15.000... I hope at least that Fiat will do without the Vitesco/Continental electric motors used by Peugeot and which seem so inefficient.

        • Or you could add a two-speed automatic transmission to shift into second gear at 70km/h and optimize fuel consumption on the highway...

  2. Electrification of the automobile = - 20 percent on average of new car sales in France for the last 3 years, but an explosion of the second-hand market. People will end up driving all their classic cars! We'll see Fregates, 403s, Pl 17s, Fiat 1100s, DS 19s, Fiat Ritmos and Fiat 850s back on the roads. And it won't just be nostalgia.

  3. Despite constant advertising, sales of electric and hybrid SUVs at 40 or 50,000 euros are hardly taking off. So we legislate and ban them. And we disfigure the landscape in the name of ecology. And we make children work in the lithium mines, still in the name of ecology.

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