The best portable coolers

Need to make a long trip? Going on an outing? Planning a meal break? Whether you have a car, a camper, a truck or why not a boat, the cooler is both practical and essential for keeping food or liquids cool on long journeys. What's better than a cold drink when it's hot!

There are hundreds of models of coolers. So how do you choose one? Capacity in liters? Refrigerator, freezer, keep warm functions ? Autonomy ? Connection ? Voltage ?

While some coolers run on gas, all of the coolers selected below are powered by electricity, which is more suitable for portable use. We therefore say that they are thermoelectric coolers. Discover below our top 4 best portable coolers.

1 - Severin 20L cooler, the most versatile

This Severin cooler is the most basic but versatile, with a good features/price ratio.

Available in 20L and 28L capacity, it is silent, can be connected to a 230V electrical power supply but also to a 12V cigarette lighter socket.

It can cool down to 20° below room temperature but also has a keep warm feature up to 60° (this can be useful).

From about 135 €, it is a top sale.

2 - Mobicool cooler 48L, large capacity

The Mobicool cooler is ideal if you need a large capacity. With a volume of 48L, you can store a lot of food and/or bottles in a cool place. For example, 2L bottles can be positioned vertically without worry.

It can be plugged on a 230V electric price but also on a 12V cigarette lighter plug. It can cool down to 16° below the ambient temperature.

From about 150 €.

3 - Mobicool 38L cooler, with freezer function

The Mobicool cooler, which offers in this model a capacity of 38L, has the particularity of being equipped with a compressor to provide a freezing functionality. With this system you will have an adjustable temperature range from +10 °C to -10 °C. It therefore offers the advantage of having the choice of the desired temperature.

In vertical space it is possible to position 1,5L bottles.

It can be plugged into a 230V power source but also into a 12V cigarette lighter socket.

From about 320 €.

4 - AstroAI 4L cooler, the mini fridge

Looking for a cooler with a mini fridge design? Available in black or white, the AstroAI cooler offers a mini fridge design with a capacity of 4L. It can contain for example 6 cans of 350 ml.

It can be plugged on a 230V electric price but also on a 12V cigarette lighter plug. It can cool down to 30° below the ambient temperature.

This cooler is a small and light product: 27.2 x 24.7 x 18.8 cm and 2 kilograms.

From 70 € onwards

How to connect an electric cooler in a car

The vast majority of cars are equipped with a cigarette lighter socket, often in the cabin at the dashboard, sometimes in the trunk.

You just have to plug the male cigarette lighter plug of the cooler on the female cigarette lighter plug of the car.

It is sometimes necessary to turn on the ignition of the car for the cigarette lighter plug to work.

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