New Fiat 600: the price will drop sharply in early 2024, here's why

The 600 is the new small SUV from Fiatwhich will eventually replace the 500X. The 100 % electric version is currently priced at €35,900 in France, its price could drop by €10,000 by early 2024. Here's why.

As you know, the price of electric cars is extremely high, to the point where many people can no longer afford a new model. Even if it is a good example of the cheapest 100 % electric SUV on the market, the 600 is nonetheless priced at €35,900, excluding the environmental bonus.


In order to meet this demand, some manufacturers are taking a step backwards by offering a hybrid thermal alternative, far less expensive than the 100 % electric version. This was the case, for example, with the Jeep Avenger, which was to be offered only as a 100 % electric model in France, but which saw the appearance of a hybrid combustion version in July 2023.

The good news is that the Fiat 600 will follow suit. Indeed, the Italian brand has quietly announced that a combustion-hybrid version will arrive in France in the first quarter of 2024. It's none other than the 1.2L PureTech 100hp engine with micro-hybridization, which emits between 110 and 114g of CO2.


We even know its price, since is already available in Italy at a price of €24,950. While prices in France may vary by a few thousand euros, the difference with the 100 % electric version is €10,000.

In conclusion, if you absolutely must have a small 100 % electric SUV, the 600 is currently the best choice on the market. If you don't want a 100 % electric model, but just a new car, wait a few more months to benefit from a substantial discount.



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  1. 100 hp in a rather heavy Fiat 600 (well, in its electric version), you might as well take your son's pedal car, if you have one.
    In addition, the PureTech, this engine from m.....
    Can't Fiat come up with a less lame in-house engine?

    • 0 to 100 in 11 sec I think... concerning the engine, as has been said several times, it's the CMP PSA platform, so they're not going to adapt an engine other than the one already planned for it.

    • It's clear that Fiat's engine problems (apart from the 2.0 JTS, which is a totally botched evolution of the 2.0 Twin Spark), they're going to know what it's like to see cars that keep coming back to the garage and break like crystal.
      In any case, the class action suit for this engine, like Renault's, has been officially announced. So we're in for a real treat.

      PS: I'd advise you all to stick with the old 500x, to make sure you don't end up with an engine that'll give up the ghost before you've passed the 50,000km mark if you're absolutely looking for a small SUV!

    • Obviously, the 300kg of batteries in the internal combustion version must be deducted, bringing the total to around 1,200kg. In short, it's more than enough to carry four people (as in the Tipo 1.3L).

      • Except that the Tipo is reputed to have exemplary reliability worthy of the Japanese and Koreans... that's all over now. Fiat products are going to lose a lot.

    • Crítica de algo que no has visto
      Es tu manera de vivir?

      Seguro que el coche más vendido de Fiat , marca que fabrica coches para la gente normal
      Veras como te hace reflexionar

  2. Even so, the 600e requires a bonus of between 5,000 and 7,000 euros, which is actually 5,000 euros less than the basic internal combustion version. Given the price of fuel and the legendary reliability and comfort of the puretech, I'm not sure that's such a good calculation.

  3. Stellantis has made its choices in terms of rationalization: exit the FireFly GSE combustion engine range from Fiat Powertrain Technologies (the T3 1.0l and T4 1.3l)... except, strangely enough, for the Tonale (T4 1.5l) and what about Latin America? Purete(o)ch from the Société Française de Mécanique imposed. Beware, however, it's a new version of the EB2 1.2l: Miller cycle + variable geometry turbo and, above all, a timing chain replacing the wet belt that earned Stellantis a Class Action (along with over-consumption of oil).

    • The Tonale was already finished before Stellantis... it's what he saved from further disaster.
      I can't see South America accepting crappy engines to replace Fiat versions. It would be a hell of a blow to the brand's image!

        • I wouldn't understand the point of putting engines that break in a brand that's one of the most popular in South America.
          It's like Toyota picking up VAG engines and putting them in pickup trucks.

          • Fiat Automoveïs management agrees with you that Firefly engines will remain in South America. And Peugeot will adopt them on its models sold there.

          • In 2 words, Fiat will find itself with a competitor who sells products with its own mechanical components.
            I wonder what Peugeot is going to do in South America. They haven't been able to keep Africa (practically taken over by Toyota), the Middle East (including Iran, where 🇮🇷 is on its own), China 🇨🇳, where they've been practically thrown out of the market (fortunately there's still DS) and the USA 🇺🇸 their products have never been on the market.
            In short, apart from India 🇮🇳 and Europe, Peugeot should already be concentrating on its markets, because for the moment, this brand is more of a drag than anything else!
            In the USA, Chrysler Groupe is filling up (even with their minivan, which is still going strong, which is a feat for Chrysler, as they sell around 100,000 units), Dodge is doing well and RAM is doing well too, as is Canada.
            In South America, Fiat is a winner with Toyota (a gigantic market a thousand times more profitable than Europe).
            What is Peugeot doing in the meantime? They're blowing money on an Endurance project that doesn't work and is a money pit, and its position has no legitimacy in Endurance (to sell electric city cars... what's the connection).
            More and more people want to separate the two, because when you have Premium, sports and prestige brands, these are the ones that need to be highlighted, not generalist brands.
            That's like Maserati in FE... But who the hell is looking at FE. Of all the people I know, customers included... nobody cares but we'd all like to see Maserati, Lancia or Alfa in F1 or Endurance or even Rally for Lancia.
            I don't know about you Fredo, but we're walking more and more on our heads with this damn band.

      • Fiat Powertrain Technologies has a plant and R&D center in Brazil. Historically well established (production, sales) in Latin America, they market 100% FlexFuel engines.

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