Fiat 600 electric: price comparison by country, find out where it's cheapest

Presented a few months ago, the Fiat 600 electric is now available to order and can be configured on the website Fiat. An overview of the prices of the Fiat 600 electric in the markets where it is distributed, and its positioning in relation to its alternative competitors.

First, the price per country. It's clear that one country has an advantage: Italy. The electric Fiat 600 is already on special offer for its launch. And not a small one: €4,000 on the Red and La Prima versions. Unbeatable!


France is about average, and it's the most expensive in Germany! Special mention for Spain, with 537 and 337 respectively.

Fiat 600 RedFiat 600 La Prima
France35 900 €38 900 €
Italy35 950 € 31 950 €40 950 € 36 950 €
Germany36 490 €42 490 €
Spain35 950 € 34 537 €40 950 € 39 337 €
BelgiumPrice not available41 000 € 38 770 €
SwitzerlandPrice not availablePrice not available
United KingdomPrice not availablePrice not available
PortugalPrice not availablePrice not available

Compared to its competitors, the electric Fiat 600 is very well positioned with its Red version, but also with its well-equipped La Prima version. It's simple: the 600 electric is the least expensive model. compared with its cousins Jeep, DS3, Peugeot and Opel, but also with the Volvo and Smart, both of which are made in China.


In France, the Fiat 600 Red version, coupled with a €5,000 environmental bonus, comes to €30,900. Not bad!

ModelsPrice FranceBattery
Fiat 600 electric35 900 €54 kWh
Electric Jeep Avenger39 000 €54 kWh
DS341 700 €54 kWh
Peugeot e200838 950 €54 kWh
Opel Mokka electric42 000 €54 kWh
Volvo EX3037 500 €51 kWh
Smart #1 Pro+40 315 €66 kWh
Hyundai Kona electric41 900 €64 kWh
Kia e-Soul41 840 €39.2 kWh

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  1. The Smart isn't going to live much longer, because according to Mercedes, if it doesn't turn around quickly and become profitable (which was never the case because of the many engine failures due to the turbo fitted to the Mitsubishi 3-cylinder engine, which broke like crystal and destroyed half the engine), and given that the brand's philosophy has changed (Hayek must be turning in his grave), I don't see any future for it.

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