The Fiat Panda's main electric competitor gets cold feet!

The next Fiat The electric Panda, to be unveiled in July 2024, will be one of the most eagerly awaited new cars on the market, because it comes in at around €25,000, excluding the purchase bonus.

A new category of more accessible electric vehicles, on which manufacturers expect to do volume business. However, there are a brand that has just backtracked on price Renault with its R5.


Presented as part of the Renaulution plan, the future Renault R5 had it all: a sexy neo-retro look, a small, dynamic car... and above all, a low price. Luca de Meo, head of the Renault group, had said he wanted a range of " flagship, profitable electric vehicles, with an entry price of less than 20,000 euros and made in France ". This statement dates back to 2020... Then, as time went by, the forecasts had evolved to hover around 25,000 euros.

In short, this Renault R5, like the Citroën e-C3 and the Volkswagen ID2, along with the Fiat Panda, are the ideal quartet to offer a new generation of affordable electric vehicles.


At last... there will only be 3 of them left!

In an interview with Autogazette, Renault brand general manager Fabrice Cambolive, went back over the famous 20,000 euros, with an announcement that makes you smile: " employees of the marque au losange are working hard to offer the R5 for less than 30,000 euros" . This Renault R5 will be offered at the price of a Zoé...


One less competitor for the future Fiat Panda, which has a real chance of becoming a best-seller.

Find out more about price and features : Fiat Panda electric: the rational, affordable car



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  1. There are only 2 of them left, because if you want to set foot in the ID2, you have to really want to... or be completely masochistic!

    • I think it's very nice for a Volkswagen (which puts it into perspective, but still), and it has the C-pillar of the historic Golf. I think Giugiaro will appreciate it. The Panda will once again reign in Europe, offering as much space as the Uno and a contained price for the electric version and a frankly low price for the hybrid. If all goes well, the title of Car of the Year is within its grasp.

  2. At 20,000 or 22,000 in the case of a top-of-the-range vehicle, perhaps ...
    But no, it's too expensive, let them keep it.
    You can get a new, top-of-the-range hybrid Yaris for 26,000 or less in the mid-range version, without all the hassle of electrics.

    • Really? What's the hassle with electrics? I've been driving a phev for 9 years and an electric whore for 6 months and I don't know what you're talking about.... But I don't think you do either 😀

  3. I've been driving an electric car for nearly 4 years on a bmw i3, with no worries. Those who criticize electric cars should give them a good test drive before making certain criticisms. In any case, in 2035, we won't even have to ask the question, I'd even say 2030, because manufacturers are going to stop using combustion engines before 35, so as not to have to buy new cars at that time.

    • It's a matter of opinion, but having driven Tesla, BMW I4, Mercedes EQS and even electric go-karts ⚡️et well, they're nothing to get up at night about either. It was supposed to dethrone and make a mockery of combustion engines, but so far it's made a mockery of nothing, and it's far from perfect in terms of weight and range.

      • It's night and day between the 500 thermal and the 500e... the latter is much more fun to drive! For the more powerful models that have to offer more sensations, one of the "shortcomings" is the linearity of acceleration, but Dodge has developed a system simulating gear changes for its electric Charger Daytona and I'm curious to test this, I think Alfa could take up the concept and adapt it to the sensations of a QV. Abarth should also work on this.

        • They should all switch to rear-wheel drive and, apart from Dodge, concentrate on reducing the weight of their vehicles considerably. Then Fredo, you don't spend your life in the stores, and when you drive 150km a day and live in a place where you can't charge your car at home, well, I'm sorry, but internal combustion is marvellous.

  4. I'm happy for you
    But not everyone is lucky enough to be able to spend more than €30,000 on a car, and to be able to recharge at home.

    • The future Panda is advertised in the press at 23,000 euros, which is a remarkable price considering that a bonus of 5,000 euros applies to the minimum. To charge it, you leave it on a slow charge in a shopping mall once a week and that's it... I suggest you compare the annual maintenance costs between a combustion and an electric car.

  5. it's just a shame that the R5 electric will be 5 years old by the time it's launched.... and they keep announcing price increases every 3 weeks!
    I was ready to be one of the idiots to buy it as soon as it was launched... but as time goes by, it becomes less and less interesting!
    there comes a point when it's so stupid that even the nostalgia doesn't justify it!

    • It's clear that this is a slap in the face. That's the problem, they're now announcing cars years in advance, instead of releasing an elaborate model a year before by presenting a concept the year before. As a result, it loses all its charm. What's more, its design is closer to the Super 5 than to the original R5. Renault shouldn't release it under its own name, and leave the baby to Alpine, a rear-wheel-drive model with maximum driving pleasure. That would justify the price much more.

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