Fiat Panda electric: the rational, affordable car that will overshadow the Dacia Spring!

After the electric 500, the 600 and the Topolino, Fiat is only at the beginning of its "Renaissance" plan. Indeed, before presenting its two latest electric models, the Italian manufacturer had already announced a Season 2 with another new model to be presented on July 11, 2024, in Turin.

All the indications are that this will be the new electric Fiat Panda. And this time around, Fiat is aiming to strike hard with a rational, accessible model in the tradition of what you'd expect from a Panda.


And do you know what? We already have a number of clues regarding features of the future Panda ! And yes, Citroën's cousin brand will soon be unveiling the European ë-C3, an electric city car that will go on sale for less than €25,000!

To achieve this low price, the car will be manufactured at the Trnava plant in Slovakia. This plant already manufactures the C3, 208 and e-208.


Based on what we know about the future Citroën, the Fiat Panda should have a range of 300 kmA battery capacity of either 40 kWh or 50 kWh, and power ratings of between 60 kW (82 bhp) and 80 kW (approx. 109 bhp). The platform will probably be the STLA Small, already used by the Corsa-e and e-208.

The proposed price would be €25,000, excluding bonuses. By way of comparison, the current Fiat Panda hybrid is priced at €13,600. With a purchase subsidy, the price of the Fiat Panda 2024 could be just under the symbolic €20,000 mark. Not yet enough to compete with the Dacia Spring, but as the latter is manufactured in China, it could receive less financial assistance from the state in the years to come.

Citroën ë-C3 already available in India

Design level, We trust Stellantis to apply the same recipe to the 600 and Topolino... Why not go back to the styling of the Fiat Centoventi concept, presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and which was to be a basis for electric and customizable Fiat models...

Fiat Centoventi concept

The presentation of the new Fiat Panda will take place on July 11, 2024 in Turin, but don't bury the current Panda just yet, as it is set to continue its career until 2026...



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  1. Hello
    We're a long way from the 70s, when FIAT was at the top of its game.
    Cut 128 124
    Sedan 125 124
    Cabriolet 124
    Dual camshaft engines 5-speed gearbox Iodine headlights These were fun cars.
    Europe is a mess now

    • In the 90s, Fiat was also at the top of its game 😉 Barchetta (made by Lancia no less), Fiat Coupé with the engine from the Delta Integrale, very good (and beautiful) machines... Today, the internal combustion engine is no longer in the odor of sanctity, to say the least, but we're still expecting a supercar at the end of the month and an electric Abarth 600 next year, no doubt with revised running gear and an increase in power to 200 hp. As a reminder, an Abarth Stilo was limited to 170 hp...

      • Edit: it's not the same engine, the Coupé's is transverse... Maxima mea culpa, it still has a good character 😉

    • Just one major omission: the Fiât Dino coupé and cabriolet in 2000 and 2400, the engine that wreaked havoc with the Lancia Stratos and .... in particular. Ferrari.

  2. Hello ,
    In the years to come, we'll have car clones from three major groups.
    A chassis, an engine, a body and a logo to stand out, it's appalling!
    Prices are becoming exorbitant for simple electric cars, while costs need to come down!

    • This was very much the case in the golden age of Italian coachbuilders, which led to an abundance of models... As for the cost of materials in particular, it's just starting to come down, while the engine production unit has just been launched, and R&D costs are skyrocketing: Stellantis' objective is not to take the easy way out like the Chinese and launch a 2-tonne Giulia, but to innovate with batteries and significantly reduce their weight, which is already underway with Saft. A battery factory is also to be built in Termoli, at a cost of several billion euros...

      • - An MG4 weighs 1635 kg to 1800 kg, with a 40 or 51 kWh battery (WLTP up to 450km), manufactured by SAIC (Chinese).
        - A Smart#1 weighs 1820 kg with 66kWh battery (WLTP 440km), manufactured by Geely (Chinese)
        - A Leapmotor T03 weighs 1203 kg with a 41.3 kWh battery (WLTP 280 km), manufactured by Zhejiang Leapmotor (Chinese).
        - An ORA (Funky) Cat weighs 1540 kg with a 48 kWh (up to 63 kWh) battery (WLTP 310 to 400 km), manufactured by Great Wall (China).
        - An e-208 weighs 1455 kg, with a 50 kWh battery (WLTP 400 km).
        - An e-2008 weighs 1550 kg, with a 50kWh battery (WLTP 320 km).

        So in the end, the Chinese know how to make electric cars that are too heavy, especially when it comes to city cars (unlike the Germans...).

        What's lacking at the moment is software (planner, ergonomics, driving assistance, weak regenerative braking, etc.). Likewise, the finish and load volume are lagging behind. Charging power is generally more limited (with the exception of the MG4, which stands up very well).

        For the moment, Stellantis doesn't know how to make efficient models (far from WLTP generally), charges a lot for its models, and the software isn't that great (fluidity, no planner, no updates worthy of the name, etc.).

        • As far as the Germans are concerned, an ID.3 Pro Performance 58 kWh weighs 1812 kgs unladen... but I was thinking more of the medium sedan, the Nio ET5 70 kWh weighs 2.1 tons. For an Alfa Romeo, that's prohibitive.

  3. Hello
    I own a 2015 panda cross twinair 90hp 4×4.that gives me great satisfaction .
    I really need this type of vehicle for my activities. And in the same budget.
    Do you think this will be possible with the new version?
    Thank you for your reply.

  4. Hello
    I own a 2015 panda cross twinair 4×4
    and I'd like to buy the 2024 version.
    I need the same type of 4×4 vehicle.
    Will this version be equivalent?
    Thank you for your reply.

    • I doubt it very much, even if it might have the same capacities. It's not certain that, in terms of range and price, it will be as efficient as the internal combustion engine.

    • the current internal combustion version has a 70 hp engine, and production, or at least sales, of the 4×4 version had been halted, since then I don't know where it stands.
      If it's going to be an electric version, I don't know if FIAT has that in the pipeline, but in my opinion the price will be excessive, because the ideal would be to have a front and rear engine.

  5. Around 1975, after the first oil crisis, there was talk of working on vehicles with a fuel consumption of 2 liters per hundred. Powerful interests opposed the idea. And yet today, it could be possible, with small mild-hybrid diesels and super-light but shock-resistant bodies. But we prefer the Chinese solution, which concerns a population of one billion and medium-sized cities of 30 million... a population that bears no relation to that of Europe.

  6. Let's not forget that fanatical political ecologists account for only 4% of voters in France when turnout is normal. However, the technocrats in Brussels are at their beck and call, and are constantly harassing motorists, who are now required to buy vehicles weighing at least 1,500 kilograms, with a ban on using them in town.

    When you think that electricity could be sold 4 times more cheaply in France if this dictatorship of the European Union, which takes its orders from a Germany that was defeated and dismembered in 1945, and which itself takes its orders from Uncle Sam, were over once and for all! We are led by traitors.

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