Fiat confirms at least 1 new model per year until 2030


This will be a decisive decade for many car brands. The Italian brand, Fiatnow under the aegis of Stellantis, announced an ambitious plan for the future, with at least one new model per year until 2030.

When the PSA Group merged with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to create Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, head of the new group, announced a bold strategy: each brand under his aegis, including Fiat, would benefit from a validated and financed product plan up to 2030.


In our interview with Guillaume Clerc, Fiat and Abarth Product Manager, he confirmed this strategic direction. According to Clerc, Fiat has a "super-rich product plan". which includes the launch of at least one new model every year, for all markets. This ambitious initiative aims to expand and diversify the Fiat range, thus reaching a wider audience and responding to the changing needs of the automotive market.

This announcement has the potential to strengthen Fiat's position in the global market. Thehe Italian brand is number 1 in the Stellantis group in terms of volume, with 1.2 million units sold by 2022. In addition to Europe, South America will also be well represented, with sales of over 430,000 units, thanks to models such as Strada, Toro, Cronos, Fastback, Pulse and Argo, which are unknown in Europe.


In this constant stream of new models, we have to take into account all the markets in which the brand is present. If you've ever tried the exercise of a Fiat roadmap to 2027Here's what Fiat could offer up to 2030.

  • 2020 : Fiat 500
  • 2021: Fiat Pusle
  • 2022: Fiat Fastback
  • 2023: Fiat Topolino / Fiat 600 B-SUV
  • 2024: Fiat Panda/Argo (F1H) - City Car
  • 2025: Fiat Multipla (UV5) C-SUV
  • 2026: Fiat Tipo (F2U/F2X) B-SUV
  • 2027: New Fiat 500E
  • 2029: Fiat Regata D-SUV (future citroën c5 x cousin)
  • 2030: New Fiat Fastback (citroën c4 x cousin)

Your predictions?



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    • Honestly, what does Elkhan decide? Apart from mothballing the entire FCA group...
      In almost ten years, what has come out of the B.E. since the Giulia and the Stelvio? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
      Let's not talk about the Stradale 33, which is really more of a techno showcase than anything else. When they designed it, they didn't even have the guts to release it under the Alfa Romeo name! It should have sold better with the Maserati logo, more renatble in terms of image, even if it is a success...
      Only the 500 stands out ( terms of profitability with Jeep), just enough to please the shareholders...
      The Tonale? Frankly, the soul of Alfa Roméo/ Fiat/ Lancia has been tarnished since the B.E.'s were put to sleep in Milan and Turin.

      I pray for the employees of the FCA group, because the decisions are not going to go in their direction, the work is going to be located, according to rumors, abroad for better profitability, yuck....

      • Jeep holds the key? The Stellantis-type Avenger is a fiasco, Alfa with its future SUV that nobody wants is the same. Lancia's 1.2 puretech is a no-go.
        We might as well say it: Alfa is back with FCA, and Maserati, alas, should have stayed with Ferrari.

      • Last time I checked, Dodge and RAM were doing well, and it's no thanks to Stellantis, especially when you see the look of the future electric Dodge, which was a flop with customers at SEMA.

      • The Tipo, the Tipo Cross, the Panda, the 500, 500l, 500X, 124 and all the versions that are a big hit in South America, but apart from that they've done nothing at Lancia or Chrysler except sell minivans (which proves that they all stopped making minivans too soon).
        The only brands to give up were Lancia and Chrysler, and it's true that the Tonale doesn't have the right standing in the Tonale, let alone a worthy engine like the 1.75 Turbo of the 4C/Giulietta Evo2 (because that of the Brera and 1st Giulietta was still an aluminum cast alloy).

  1. There was supposed to be a new Punto. It still doesn't seem to be on the agenda. Or is it the Fiat Argo?
    These are mostly SUVs to come.

    • The era of pleasure cars is over!
      The being of uninteresting tanks has come!
      After we had the chance to learn the elementary rule of the automobile: "The enemy is the weight and the surface is the obstacle! We've moved on to "the bigger the better!"
      Soon we'll be asking the car to talk, to integrate a kitchen or to make coffee, a shower 🚿 to wash up on the daily commute, to have a chick or dude in the trunk at all times to play a video game, to integrate the cat or dog litter box and above all that it be taller than its own house and we'll call it... a city car!
      I was born 30 years too late and it won't be long before I join the Natural History Museum!

    • There will be no Punto in the short term, but the Panda will grow to 4m and enter the multi-purpose city car market. The Tipo's renewal will take the form of a crossover (the UV5 project seems to have been cancelled), which is in line with current logic, since the brand no longer seems to appreciate this name (cf. the presentation of the 600). This type of bodywork is more efficient than that of the SUV, although I'd prefer the classic sedan/hatch/break trio. Sales-wise, the plan is working for the time being, with the brand credited with sales growth of 37% in France compared with November 2022.

  2. Personally, since Stellantis was created, and as the owner of a Giulia Veloce since 2019 (yes, a long-standing alfist at heart), I haven't looked kindly on this merger.
    And time is proving me right: sharing platforms with... Peugeot! But what a shame, and I'm not talking about the engines... Ugh! I really don't like them and I don't want them. Not to mention the skyrocketing prices for the 500, not to mention Abarth! Proposing an electric bouze for bobos at more than 40000 but what the hell?!!!!
    There are so many points that I find negative for the present and future of Fiat, Abarth and Alfa that when I part with my Giulia I won't be continuing with the group. I've made up my mind.
    Stellantis has created a Frankenstein of bad brands, and for me, this heralds the death of Italian brands, which is a real shame.
    The group has killed off the sporting and emotional spirit, and I'm one of the many customers who will no longer continue with these iconic and historic French brands, and it's a shame to see that the debacle isn't over yet.

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