Fiat: No. 1 brand of the Stellantis group

In 2022, Fiat was the best-selling brand in the world among the 14 brands that make up the Stellantis Group.

The Turin-based company has in fact sold 1.2 million units under its logo on the planet, including Abarth and Fiat Professional.


Its strengths includeSouth America where Fiat has a market share of 13.6%. The volumes sold there represent a good third of its global mix, with a total of 430,000 units. And it is in fact at the BrazilFiat is the most important market on this continent, with a market share of 21.9%or the leading position.

The Strada, Fiat's best seller in Brazil

The Toro pickup is the best selling C-segment pickup in Brazil. The Cronos also performed well, up +49% in 2022 versus 2021. The Fiat Pulse compact SUV exceeded 50,000 units in 2022.


It is also n°1 in Italy but also in Turkeywhere the Fiat Tipo (sold there under the name of Fiat Aegea). In Turkey, Fiat's market share reached 18.7%.

Note that the 500E is the best-selling electric car of the Stellantis groupwith 66,000 units sold in 2022, half of the total sales of the Fiat 500 range. It is No. 1 in electric vehicles in Italy, No. 2 in Spain and No. 3 in Germany.


It is worth noting that Europe is not everything for Fiat nor for Stellantis in general. It should also be noted that Fiat's performance in South America saves the brand in general and ensures its global future. Finally, it should be noted that Fiat does well in Europe with a hyper-aged range (Panda, 500 thermal, 500X, Tipo, Ducato). But it is still time to release new products, as it is planned as of 2023


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  1. Europe is no longer an automotive Eldorado, so I understand why Fiat is taking the trouble in South America.
    The problem is rather Peugeot, DS and Citroën which sells almost exclusively in Europe.

  2. The dividends paid to shareholders have become insane.
    25% of the sum should go into emergency liquidity (investment).
    25% of the rest in R&D.
    See creating historical and maintenance hubs for each brand.

  3. It is clear that the market in Europe is no longer focused on hyper-techno models for private customers, with the success of Dacia. Fiat can offer something more elegant and has a lot of experience in city cars, but it needs to exploit it instead of changing its mind all the time. But we can see that there is a great opportunity to become a major player in Northern Europe again.

  4. Too bad the pulse could sell well in Europe, I remain convinced that it did not need psa, it was enough to give a little less to shareholders

      • Yes they should have transferred Marelli to another branch of the group so it wouldn't be in stellantis now MM it's Japanese/ American 😞

        • The best thing would have been to give Magneti Marelli its independence, as was the case for New Holland within the Exxor galaxy, because Faurecia is a garden gnome.
          Stellantis is going to end up like Ford GM or Chrysler, in the middle of a crisis... it will collapse like a house of cards unless DS is eliminated and replaced by Citroën (but Peugeot will not allow this because they have never wanted to recognize that the image of the chevrons is more prestigious than the lion).
          Abarth: 500 family and light sport.
          Fiat: Low-cost and panda
          Peugeot-Opel: Generalist
          Citroën, Chrysler, Lancia: Prenium
          Alfa, Dodge: Sport
          Jeep Maserati: Sporting luxury
          Ferrari: SuperCars
          And Fiat could easily remove its name and logo (as under New Holland) and have it replaced by Abarth, which, by the way, would need Alpine and Lotus to make a new central sports car together.
          Peugeot is on the same level as Fiat in terms of standing as is Opel, so if one of the three disappears, it's no big deal.
          But Peugeot thinks they are more than what they have been for decades, the proof in endurance where they have nothing to do (instead of Maserati that could have shared elements with Ferrari), while it does not call for any added value (produced behind nothing like Renault in F1 at the time that was smartly replaced by Alpine more prestigious).
          The only huge problem is to turn Chrysler into a prenium brand and this may take 1 to 2 decades.
          I find the current plan hard to believe but I am not Madame Irma.

          • Just a small detail: Ferrari is not part of Stellantis. Delete Fiat for Abarth? What's the point? Jeep is not a luxury brand, far from it.

    • Marchionne did as much good as he did bad under his reign. Having missed the association with Mazda at the time is felt very, very strongly (especially to try to put a layer of it with GM which is a Peugeot made in USA 🇺🇸).
      Now if each brand could recover its independence in the group as it was the case for Ferrari with Stellantis in control 👮‍♀️... that's the real solution.
      But Tavares is a thousand times better than Marchionne because he understood that by doing qualitative instead of quantitative the margins and profits are not felt, but it is necessary to limit the number of models and copies in the prenium, sport and luxury-sport as Ferrari does for its brand and especially create a training center of SAV that is the most exemplary possible which is the black beast on the good results.

      • " as it was the case for Ferrari with Stellantis in Gendarme 👮‍♀️ of control "
        Ferrari and Stellantis have nothing in common. The only thing they have in common is that they have the same main shareholder: Exor.

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