Alfa Romeo unveils sales targets for its forthcoming Milano SUV

You know it, Alfa Romeo is starting from a very low base in terms of sales, with barely 50,000 units sold worldwide in 2022. With the Tonale, 2023 is bound to be a better year. What about the future Milano, the smaller, less expensive SUV that's calling for greater volume? the brand's CEO is very clear on the subject.

As we said in the introduction, after a 2022 that was the lowest in over a decade, the Tonale should save the day in 2023. The brand should reach 70-80,000 sales, mainly thanks to this model, which alone accounts for around 60 % of volume.


But the Italian brand has no intention of stopping there. As a reminder, its CEO has big ambitions and wants to beat his 1990 recordAlfa Romeo had sold more than 220,000 cars. To get there, the brand is counting on SUVs, Tonale, Milano, and the future Stelvio in 2025.

And that's just it, on the occasion of the revelation of the name MilanoAlfa Romeo's CEO announced that This small SUV, the brand's entry-level model, will account for 40 % of total sales, worldwide. "If we sell 5,000 a month, we'll produce 5,000 a month. If we sell 10,000 a month, we'll build 10,000 a month.


So we got out the calculator, and 40 % of 220,000 represents 88,000 cars a year, or 6,000 to 8,000 sales a month. By way of comparison, the Tonale sells between 3,000 and 4,000 units a month. The Milano must therefore do twice as much as the Tonale...

But even with these two models, 80,000 units short of the top sales score. The future electric Stelvio will have the onerous task of almost single-handedly achieving this score... but when you look at the sales of the Tesla Model Y, nothing is impossible.



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  1. Volume doesn't guarantee profitability.
    Let's wait and see if the Alfa Romeo Milano will be a real Alfa, and not a variant of the Peugeot e-2008.

  2. Before predicting sales figures, think first of re-establishing a proper after-sales service, renewed confidence among Alfisti, and a multitude of models in the Alfa Romeo image...

    • Alfa Romeo dealerships that refuse vehicles for after-sales service because they don't even have a mechanic on staff! That says it all (Alfa Romeo Mulhouse).

      • It's in ALL dealerships that there's a huge problem at Alfa, and that's why quadrifoglio customers go to Maserati, Ferrari or reputable independents for maintenance.

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