Alfa Romeo CEO unveils ambitious goals for the years ahead

Photo: Alfa Romeo, Abu Dhabi circuit

The Italian brand Alfa Romeo plans to break its annual sales record in 2025, thanks to the expansion of its range, announced CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato.

Alfa Romeo has already seen its sales increase in the first half of 2023 with the launch of its Tonale compact SUV, and plans to launch a small electric SUV next year (leaked photos), the indirect successor to the Mito.


"Alfa Romeo sales have fallen in recent years, but should rise again to around 80,000-90,000 units this year, before breaking its own record in 2025," predicted Jean-Philippe Imparato in an interview with Coach.

For the record, the brand's current record dates back to 1990, when it sold 223,643 vehicles worldwide.


Jean-Philippe Imparato is very optimistic for Alfa Romeowhich aims to surpass its 1990 record, when its range was much more diversified than it is today.

In our opinion, Alfa Romeo may exceed 80,000 sales this year thanks to Tonale, which already accounts for 50 % of sales in the first half of 2023and is just beginning its career in the USA. We'll also have to keep an eye on the career of this SUV, which is also being launched in China, where the brand is suffering... (more on that soon).


Then, to reach over 200,000 sales, everything will depend on the success of the small SUV, positioned under the Tonale, which will arrive in 2024. Its Jeep Avenger cousin has just exceeded 40,000 orders in one year. Then there's the electric Stelvio, due in 2025.

In conclusion, to surpass its record in 2025, Alfa Romeo is betting on 3 SUVs Tonale, the B-SUV and the new electric Stelvio 100 %. Each model would need to sell at least 70,000 units a year...



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  1. Does it incorporate limited series? Making fake Alfa's to make volume... we're hitting rock bottom, even Fiat wasn't allowed to do it. Now Alfa has become Stellantis' Seat.

  2. 2027 I don't say but 2025 he dreams too much the boss; knowing that when a new model comes out we don't know when it will take its cruising speed.
    2027 is too early to switch an entire range to electric; I wouldn't say a niche model given the number of sales, but not the rest.
    Do you think those who own a Stelvio are prepared to pay an extra 15,000 francs for an electric version?

  3. Hello, I live in a city of over 220,000 souls, and a shabby concession or so, so mr Tavares do something. Alfas are invisible here. Revoyer vôtre réseau , merci.....

  4. It's all very well to make optimistic statements, but no one knows whether electric Alfa Romeos will find a clientele.
    Alfa Romeo obviously has a reputation for its combustion engines, so the switch to electric is the big unknown.

    I'd like to know how the Abarth 500e is selling, because people also buy an Abarth for its noise. I'm not sure that the sound generator is enough for those who love Abarths. The problem will be similar for Alfa Romeo. A silent Alfa Romeo, what a strange thing that will be!

    • In France, from January to August 2023, there would have been 195 Abarth registrations. The 695 is still on sale... 180 hp, Record Monza exhaust, Brembo calipers... in short, the best!

    • Stanislas, you can add for Abarth and Alfa:
      -for their chassis (which has been made famous with all the transaxle models (which is why the latest 75 is so loved, and why many are now flocking to the Quattroporte 5 in 4.2, much better than the 4.7).
      -for their lightness (and the Giulia and Stelvio have made a strong case for this, given the weight of the competition).

      In short, all the opposite of electrics.

      • I think the Abarth 600 will be at least on the same level as the Grande Punto SuperSport, with 1.5 tons they can push the engine to 200 hp, lower the body and increase rigidity. With good brakes, an alcantara-finished interior, seats and a nice body kit, a Sport mode should be developed to modify the engine's linearity and somehow reproduce the turbo effect, the main characteristic of this friendly and memorable bombshell. The sound generated "at idle" should also be reworked, as it's too basic and repetitive. For Alfa, I predict that if the B-SUV is anything like the leaks shown here, it'll be an oven, and a memorable one too...

  5. A few years ago, sales of the Abarth 595/695 were not so confidential. They even sold well.
    But 195 sales in 8 months, between the 695 thermal at the end of its life and the new 500e, is very few.

    • Ah, it's clear that they sold very, very well, so you could see them all over the Rhône Alpes region, Italy and Switzerland in particular.

  6. Here in Belgium, they are reducing the number of Alfa Romeo points of sale... If Alfa had brought out a Giulia SW, a replacement for the mito to attract young people to the brand and a new giulietta, the time would already be ripe for optimism right now... My girlfriend ordered a Tonale in March, scheduled for June/July. Delivery has already been postponed until November, if all goes well... 😒

  7. Stelvio, Tonale, Guilla (the only one that still looks like an Alfa)? Can we one day hope for a compact in the range, replacing the Guilletta?

  8. If Alfa endures (editor's note: and we all hope it does) thanks to the Tonale and especially the future B-SUV (!!), it will be the end of Alfa DNA! 🙁
    Finally, the recent Mito, Giulietta, Giulia and even Stelvio productions were still worthy of the Biscione!
    When you see the new Stradale 33, which won't be built by a Stellantis factory and is reserved for a happy few, and what Stellantis has in store for the average buyer, puretech rebadged engines!!! It's enough to make you weep :-((
    I believed it...
    I would tend to write: you like Alfa... Buy Mazda (!!??)

    • The Stelvio and Giulia really have 100% of Alfa DNA, and so does the Giulietta, even if a rear-wheel drive 4WD model would have been desirable (they know how to do it and have proven it on Alfa and Lancia models). The Mito had no place in the range (but an MX5 RF with Alfa sauce... yes), and so did the 4C, even if it would have needed a bigger engine or an Artega-type model). The Tonale lacks an HDG finish, a real engine and sportier handling (according to many customers).
      We knew in advance that it would be a failure and a death sentence.... Now we have the proof.
      PSA has massacred all the brands that stand in its shadow.
      There's no mystery about it, those who want a combustion engine via foreign plates or other schemes... will go to Mazda if the 6 comes out as agreed.

      • Nothing is lost for the Tonale, the lines seem to please, and for the powertrain it's possible, as I've already said, to adopt the Honda system with a thermal block that recharges a small battery which in turn powers a 180-hp electric block driving the rear wheels. This system is more reliable (there's no gearbox and the engine runs at constant rpm), emits less CO2 than the Puretech hybrid system and allows you to switch to rear-wheel drive at lower cost.

    • As for the 33 that isn't made by Stellantis, it's neither the first brand to do so nor the last, and all those who make small series (apart from Ferrari) will continue to do so for the good of small companies and coachbuilders.

  9. Peugeot destroyed alfa but they will never have the racing dna, especially since Peugeot has no engine with power equal to alfa's. They can get dressed with their 508 pse, a guilia quadri and bury it alive in terms of chassis and engine, let alone erase 110 years of competition like that.

  10. I don't know if future Alfa Romeos will be rebadged Peugeots. Let's wait and see.
    But if that happens, the Alfa Romeo brand will be dead. All it will have left is a glorious past.

    • You think they're going to invest in a rear-wheel drive platform just for an Alfa model and Lancia for the Delta? That's believing in Santa Claus. Of course it'll be a pimped-out Peugeot and nothing else, given Stellantis' mentality.

  11. I couldn't agree more! In fact, I replaced my 147 with a Mazda 3. A 4-cylinder atmo, a very good chassis and above all exemplary reliability...

  12. Hello,
    To say that the Tonale will be the death knell of Alfa Romeo is nonsense.
    I can understand that you don't like the direction Alfa is taking, but you forget that it wasn't Peugeot that bought the Fiat group, but a merger of the two groups, and that decisions aren't made by the French alone.
    As for Alfa, personally I'd like them to be independent, but that's no longer the case and I doubt it will ever be again. That said, the financial situation and future have been much better for many years. Long live Alfa, even if, like most brands, this means electrification and collaboration with the other brands in the group.

    • Believing that the Tonale and the future Alfa Peugeot will Sauber Alfa is nonsense... it's clearly just talk and we call it barroom synthesis.

    • The financial situation was already better with the 155/164, 156/166, but it was with the total failure of the 159 that it got worse. The Giulia and Stelvio restored Alfa's image in a way that no other model could have done. Now, as we look to the future, it's all going to go down the drain and end up as a 4-wheeled zombie worthy of a fine swindle.

  13. I'm astonished by this desire for "all-electricity" from a brand that has made a name for itself as an engine builder (nostalgia for the V6 Busso)...
    I've been driving an Alfa since 1993. I've just bought an .e giulia (my 3rd). I said goodbye to my contacts, who are themselves very dubious about the future of the brand... yet Tavares has always had 1 doubt about the all-elec... go figure...

    • In the meantime, they may well backtrack, because the more time passes, the more the all-electric concept is seriously called into question.

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