Alfa Romeo Tonale: it will account for 55 % of registrations in 2023, details by country

After unveiling the Alfa Romeo registrations in 2023which have given rise to some speculation. those of the Alfa Romeo Tonalethe brand's new SUV, which is set to grow in volume.

As a reminder, the Alfa Romeo Tonale, in its launch year of 2022, was registered at just over 20,000 copies. By 2023, the brand was aiming to register 45,000 cars. Will it meet its target?


Alfa Romeo will therefore have registered just over 37,500 Tonale in 2023. To be honest, figures for a few countries like Japan are still missing, but this would add another 1,000 cars at best. The target has therefore not been reached, but it's still a respectable score, since the Tonale represents 55 % of the volume of all Alfa Romeo models. The year thus followed trends in the first quarter of 2023.

Italy leads the way with almost 19,000 Tonale! That's 50 % of total registrations. France is the second-biggest customer, followed by Germany...and the USA! For the latter, this represents only 19 % of sales, but that's still decent. Mention should also be made of Turkey, Portugal, Finland and Denmark, where the Tonale accounts for over 90 % of sales.



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  1. This follows the market trend, with SUVs accounting for a large share of sales.
    Without the Tonale in France, Alfa sales would have been much reduced. Ditto in Italy, Belgium, Turkey, etc...

  2. In short, it's what I've been saying all along. In countries with low purchasing power, the Tonale is in the lead, but in countries with high purchasing power... it's the other way around, which is why it was so important to make the Giulia and Stelvio Hybrids.

  3. Unfortunately, the Stelvio and Tonale arrived on the market far too late, even though they had a jewel in the KAMAL drawer. I still wonder why Alfa Romeo didn't launch production of the KAMAL, unveiled at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show and acclaimed by the media and the public alike, I'm sure it would have been a big hit, but when you consider that BMW was launching its X3 and X5 SUVs at the same time, and that these 2 models met with worldwide success, how could Alfa Romeo have missed the boat? The management of this brand remains an unsolvable mystery.

    • Aloroso:
      The problem was that its platform was that of the 159, which was a disaster, so it wasn't to be expected to be a marvel, and its release coincided with the takeover of the Chysler group, which froze all the Fiat group's projects at the time, such as the installation of the 159 and Brera GTA with a V8, or the project to make the Thesis a real Limousine with the Stola version, which, having seen it up close, is a masterpiece. the 159 and Brera GTA with a V8 or the project to make the Thesis a true Limousine with the Stola version, which, having seen it up close, was a masterpiece, and above all the arrival of Marchionne at Fiat at the time (2004), which cancelled many of the vehicles that were due to arrive.

      • Not at all, the platform was that of the 147, but on one point you're quite right, it was Marchionne who buried the project.

  4. It remains to be seen whether the registrations actually represent sales to end customers or forced purchases from dealerships...

  5. The Alfa image is lost. It used to be that you bought an Alfa for the whole package, the body, the interior and the engine, with a sound that was unique. Alfa was close to the FERRARI group. Now I don't want to buy an Alfa just to get a Peugeot engine. It's a pity, because the Alfa's had a timeless design, with a real heart that throbbed when you pressed the right pedal. Buying a Tonale to have a 2008 or 3008 in your hands, no thanks!

    • The Tonale is based on the Jeep Avenger, and its engines are not from Peugeot. The Milano, on the other hand, is likely to be an improved 2008, with PureTech engines or an electric motor already seen too much at Stellantis (except in the probable 240 hp version).

  6. Marelli is currently communicating on a revolutionary damping system, developed in Turin with the Polytechnic school located as we know a few hundred meters from Fiat's historic headquarters, and it's being tested on the Alfa Tonale. This could be the subject of a good article 🙂

  7. Tonale sales can grow in some important markets like Usa , Germany and Japan . I don't expect big differences from last year anyway

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