Alfa Romeo: the Scudetto can evolve according to market preferences

Alfa Romeo has always captivated with bold designs and distinctive aesthetics. However, during the recent presentation of its new SUV, the Junior (formerly known as Milano), one element in particular has divided enthusiasts: the Scudetto's design, the brand's iconic grille.

Manufactured in Poland and powered by a PureTech internal combustion engine, these technical details aside, what really stood out at the presentation was the introduction of the new Scudetto, dubbed "Progresso. The latter, adopting a large biscione (the brand's emblematic snake), represents a significant break with the traditional Scudetto design found on many Alfa Romeo models. According to the predominantly negative reactions gleaned from online comments, this new interpretation does not meet with unanimous approval.


The opposite of Progresso, the Scudetto "Leggenda" offers a more retro design that seems to meet with approval brand purists. This contrast between tradition and novelty raises a crucial question: what direction should Alfa Romeo take to satisfy both new buyers and long-time loyalists, given that this Junior is not just for Alfistes ?

In an interview with the "elespanol" website, Alfa Romeo designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos revealed that the choice between the Scudetto Progresso and the Leggenda is not final. "It's not a question of finishes," he explains. "You saw today the Veloce model, which is equipped with the Scudetto with the large biscione. However, the base version features the traditional Alfa Romeo Scudetto, but this could evolve according to market preferences. "


This statement indicates that Alfa Romeo is listening to its customers and could adjust its future designs according to market reactions. This flexible approach could be crucial for the brand in its quest to appeal to a global clientele while respecting its heritage.


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  1. Apparently the free color for this Junior will be white, what better way to confuse it in profile with a 2008 ??? Since when is the basic color of an Alfa Romeo white?

    It's impossible, they've really understood NOTHING, it's becoming terrifying.

  2. If Alfa Romeo wants to listen to the market and its customers, what it really needs to do is put engines in the Junior, and not that PureTech that nobody wants in an Alfa Romeo. The classic Scudetto is important, but the engines are even more so.

    • Hello, if Alfa listened to its customers they would have a network in line with the claims of becoming a Premium brand. I have a Tonale and the nearest dealer is 75 km away and they do Fiat, Jeep, Alfa, Suzuki .... and when I want to make an appointment they tell me they don't have an Alfa technician.
      So whether Alfa shares its chassis, engines or other components, it doesn't matter to me, but please don't let customers down at the slightest problem.

      • Sharing chassis/engines doesn't matter to you...
        Personally, why should I pay €31,000 for a technically ultra-basic CMP platform (mcpherson at the front, torsion bar at the rear, puretech engine cantilevered at the front). Whereas the Dongfeng Yixuan, which shares exactly the same base, costs just 9000USD?
        No desire to enrich Mr TAVARES...

      • This is also a major problem with the marketing of new models called "Alfa Romeo": the sales and after-sales service network in Europe (outside Italy) is, for the most part, shoddy... enough to make you quickly lose interest in having the Alfa logo on your steering wheel.

  3. At one time, Mercedes offered a choice between a classic chrome-rimmed grille and a star grille. AlfaRomeo should also offer the MiTo's 1.4 TB engine for this little model. We're well aware that the 3.2 V6 found even under the hood of the 147 GTA would make us look like dangerous eco-delinquents!

  4. I'm not happy that Stellantis is making part of this car in Poland and using its engine, and I'm a great admirer of Italian cars.
    I was thinking of getting a milano
    I hope Lancia won't suffer from this bad strategy too.

    • This is already the case with the Ypsilon, which is nothing more than a Corsa with a bit of Lancia signage more or less well displayed.

  5. No problem, I'll put any logo you want on it, as long as you buy my Dongfeng Yixuan!
    The Franco-Chinese CMP base, a Purtech engine probably made by Xiang Yang in China, for a body assembled in Poland...
    What's the point of displaying the coat of arms of the city of Milan and the Visconti family snake?
    Com in all its glory !!!

  6. I bitterly regret that Italy has let go of 3 automotive flagships. Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat!
    I'm an old alfiste (1750 GTV), a real engine, 4 disc brakes, great handling.
    There's no comparison with what's on offer today!
    Putting an unreliable Peugeot engine in an Alfa is sacrilege. It's what we call a race to the bottom. The history of Alfa Romeo is more than just Stelantis!!!!

  7. 人目惚れで東京から岐阜にボートを買うに、その帰り名古屋で3分かつの ライトに惚れて159を買い、乗ってます。赤に惚れて日本、韓国で乗って、車庫に戻って、ギヤが入らず、そのままフェアレディを乗ってます、直す予定があるけど
    メッキ、塗装もするので 夏が終わる頃に予定してますが、アルファは一般的なデザインではなく、ライトでも個性的で野心作を待っている人も少なくありません、個性的な🟥がアルファの色、万能型は興味はありません、
    誰が見てもアルファロメオ ファミリーカーは必要がない

  8. I clicked on the article just to say... It stings, an Alfa Romeo is not this Suv crap, I have three Alfa from 1987 to 1998 (33 veloce, sud sprint and 166 twin spark, three fake AlfaNord)and these things in multi-brands do not sell anything other than looks, and still...

  9. I read a lot of blah, blah, blah! I drive an Alfa company car and a Peugeot new 208 GT LINE Automatic! I'm delighted with it...the belt was replaced under warranty on time, so for the moment everything's OK! the engine doesn't consume much, it's comfortable! no need to bash Peugeot all the time!
    I'd say to all those who criticize that it's easy to spew venom, but Lancia had disappeared outside Italy and Alfa was going to follow if PSA hadn't merged, and we owe that to dear Marchione! I remember the bogus product plans that changed every X months!
    A lot of criticism, but where are the critics?
    As for chassis, I hardly read any criticism when a brand like BMW uses MINI chassis with the sacrilege of switching to front-wheel drive! What about Rolls Royce built on a BMW base, Bentley built on a VW base, and what about the indigestion of chassis that are mixed between VW AUDI PORSCHE SEAT SKODA......
    Personally, I find this Junior quite pretty and in my opinion the brand will win over new customers and thankfully! where are the alfists? They're not the ones who'll save Alfa... I read a comment about colors, this is my third Alfa, one blue, one black, one gray....and never a red one and you know what, they're all Alfa's as beautiful as the red ones! and then if you don't like a color, just choose another one! stop always denigrating the brand and if you like it, then support it without always being negative! It's got its charm, it's got a lot of qualities, and like all brands it's got its faults, but on the whole I'm sure it'll be a success! and if I can reassure you, in the HYBRID it'll be an engine with a chain, so problems solved!

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