Alfa Romeo Milano: my alfist opinion of Stellantis' first Alfa

A new Alfa Romeo is born, it's always a big event. We've all been talking about it for months, even years. First under the code name 966, then Kid, it was almost called Junior, before finally being introduced today with the name of Milano.

Alfa Romeo is a brand with a strong resonance in the automotive world. A brand steeped in history. Mocked by some, adored by others. Its strength lies in its Italian character. Models whose timeless designs and for those who are proud to be behind the wheel, the driving pleasure they provide. This brand is a sacred monster called Biscione, which Stellantis took over a few years ago to give birth to Milano. Has the Franco-Italian-American group tamed it, or has it been swallowed up?


I had the honor and pleasure of seeing this new Alfa Romeo Milano in Milan, and here's my opinion!

Design, where to start...

I'm going to start with the design, as this is perhaps the most important aspect of the Milano. In fact, it's the only part that's truly made in Italy, by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, under the direction of Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, head of design, and of course Jean-Philippe Imparato, director of the Italian brand.


I'm going to rip off the band-aid right now and talk about what I like least... but I'd like to remind you that design is something very personal and subjective... Also, you've got to have some respect for the people in Italy, who worked on the design of this car for hours and hours... Incidentally, a car designer explained to me that every time a component is designed, it's sent to a design office for feasibility, and then it's up to the designer to find solutions to adapt the design to technical constraints. And yes, they don't always have the freedom to do what they want. Anyway, here it is.

Scudetto Progresso
Scudetto Leggenda

Come on, I'll rip off the Band-Aid! Personally, I'm not a fan of the front end, which is too complex for an Alfa Romeo. The signature 3+3 lights are clearly recognizable, as on an SZ/RZ, a 159 and, more recently, the Tonale. Why not? We also recognize the bottom of the bumper, that (too?) large mouth found on other Alfa Romeo models. As for the rest, the imposing scudetto, the logo on the hood, and this horizontal black plastic separation are not pleasant. As for the Scudetto, I prefer the Leggenda version. With a simpler bumper, a more traditional scudetto and just the 3+3 lights without the 4th additional light, it could have been more interesting. And I'm not talking about the centered license plate, another detail. But I'm not a designer, it's a personal opinion, and I hope it will please future Milano customers.


Next, the profile. I love the cloverleaf wheels. The rest is based on the 2008, with a slightly more "fastback" rear end that gives the car its impressive 400L trunk capacity.

Then the rear. Alfa Romeo says it's related to the Giulia TZ. Personally, I'd have thought more of the Spider Serie 3 or the Alfasud. Here too, it's hard not to think of the Peugeot 2008, which features similar taillights, except that the Alfa Romeo has a boomerang effect borrowed from a Maserati 3200 GT. In real life, with red, black and perhaps other bodywork colors, it looks good! In white, the contrast of the black taillight is less visually pleasing.


If the design will probably appeal to some, and above all to the target group for which the Milano is intended, the non-alfist conquest, I personally didn't get the enthusiastic response I've had with other Alfa Romeos.

On board, a good impression

For me, the interior is probably the Milano's best surprise. I'll say it again here, but I was a little disappointed with the Tonale in this respect when I saw what Alfa Romeo was capable of doing with the Giulia and Stelvio. The Milano's interior takes things up a notch again. A real effort has been made compared to the 2008, Fiat 600, Jeep Avenger and so on.


The assembly is premium, and the materials, even if there's some hard plastic on the doors, there's alcantara everywhere. The Sabelt sports seats are really nice. You really get the feel of a sports car, and that's good. Even the 10.25-inch central touchscreen is in the same position as on the Giulia and Stelvio.

There are a few things I regret about the interior: the disappearance of the start button on the steering wheel and the DNA driving mode selector, which is no longer a knob you have to turn - it used to have its charm - and finally, black and more black. When will we see other colors, such as brown or red leather for the more daring?


Engines from 136 hp to 240 hp

Just as you'd expect, Milano won't have Italian engines but two hybrid thermal variants and two electric variants.

First for the hybrid, the well-known 3-cylinder 1.2L turbo engine in the Stellantis family. Although the press release does not give the name of the engine, it does state that it has been made more reliable with a timing chain. Its power output is 136 hp, coupled with a 21 kW electric motor and a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The subtlety is that with this powertrain, you can choose between front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, thanks to the same technology pioneered by the Jeep 4xe. In the front-wheel-drive version, the electric motor is located in the gearbox, while in the 4-wheel-drive version, there are two electric motors on each axle. It remains to be seen whether this motorization will provide enough "fun to drive", and whether the exhaust note will have received a minimum of attention...


Next, thehe 100 % electric version is available in 2 versions: 156 hp and 240 hp. The 156 hp engine is well known, as it is used in the majority of Stellantis electric models. The 240 hp motor is more interesting, as it's the same one that will be present in the Abarth 600 and, to our knowledge, is not currently offered elsewhere. In both cases, a 54 kWh battery will be on board. With a claimed weight of 1,532 kg for the thermal hybrid and 1,505 kg for the 240 hp electric version, this may well be enough to have fun.

The most direct direction in the segment

Alfa Romeo announces Milano the most direct steering in the segment, with a ratio of 14.6. As a reminder, the gear ratio of a conventional steering system is around 16, and can vary between 10 and 20. A higher ratio reduces steering effort, but increases the number of steering wheel turns required. It's a ratio of steering wheel angle to wheel angle, you see?


To give you an idea, here's a table to compare with other Alfa Romeo models.

ModelManagement report
Alfa Romeo Milano14,6
Alfa Romeo Tonale13,6
Alfa Romeo Stelvio12,1
Alfa Romeo Giulia11,8

It's easy to see how you can drive a Giulia with one thumb! For the Milano, it's difficult to compare with other models in the same category, as this information isn't always available, but yes, at 14.6, we're in the low range of production cars, so the steering is rather direct.


A simplified range

Forget Sport, Sprint, Ti, Lusso, ... the range here is very simplified, composed firstly according to engines, then a Veloce finish and finally 3 option packs. The result is something like this.

Alfa Romeo Milano IBRIDA1.2L 136 hp
Alfa Romeo Milano IBRIDA Q41.2L 136 hp Q4
Alfa Romeo Milano ELETTRICAelectric 156 hp
Alfa Romeo Milano ELETTRICA Veloceelectric 240 hp

Add to this the 3 possible option packs:

  • Techno : autonomous driving level 2, hands-free electric tailgate, Matrix LED headlights ;
  • Premium : vinyl-fabric interior, electric and massaging seats, mood lighting ;
  • Sport : Sabelt seats, alcantara interior, sporty exterior styling.

A limited version reserved for the launch will be available from April 25: Milano IBRIDA 136 hp Speciale from €31,000 and Milano ELETTRICA 156 hp Speciale from €40,500. The Speciale version comes with 18-inch wheels, Brera red paintwork, the techno pack and the premium pack.

Note that with the Milano IBRIDA Speciale priced at €31,000, there should be a sub-€30,000 version on offer some time in the future.


All that's left is to try it out!

Will I come to appreciate this new design better with time, or is it too far outside the Alfa Romeo design framework? Still, I'm seduced by the interior and can't wait to try it out, especially the 240 hp electric version which promises a good power-to-weight ratio. I've taken some photos and videos which I'll share in a future article.

Smartphone photo taken during the presentation

I'll let you have your say below, and please be responsible with your vocabulary!


Forza Alfa Romeo!


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    • Hello.
      It's a beautiful Alfa Romeo, you'll have to see it in the showroom soon.
      Too bad no petrol ,used to and also own an alfa guilleta imola.
      Too bad no more sporty sedans.
      I'd still try it out and see the inside, which must be very pretty.
      Cheers Claudio.

    • It's only been 3 years since Stellantis was born, and Fiat had already taken care of killing Alfa Romeo and Lancia as well as its own brand, with a CEO taking a 42 million euro a year salary. So don't pull the pianist too hard just yet.

      • Fiat just put a billion euros on the table to create the Giorgio platform, dedicated to two exclusive models and still the benchmark for behavior eight years after their release. For the time being, Stellantis has only allowed the Italian brands to make use of existing equipment, as a cost-saving measure (one wonders why, when the Group has a profitability rate of 12%). Alfa Romeo, being at the top of the group's brands, should be inaugurating platforms and technical solutions, but this is not the case. However, in its electric version, it is unarmed in the face of the competition and still fails to fulfil the function of a modern compact car.

      • Thierry, thank you for moderating like this...
        It's true that alfists haven't waited for STELLANTIS to stop agreeing with motorization/design choices in recent years.

    • Hello
      It's true, I confirm. What's left of Alfa Romeo in this car apart from the logo. It's nothing more than a Peugeot 208 with a crappy 1.2 pure tech combustion engine that's not reliable in the slightest and ruins the lives of its owners (belts in oil that break).
      I think Stellantis is more interested in destroying Alfa Romeo and soon Lancia. Who are we kidding?
      That's for sure. After driving an Alfa ( I've had several) I'll never buy one again, nor any of the Stellantis brands. It's a disgrace. I'm revolted.

  1. It doesn't look very good to me, not that it's ugly, but it doesn't look good for an Alfa......until then we had lines that didn't wrinkle, that was the advantage of the Alfa, whereas the Milano......'more a car for DS than for Alfa 😭😡
    The interior looks nice but I wouldn't replace my Juliette with this and the puretoc engine.

    • Alfa romeo milano is a car that lacks character. And the rear end is really ugly. It looks sad with those 2 taillights falling off. I think the designers at Alfa are subconsciously sad to have passed into a group that when there are too many thinking heads they lose the true sense of eternal line that Alfa Romeo has accustomed us to.

  2. Well done for this presentation and the photos taken a few minutes after the official presentation.
    I agree that the Sabelt seats and dashboard aren't bad. However, I find it hard to appreciate the design of the bodywork, and not find it like a vaguely improved Peugeot 2008.
    It remains to be seen what the 240 hp Veloce version will be like to drive, as well as the Abarth 600e and Lancia Ypsilon HF.

  3. It's ugly...alfa has lost its soul .Thank you stellantis 😥😢😭. I've been an alfist for over twenty years I think I'd go to a concourent for my next vehicle.

    • To be honest, I expected worse.
      An alfist since 1979, I've owned 6 of them.
      My current Giulia and Giulietta are likely to be my last.
      Without an Italian combustion engine, my favorite brand loses all its legitimacy.
      If I have to buy a new car in the next 3/4 years, I'll be looking at the evolution of the Giulia, but if Stellantis is also going to spoil them, I'm going to switch to Mazda, which will be my first Japanese car.

  4. All these speudos Peugeot it is of the m..... not of engine a chassis copy and recopy we make fun of the customer moreover with delirant prices

    • I, too, don't think it's so bad - I was expecting worse, and also better than the tonal! Compact and fairly aggressive, there's something new to be seen in real life. I'm not crazy about the black parts in the bumper either, which make it unnecessarily heavy, but as I said, it needs to be renewed anyway. On the other hand, we really could have done without the purdaube for the internal combustion engines...
      Let's hope it will be reliable at least... In any case, it has the merit of not extinguishing the brand! The interior is sublime for a vehicle in this range. Success for this new I hope still more fun than a vw id 🙂

  5. When I heard about the PSA FCA merger, I bought my Stelvio because I didn't want a future Peugeot, and that's exactly what's happening.
    Alfa loses its soul and style.
    I think my Stelvio will be my last Alfa 😥.
    This Milano is a Peugeot with caulking.
    Even Italian engines have disappeared, a pity as they are much more reliable than the French Puredobe.

    • Alfa and Lancia at Stellantis,for me,are dead.they're not Alfa anymore,just Opel,Peugeot and other clones.where are the 147,Alfasud and 159 with the good engines that go with them?Alfa has sold its the latest Brera and Spider,before they disappear completely.then we'll only have eyes to cry over.

    • More reliable, I don't think, and I speak from experience. But I love Alfa Romeo and I tell myself that if Peugeot hadn't merged with Fiat, there'd be no more Alfa. And it's not me saying it, it's the economists.

  6. With all those striations on the front bumper, that plastic-effect cap on the grille... hardly to be provocative, it reminds me of the plastic toys inside a famous chocolate egg for children, whose name I won't mention!
    It's only the interior that appeals to me, with its authenticity, its preserved character and its modernity... even if they have (incomprehensibly) sacrificed the ignition button on the steering wheel, which was its charm and distinctive feature!
    But maybe it's time to stop standing out from the crowd and stick to consensual solutions that appeal to as many people as possible...
    An Alfa is a skilful blend of sharp, clean lines with a character, a temperament that's sensual, feline and sporty all at once! But that was before!
    This thing looks like a knock-off gadget made in China, with a French engine in its innards, all manufactured in Poland! It's this haphazard patchwork that's going to please ???
    I want to believe that these leaders know what they're doing, but it's clearly not altists who are the intended target...
    Maybe times are changing and I sound like an old fart, but this car leaves a bitter taste in my mouth!

  7. When, as in this case, you're forced to exaggerate the lines (front, Scudetto grille, rear), it's a sign that brand identity isn't self-evident.
    To my knowledge, this is the first time since the Arna.
    What bothers me most about the design is the totally incongruous, disproportionate and totally botched front end. Clearly, not everyone is W.De Silva or Giugiaro. And after succeeding with the 33 Stradale, Messonero has failed on this Milano.
    The 2nd point that saddens me is the absence of pechus engines.
    And since an Alfa is anything but electric for me, it's obvious that 136 hp is weak.
    Why not bring out a 150/160 hp hybrid engine with a more sophisticated sound?
    Electrics won't catch on immediately, especially on Italian brands where the characteristic has always been the engine.

    To regain its soul, this brand should return to the identity it abandoned under the profit-hungry Marchionne.
    A premium sports car at the right price, as were the Alfa models up to the 159.

  8. Alfiste for over 40 years, my biggest regret is the engines. I can't understand why they haven't updated their fantastic engines from 1.3 to V6.
    As for the design, I'm not too keen on the Milano at the moment. To be seen on the road...
    Greetings to all and good evening.

  9. Personally, I'm less disappointed than expected. The headlights are magnificent, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the grille.
    I imagine the Biscione is for the sport version. It's not really a success. So I'm left wanting more, and quite happy to be driving a Giulia...

  10. Thank you for your work Alexandre, even if you already knew how your readers felt...
    For my part, I will not add anything more than what I have already said....
    A hideous front end, four-hole rims worthy of a DS3, in short, a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, the seats are nice, but did they think of fitting an engine? I say because I haven't seen anything worthy.....
    Ahhh, si.... Red is beautiful......

    • My last Alfa will be my old 166 v6 after 2 159 2 brera one 147 the brera we forgave him the Holden v6 because what a work of art but here the scudetto and the puretech engine with the criminal record it has it's too much for me, there's only Maserati left to disintegrate and the circle will be complete.
      Ciao Tutti

  11. I think this is the archetypal Alfa of the 21st century...and it's one you'll have to get used to. Extreme rationalization of components, so same platforms, same engines on Peugeot, Opel, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa. Convoluted styling on the outside, but a good look on the inside. On the whole, it's not catastrophic, and it's undoubtedly the best variation in the various brands mentioned above...but it's no longer the Alfa we were lucky enough to drive, the Bertone coupes, the Alfetta, the Montreal or more recently the Giulia or Stelvio that will have been the song of the sign of the "real" Alfa, which is now history. Will this create a new generation of Alfistas? I doubt it, but Alfa cars will undoubtedly have their place in Stellantis' premium offering, and in any case, the relationship with the automobile is no longer the one that used to excite the tifosi. In this respect, I find Alexandre's report particularly pertinent and nuanced, and I fully endorse his observations.

  12. Having had three Alfa's, I'm having trouble finding the brand's DNA! I always serenade Peugeot.... by telling myself that with Marchione, Lancia had already disappeared and that Alfa would have followed! On the other hand, I get lost in its lines, the front is a bit too heavy and the rear reminds me of the Chinese MG! the interior is very nice!
    I'm really waiting to see it on the street, but for the moment, I'm still rather dubious, but maybe I need to put out of my mind the image I have of Alfa Romeo with its simple, sublime and timeless be seen in real life, but.....

  13. No surprise, we already had the technical specifications taken from Jeep, the bodywork we'll have to ask Touring if they can make something beautiful on the platform because in my opinion it's the least well designed Alfa since the 155, which still had exclusive engines. At the time of the switch to electric power, it was necessary to design an 'instant classic' to convey the shock, instead this body could be used by any brand by removing the Scudetto.

  14. Well, I think this little Milano is pretty good. It's not as bad as I'd feared, and I think it's got some much-needed originality. In terms of stylistic break with the past, it reminds me of the 145, which offered a totally different aesthetic proposition from the 33 that preceded it, and which was more "traditional", even though official communication at the time tried to make people believe otherwise.
    Of course, I'm only talking about design.
    In its day, the Alfasud also offered a design very different from the rest of the range, and it's to Alfa's credit that they try new things.
    Admittedly, it's not a diva, nor is it a pure dream object, but I find that it stands out clearly from its platform cousins, and the whole rear end irresistibly and immediately reminds me of that of a Junior Zagato.
    Special mention must be made of the interior, which is much nicer than the 99% in current production.
    As much as I was largely disappointed by the Tonale, I'm rather interested in the Milano, waiting to see the real thing to see for myself.
    In any case, as an inveterate Alfist, I wish him every success!

  15. I own several alfa 155 2,5 td 156 2,4 jtd and 159 ti and stelvio the I find not alfa adn especially the front too heavy too loaded and not all alfa in addition to the engine m ... of stelantis not for me and I regret it where are the alfa of yesteryear

    • Alfiste de toujours, pour faire vite !!! The alfa identity is dead !!!! I'm sad to see that Stellantis has killed the ALFA brand AND ITALIAN KNOW-HOW.....

  16. It's no longer an Alfa Romeo but a Peugeot. I wouldn't change my Guilia for that, and I'll keep it as long as possible.

  17. Disappointing: clumsy styling, unworthy powertrains, no more manual gearboxes or pure combustion engines, and a return to light, agile vehicles, which would be more environmentally friendly!
    After owning several Alfa cars, I'm going to stick with other makes of thermal car.

  18. I would love to buy this type of vehicle. I'd like to keep my Alfa 147 (1.6TS from 2005 with 115,000 km) which I love! But now I'm hesitating between the Jeep Avenger (hybrid) and this Milano in hybrid version... I like the rear of this Alfa which is heavy ( 1532 kg ).

  19. How sad...
    Alfa Romeo no longer exists, it's official now.
    I don't think this "italpassion" site needs to exist any more, since the PSA-FCA merger came to fruition.

  20. Frankly, with this Milano, Alfa Romeo is letting down the true Alfistas that have kept it alive to this day. I can understand the desire to please as many people as possible, but is this really Alfa's raison d'être, I'm not sure. As the owner of two Alfa cars, a GT twinspark and a Giulietta multiair 150, I won't be buying a Milano. If I want a 2008, I'll go to Peugeot, not Alfa.

  21. Bmw with its enormous beaver-tooth grille made my hair stand on end. Then there was the horrible BMW M, which was impossible to look at. Not to mention the X5s and so on... we'd reached the bottom of automotive styling. Here at Alfa, we find the same desire to break with the past, but I'm less shocked. Why do I choose BMW? Because BMW and Alfa have been fighting it out on freeways and racetracks for a long time, and Alfa has always been the Italian BM. Still, it's not a given. If the Milano has a premium finish, impeccable assembly and an after-sales service that stands up to the test, there's a chance of finding new customers. As for the engine, welcome to the 21st century, we're not going to rehash the eletric debate...

  22. Super article, well detailed.

    The biscione/calandre is awful...

    As for the 500 abarth, and the future 600 abarth, I'm betting we won't see any of them at SPA Italia...

    In any case dear friends Alfistes, Fiatistes etc, keep your beauties warm, you have gold in your hands and the more time passes the more Stellantis helps us in fact 😂

  23. Alfiste de toujours, pour faire vite !!! The alfa identity is dead !!!! I'm sad to see that Stellantis has killed the ALFA brand AND ITALIAN KNOW-HOW.....

  24. Disappointing: clumsy styling, unworthy powertrains, no more manual gearboxes or pure combustion engines, and a return to light, agile vehicles, which would be more environmentally friendly!
    Looks like a Chinese EV... at the premium price.

  25. As an alfist and owner of the superb giulia, I can't see myself driving anything resembling a Peugeot in the future. What's more, I've had the opportunity to drive a 2008 for a while, and it just doesn't feel right. It's the end of a beautiful era for us alfists, unless we can go back to the past later for our greatest joy, which I doubt if stellantis wants to make numbers.

  26. An SUV... another one, but I can't take it anymore, it's big and expensive for nothing. I'll never understand this craze. Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought "Meh, it's not crazy, it's overloaded", then I saw the photo slightly from above at the showroom... but it's a Megane, stop it. I'm going to keep my beloved Mito, until the Giulia becomes available to me.

  27. Like the new Ypsilon, whose provenance is easy to recognize (Peugeot for 208), this Milano is a veritable clone of the 2008, with historical styling cues! It just doesn't work. Yet another disaster imposed by the sinister cost killer Tavares and his loyal servants in key positions. The limits of cost rationalization have been reached. Fortunately, the dough is rolling in, and shareholders and Tavares are lining their pockets! And so much for the DNA of the brands...Pathetic?🫤

  28. Yeah... I've never had an Alpha, but... The interior might match, but the body... No way. Granted, they were going to use an existing platform anyway, but here... It doesn't look right. They could at least have taken the lines of a well-known alpha model and drawn inspiration from it. Here, you can tell they just didn't want to bother!

  29. The design risk seems too high to me. Yet they have time to validate with few products on offer. Imparato is playing for keeps. And so is the design team.

  30. I look at the Milano in blue, and when I remove the logos I find it's close to a 2008. It's a slightly redesigned Peugeot, with a few logos, different rims, a specific interior, and that's it. But like it or not, it's a Peugeot Milano, or an Alfa Romeo 2008.
    At least the Fiat 500e and Abarth 600e don't look like the 2008.

  31. Stellantis destroys Alfa Romeo and Fiat. The reliability and finish of the last real Alfa Romeo and Fiat were far superior to French cars in general. My Giulietta Véloce has many old days left in it...

  32. Seriously, it's deplorable to see this brand completely lose its soul. The last car that looks like an Alfa is the Giulia. They made a huge mistake with the Stelvio for export and didn't offer the Giulia SW. In short, all these ugly SUVs, totally out of step with what needs to be done ecologically, are a calamity. My 159 will be my last Alfa

  33. The End of Automobile Passion has come!!!
    The sadness of today's cars....
    Appliances on 4 Wheels devoid of soul and beauty!!!!
    I now only drive young Timer or Oldtimer cars.... BMW Z4 2.5 L , Alfa Romeo GTV6 etc etc
    It's a good thing I'm almost 50 and have lived through the last decades of real cars.
    There are only a few Thermal exceptions still available, the rest is just sadness and desolation!!!!

  34. Where are the Italian designers? The Renault-inspired front light signature; Barely curved surfaces; Tarabiscot grille. There was little room for manoeuvre on the car's profile, but the designers could have drawn inspiration from the Giulia/Stelvio's magnificent front-end design. Why this break with the past and the adoption of such a heavy style at odds with the latest creations? Designers' egos, Alfa management?

  35. For me, I don't believe in it because of what the Italian designers did. they mixed the brushes, you can recognize the shape of a Renault capture, even the 2 colors, red and black, are horrible. they had to stay with the Italian mentality and not the French.

    Too bad for the real alfiste goodbye Alfa Romeo very disappointed

  36. stellantis, and Peugeot in particular, do some filthy things.
    the esparto spirit is completely massacred.
    it's a shame to make such fun of the alfists.
    it's just a 2008 with 2 or 3 evocations. it doesn't make you dream.
    plus the completely messed-up Stellantis navigation interface

  37. It's funny to see all these obviously very "chauvinistic" comments, especially those attacking the aesthetics when you know that the car was designed in Italy by Italians ;-). As an Alfa fan myself, I really like it!

    • As mentioned below, redesigned but certainly not from scratch, and the person in charge of design is the Spaniard Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos... So at the Centro Stile in Turin ok, but with who as Italians?

  38. Personally, I find this Milano to be a Peugeot 2008 in disguise. Let's talk about its exterior design. The front lights are horrible and poorly designed. The front bumper is oddly shaped. The most horrible thing is the triangle with the design. It's despicable. The rear is a mess. There's a long, ugly black Peugeot-style stripe. The back of the trunk is oddly shaped. Interior. Nothing to say, it's perfect and the dashboard is magnificent. The exterior design needs a complete overhaul. This new Alfa Romeo Milano is not worthy of the design of the 8C, 4C, MiTo, Giulietta, Giulia, Stelvio, Tonale and 33 Stradale.
    The powertrain is clearly Peugeot 2008 electric and hybrid.
    But what has happened to the Alfa Romeo know-how (made in Italy) that made the brand famous and famous for its design, chassis and excellent Italian engines?
    What does Mr Imparato have for us? A Peugeot 2008 modified in Alfa Romeo style. I seriously think he should totally rethink his copy.
    An Alfa Romeo must be a true Italian, not a French model redesigned by Italian designers. There's a savoir faire Made In Italy.
    We demand Made In Italy. Italian engines, Italian chassis .... I think Mr. Imparata has clearly missed the message from his Alfista enthusiasts and brand lovers.
    I'm deeply disappointed. We're a long, long way from the high standards of the Giulia and Stelvio.

  39. I bought an AlfaRomeo Tonale mild-hybrid in December 2023. It broke down completely three weeks after purchase. I had to ask several times, contact a lawyer and wait almost three months for the repair! And I'm afraid it could happen to me again. Unacceptable!

  40. With a boss from Peugeot, a chief designer from Dacia-Seat, and a big boss who never managed to launch DS in the high-end segment, what else could we expect?

    Special mention must go to the ugliest front grille in all of automotive production, and the rectangular screen at the back of the nozzles...

    This board is really getting tiresome...

  41. Welcome to the new French Alfa Romeo, the newest Peugeot premium brand as DS is to Citroen - one good thing about this model is that it will not be arriving in South Africa due to the countries lack of decent electricity supply plus Alfa Romeo's very poor track record from the early 2000's - just look at their sales record 2023 = some 89 sold, a drop of over 50% - I will continue loving my 1971 Giulia Super & 96 164 QV

  42. Come to think of it, we can expect a facelift within the next 2 years, and maybe it'll be streamlined (it's mainly the front that bothers me, it's just impossible).

  43. Looking at the photos again and going to the configurator, I think it could have been better, but it could also have been worse.
    The Milano has a certain dynamism, and in that sense it's an Alfa Romeo. On the other hand, the design is unlikely to be timeless, unlike many other Alfa Romeos. The interior is a true success, faithful to what you'd expect from an Alfa Romeo.
    What's less appealing are the powertrains: the PureTech hybrid, which has absolutely nothing Italian about it, and the 156 hp electric motor already seen everywhere from Stellantis. It remains to be seen how the 240 hp electric motor will perform. But if it's good, the Abarth 600e will be just as interesting, and we'll have to look at the Lancia Ypsilon HF.
    It's still an improved Peugeot 2008, but that's Stellantis' logic: to offer the same car for all the Group's brands.

    • From what has been said here and there, the quality of materials inside is generally cheap. Tavares gives priority to who knows what brand.

  44. I also think I've become an old c.... probably out of fashion, if we disregard that this is an Alfa, and take it as a Lambda car, it's admittedly not pleasant to look at from the front.
    Honestly, does it make your heart beat?
    It's too busy. Everything below the 3 headlights on each side is too much. What happened to sporty elegance? Imparato talked about Belezza necesseria, but there's nothing Belezza about it.
    The grille should have tapered down to the plate. And taken the design of the studette from Zagato's Giulia SWB.

    Alfa has forgotten that it survived thanks to its base. The Alfisti. If these disappear, and given the comments...yet I sincerely hope it sells.
    My 29-year-old son said to me, "What is this horror, Dad?
    Nuff' said

  45. It's an SUV, and its clientele isn't among the brand's purists, so it's rather logical that they don't like it - that's not the point. They couldn't make a scale model of the Stelvio or Tonale either, because Russian dolls don't produce models with a strong identity.
    The challenge was to visually erase the heights of the front, side and rear ends, which inevitably involved a number of tricks, which are quite effective here, and systematically much better than on its cousin.
    On the other hand, it would be nice to find aftermarket alternatives to those ugly gearshift buttons...

  46. I'm not at all a fan of SUVs and prefer low-slung cars. But among compact SUVs, if I had to choose, and unless the 240 hp model (Milano, 600e, or Ypsilon HF) is fun to drive, otherwise there's a compact SUV that's not so bad, with a good combustion engine to boot: the 200 hp Ford Puma ST.
    As car design becomes increasingly commonplace, you might as well choose one with at least one exciting engine.

  47. Anyway, first Alfa Romeo by Stellantis, and it's a yellow card for Imparato and Mesonero-Romanos. A second miss and it's red...

    • Given what they've done at PSA (eliminated all pleasure/sports models. No more coupes, no more convertibles, no more 3-doors, no more sports cars), I doubt it...

    • I wouldn't call the future Giulia and Stelvio electric-only cars a response to the demand for real Alfa Romeo. Not to mention that the Giulia would become a crossover rather than a sedan.
      Although BMW's excessive trivialization doesn't prevent it from selling well, it's becoming a brand of ugly, clumsy SUVs that are not particularly interesting to drive, not to mention the 1-series, which is a front-wheel drive with engines that don't offer any thrills.

  48. The comments of some people are just too funny, among them the famous "alfists" who, as usual, talk a lot but do nothing in the end. Sorry, but that's just the reality of commercial results!
    So yes, Stelltruc has come out with yet another basic 208 clone that pretends to be a "premium sports car", when in fact it's just a 2008/Mokka/DS3, heavily redesigned yet again. But at least there's a chance that there will be more customers than the rare alfists whose speciality is to sink the brand over the last 40 years, since they shout loudly but don't buy! The Giulia is an absolute flop in terms of sales (a long, long way from a 156), and yet here we had an almost 100% Alfa for the purists.
    So personally, even though I much prefer a Jeep Avanger to this misshapen thing in Alfa make-up, I think that commercially it could work and keep this brand afloat. Come on, Alfists, keep the old thermal cars alive and let the youngsters who don't care about engines that scream for nothing and smell bad buy 2024 Alfa cars in tune with the times. It's called evolution, and as we've seen at BMW, it works well in the end.

    • There's also a good chance that the product will be overpriced for what it is: a Peugeot e2008. Which, apart from a planner, adds nothing to Peugeot's existing model, because the design is far from being favorably received, to put it mildly. BMW, on the other hand, with its questionable Brutalist design (but already back in the fold with the 5 Series), brings numerous technological innovations to its models, which also offer some of the longest ranges and one-minute recharging capacities on the electric market. So we know why it's often expensive: there's virtually no equivalent on the market.

  49. So I'm going to go against the grain of most of the comments. Knowing the brand pretty well and having driven every Alfa since the 156 (apart from the 8C), I was very disappointed by the first photos showing the car in white.

    With a more complete presentation, I still find the car charming. The 2008 is slightly recognizable in profile, but an effort has been made to give this Alfa Romeo a different personality.

    Still, the interior is very nice and marks a real difference from the cousin models.

    Now let's get down to earth. I worked for the brand for many years, and was able to experience Alfa Romeo's rise and fall. One of the big problems with passion brands (BMW, Harley Davidson are among them) is that purists aren't enough to keep them going.

    Take the Alfa Romeo Giulia, for example. Even today, it's certainly one of the best sedans on the market, and the one that most respects the Alfa spirit. Lightweight, rear-wheel drive, available with BVM at launch, 200 and 280hp petrol engines, incredible lines, crazy driving pleasure (isn't that right Alex) and yet it's a failure. So yes, an SW version might have helped, but Alfa Romeo would never have been able to achieve the 250, 300 or 400,000 units dreamed of by its former managers.

    So let's be pragmatic: given the investment required to design a car, we need to find solutions that will sell, not just please a handful of die-hards who will always be hard to please. Don't forget that last year, the brand sold just 70,000 cars (compared with 1,000,000 for Tesla, a twenty-year-old brand that only switched to a mass-market model in 2018).

    Lastly, taking a recent example from BMW, the much-criticized new grille, which was almost supposed to spell the end of the brand, is selling well and even attracting new customers who like the difference and originality.

    In any case, thank you Alex for this almost live report.

    • I agree with this analysis. I'm undoubtedly one of the purists (I've had 15 Alfa since 1979, my current one a Giulia Veloce Q2) and like all true Alfis, I mourn the end of the real Alfa...which purists (except me) no longer buy. So you can't blame Stellantis for trying something different, and in the end the Milano has a certain charm, even a certain charisma, in today's automotive codes.

      • I don't feel any more Alfist than anyone else, but instead of grumbling and criticizing every initiative of this brand, I've been buying a new car every two years since Giulia came out (Giulia and Stelvio) and I'm very satisfied. So so called "Alfists" buy Alfa or shut up. 😊😊

  50. To answer the last two comments by Deltaman and Ahmet: it's true that Alfa Romeo can't survive on hardcore enthusiasts alone. The Giulia is by far the best sedan in its segment, its design is brilliant and timeless, and it hasn't sold well, that's a fact.
    BMW, with the exception of a few M models, makes cars that I find increasingly uninteresting, with the virtual end of 6-cylinder engines (except for the M2, M3 and M4), and a haphazard design, and yet it works. I'm familiar with BM's 1 series, which is 10 times worse than the old 1 series, the design is mediocre at best, the engines offer almost no feel, but it works for sales! So you have to sell ordinary cars that are more or less fun to drive, but nothing more?
    In this sense, the Tonale and Milano can meet market demand, even if they are a far cry from the Alfa Romeo with their characterful engines.

  51. A beautiful Alfa... nothing to do with the ugly Peugeot and Citroën. If Alfa hadn't dared, we'd have said of course nothing changes, they don't dare... superb car.

  52. It's a shame it's powered by Peugeot, we've had the Peugeot experience and never again, it's a real shame that legendary brands are being bought up by a group as lame as stellantis, alfa has lost all its magic and know-how.
    My wife loves her DS3, but given all the engine problems she doesn't want to drive a stellantis car anymore, a bitter experience she doesn't want to repeat under any circumstances. Poor Italy, being eaten up by a group just greedy for dough.

    • It's true that a PureTech engine in an Alfa Romeo is a disgrace. All you had to do was get a FireFly from Fiat, and it became acceptable.
      The PureTech's problems are innumerable, and there's no proof that it's become reliable. As for character (or rather the lack of it), we'll have to wait and see.
      Imposing the origin of Peugeot components proves that Peugeot decides everything at Stellantis.

      • Hello,
        I'm surprised no one has criticized the color of the tires and the fact that there won't be a 500hp v12 (all for €15,000).

      • Not forgetting the door trim, steering wheel, dashboard cover and some of the Fiat 600's controls... Fortunately, Balocco is still working on this.

  53. Hello everyone.
    Indeed, since this alliance ALFA has sold its soul to the devil 🇫🇷
    Let's hope some beautiful soul in Arese wakes up.
    And may we regain our curves and a CUORE ♥️ SPORTIVO🍀

    If not, we'll all go and visit the ITALIAN cemetery in Sochaux.

  54. Bon bas all is said the brand alfa Romeo is buried since I learned their fusion is said I will not buy a Peugeot disguised and yet I have about thirty alfa, alfasud sprint 155,156,147,166 and 159 with several motorization of each model I am really saddened but good we can not do anything about it

  55. Hello,
    2 main regrets, the mixing of genres with the rest of the band, even if...
    Alfa Romeo, like Maserati, is known for the pleasure of the sound of its engines, and going electric on its models will cut the brand off from its fans, even the Germans are slowly coming around. I don't care about the green argument, an electric motor will always cost more to produce, maintain and recycle than a combustion engine, and it will always pollute more (!)...
    Ideology and profitability kill the history of a brand, and that's where we are... I rediscovered the brand with the 159 (Q4 2.4 JTDM), a pleasure to look at, listen to and drive...
    The next will be the Giulia, a superb successor to the 159, after which, what's next?... A Jeep or a Peugeot with the Alfa logo???
    A sad descent in style...

  56. Front overhung engine, good for skill but catastrophic for the vehicle's weight balance.
    For the front axle, double wishbones are out, for a McPherson system, which is compact and inexpensive, but pathetic for a "sporty" vehicle...
    For the rear axle, skip the efficient multi-link axle, and opt for torsion bars, like on the Citroën Berlingo or trailers. They're basic, inexpensive and don't take up much space in the trunk...
    At least this "Junior" Polski will have a large boot like the Berlingo...
    It's not even a question of the engine, it's just a matter of reading the data sheet...
    After 7 Alfa, for the first time since the GTV typo 916 (1996), I'm not even going to try this new car... (on second thought, I didn't go and see the Tonale either).

  57. I had a 147 alfa 120ch t.park. a beautiful car but reliability was a problem. Every day there was something wrong. A real piece of shit. So when I hear that Alfa cars are reliable, I laugh. And I think the new Milan or Junior will be much more reliable than the old Alfa. And I think it's very beautiful. And yes, gentlemen, you need to get out of the 1980s, it's 2024. And everything's changing. It's a good thing Stellantis bought Alfa. Because nobody wanted this unreliable brand anymore, and I can tell you it was really an alfiote that I had. You think the little Milano is ugly because it looks like Peugeot. Which brand do Seats look like? Dacia and mitsu. Audi and vw etc.....bizarre nothing is said about these brands that look alike and have the same engines with the same problems. I'm not defending anyone, but I realize that the French have a good layer of bullshit.

    • There are also plenty of people who have owned Alfa Romeo 147s and 156s, with no notable reliability problems.
      I've been buying Alfa Romeos and Abarths for well over 20 years, and before that I had Germans, so I'm in a good position to say that Italians are at least as reliable. You shouldn't make a generality out of a particular case, your 147. Then the 147 is old now, so it's normal to have to change parts and carry out regular maintenance, which is what I do on my 147 GTA.

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