Alfa Romeo B-SUV: the name soon to be revealed would be this one


The world of Italian cars is about to learn the name of the latest arrival from Alfa Romeo. This small SUV, currently codenamed "966" or affectionately known as the "Kid", is about to make a name for itself in the industry. According to several Italian media, although the exact source remains unclear, it seems that this future SUV will be called "Junior".

This name is not insignificant for connoisseurs of the Biscione brand. Et's reminiscent of the Giulia GT Junior, a more affordable version and less demanding than the Giulia GT, which had attracted a broader customer base in years gone by. The choice of "Junior" for this innovative SUV therefore resonates as a subtle tribute to the brand's history, while targeting a new generation of drivers.


Alfa Romeo CEO Jean Philippe Imparato had already confirmed that the name chosen would be "Italian" and "in keeping with the brand's history and tradition".. These statements only add to the confirmation of the Junior name.

Scheduled for launch in 2024, the "Junior" will be produced at the Tychy plant in Poland, alongside well-known models such as the Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger. As we already know, for this model Alfa Romeo will be offering a 156-hp 100 % electric version, as well as a hybrid version equipped with a 100-hp 1.2L Puretech Mhev engine. These features immediately position the "Junior" as a serious contender in the compact SUV category.


It remains to be seen how the design leaked several months agoand not everyone's happy about it...


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  1. Well, whatever the name, Alfa Junior or whatever, if the design is this ugly and the engines this uninspiring, I wouldn't call it an innovative car.
    There's a rumor (seen on I don't remember which video) that it would be the 130 hp Puretech engine, and not the 100 hp one. But that doesn't change anything, because no aficionado is going to want a PureTech, or an anemic 156 hp electric motor (with no doubt a breathtaking top speed of 150 km/h).

  2. The worst thing was to put a Puretech in an Alfa Romeo with what we know.
    It's a failure waiting to happen. No one will want the Puretech, no matter how powerful it is....

      • How can you put a Peugeot engine on an Alfa Romeo and not recognize it in the photo? Why put the number plate in the middle when it was on the side that gave it its Italian charm. I've been buying Alfa Romeo since 1982, and my Alfa Giulia 2.0 will be my last purchase, because I no longer recognize myself in this beautiful brand that technocrats are destroying.

  3. Would Peugeot like to kill Alfa Romeo! Hidden technic purée or the master's ego?
    Too bad because I'd love to see it on wheels.
    Merci Thank you merci a vous tous!

  4. Alfiste depuis 36 ans ayant eu 12 alfa depuis alfasud jusqu'a la gt v6 3.2 qui sera sûrement ma dernière à part sij achete une giullia quedrifoguilo verde jamais une alfa électrique ou avec un puretech

  5. "Subtle homage to the brand's history" is a joke, with a puretoc engine !!!! What's more, the name Junior doesn't sound very good in France, and is more reminiscent of the 205 Junior, which was the entry-level model.

    • Fortunately, the name was chosen not in relation to other foreign brands, but in reference to Alfa's history. I have no problem with Junior insofar as it is reminiscent of the Bertone GT Junior coupé, but unfortunately it won't be worthy of it, with a soulless engine and the technical specifications of the 600e (there's still the possibility of the 240-hp Q4, but I don't have much faith in it). As for the design, everyone agrees: everyone hates it!

  6. I'm terribly disappointed in Alfa Romeo, which has failed to replace its models and innovate. I no longer expect alfa Romeo to create me a Giulietta-like sedan or a GT-like coupe. I'm fed up with these suvs and electric cars.

  7. JUNIOR! That name that resonates throughout Italy... when the TV sets broadcast an American series, yes yes 😂
    Personally, I owned a 1969 GT Junior (1300) bought second-hand in 1990. It certainly wasn't a thunderbolt, but never in any of the Alfa cars produced after the Fiat takeover and the birth of the 164 did I find such driving pleasure (except perhaps the 4C).
    In these times of growing Fake-news, we let ourselves dream that all this "info" concerning desing and engines is false... But when we see what they did with the Tonale we can fear that this is really the end of the beans 😱
    In any case, the days when the fusion between driver, engine, gearbox and chassis determined the degree of enjoyment behind the wheel are over. Future travel will all be controlled and directed digitally. Farewell "cuore sportivo" and thank you for being 😌

    • If there are cars that have the DNA, the performance and the authentic pleasure of driving an Alfa, it's the 8C, the 4C, the Giulia and the Stelvio, far more than when it was the Italian state that destroyed the brand's image and prestige, especially when we had vehicles that were rusted from head to toe when they weren't even sold yet!

      • There have been plenty of other Alfa Romeos, admittedly imperfect, but with character and high-performance engines, including the 156 and 147 that I know well.
        The Giulietta isn't perfect, but its petrol engines are all interesting, and it's still very pleasant to drive.
        Older Alfa Romeo models, such as the Alfetta and the GTV coupe, were true Alfa cars, even with their problems.
        Even in the days of the rusting Alfa (1970s), the design and character were there.
        I'm not saying that the pleasure is on a par with the 4C, 8C, or Giulia, but for all that most of the Alfa Romeos of the past deserve their badge.

        • What the 156, like the GT, lacked was the Sportwagon Q4 transmission, which is also found on the Crosswagon (alas, when diesel), providing up to 80% of rear-wheel drive. Then we'd have had 2 sedans and a diabolical coupé that would have sold even more easily and avoided the 159/Brera mistake. The problem wasn't the price for former aficionados, but the fact that many left for the competition (notably Lexus), having abandoned rear-wheel drive and the transaxle. Maserati, on the other hand, has made a hit with the Quattroporte 5, the 4200GT and the Spider. When you've got a vehicle that weighs over 1,500kg fully loaded... it's vital for roadholding and driving pleasure.

          • The proof is in the number of Lexus XE10 IS200 and 300 sedans and the Sportcross station wagon (rear-wheel drive or 4WD) with featherweight and the sublime J60 manual gearbox (the best in the world). Since 1994, they've been taking Alfa's place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts, and Japan's Toyota Altezza (a Lexus clone) has been pushing the envelope with its diabolical 3SGE Dual VVTi Beams Black Top producing 210hp, 250hp and 290hp on RS200, Spec and TRD versions, all naturally-aspirated. Not to mention the official Tom's versions (sold at Toyota dealerships in Japan and the UK) in supercharger or turbocharger mode, which gave 280hp to 420hp (or up to 550hp on request).

          • I came to Alfa Romeo when they were front-wheel drives. I'm not saying it's ideal - I'd prefer rear-wheel drive - but that hasn't stopped me from continuing to own front-wheel drive Alfa Romeos, and even buying a 147 GTA not long ago. It's true that the 250 hp can have a hard time getting through to the front wheels, but I love the Busso V6, and the character of this car.

          • Except that to exploit the 250bhp of the 147, 156, 166 and GT, you need one hell of a chassis preparation, otherwise the gearbox takes a beating, the clutch acts as a fuse and the Q2 struggles to stand on its own over time. The Busso is diabolical and sublime, but without a preparation such as Auto Delta, Novitec or OkTech, it's difficult to exploit it as you'd like, or else with Sbarro's Diva (a sublime light supercar) or Gillet's Vertigo or the 4×4 Rayton Fissore Magnum that inherited it.

          • With the Q4's transmission, things would be totally different and we could push the Busso to 450hp in atmo for the 3.9 version or 420hp for the 3.8 version.

    • The Tonale comes from FCA and the product is nice but just not suitable for a brand like Alfa or with at least the 1.75 Tbi in aluminium PHEV version but it's nicer than the PSA crap!

  8. It's no shame to put a Peugeot engine in an Alfa Romeo; with my Alfa GTV 2 l, I couldn't keep up with the 205 GTI 1.9 l.

    • The 205 GTI was a credit to Peugeot in the days of the GTI and, of course, the Golf GTI of the '80s. But that was so long ago, and since then Peugeot has learned how to make chassis, but not engines, and their cars have become boring and unsporty.

    • Comparing 2 cars of different sizes, weights and philosophies was the right thing to do. An Alfa 33 QV had no trouble putting a 205 GTi to the sword, especially the Imola version, and here we're in the same category, and even a Civic or a Corrolla could do better without a problem, even a Mazda 323 or a Nissan Sunny.

  9. Manufacturers no longer listen to customers, even though they're the ones who buy and drive them... stellentis is going to the wall with these electric cars, because enthusiasts like me will stick with the old models because they had soul. So sorry for your loss Alfa Romeo.

  10. I didn't do any preparation on my 147 GTA, and I don't even have a Q2 (it arrived the following year in series). You have to drive it a bit smoothly and not rough it up, and nothing breaks. Either I'm lucky, or I don't know what previous owners have changed (and yet I'm supposed to have the history and all the invoices).

    • If you drive it cool, no problem, but if you want to drive it like a real sports car... then it's not the same, because when you have a sports car, your gearbox becomes a joystick for shifting gears on the fly or downshifting.

      • And here we go again for the madness of speed and 200 300 or 400 is no longer passion alfa but just a huge ego to show that we have succeeded in the social ladder by making vroom vroom in traffic jams.Sad people sad world!!!

        • Schauen dom
          Just because you're happy with your electric scooter doesn't mean we should be, and reading such stupid things from a guy sitting at home twiddling his thumbs every day and bitter as hell doesn't give you the right to judge others. Yes, when you read a comment like that, yes, you're a sad person, because seeing more power in a sports bike and getting it ready makes it easier to exploit, and that has nothing to do with the social statue.
          You'd be better off keeping your mouth shut, because what's more, we're trying to lighten the load on sports cars, so it has nothing to do with social status... in fact, it's quite the opposite, and that's where every car enthusiast worth his salt starts.

        • I find it hard to follow Ced in his demands for entry-level power (400 hp), but under 200 hp an Alfa really has no interest (as we saw with the test of the Tonale 130 in front-wheel drive), it's like wanting a Porsche with the engine of a Polo, tiramisu with Nutella or wanting to make Taylor Swift sing at the Scala, either you do things properly or you do nothing.

          • Is it me who's having trouble following you? Because I don't see the connection because I don't see where I'm talking about 200hp and if the power doesn't increase in relation to the weight, I don't see the point of bringing out a sports bike, whereas in your comment... you cite the opposite.
            The most perfect example is the Busso, which is quoted in one of my comments. 300hp but and 1000kg or the Gillet Vertigo which makes between 300hp and 420hp with only 900kg.
            Mr Fredo has a problem with reading apparently.

      • For that I have the GR Yaris, which has the sheitan.
        Older models like the 147 GTA need to be driven smoothly, otherwise the power just doesn't get through (in addition to the risk of breakage you mention).

        I think we're straying from the subject of the next Alfa Romeo Junior, but there you have it, the planned engines will suck if there's only the electric version already seen in the 2008/Fiat 600e/Jeep Avenger, and a shameful PureTech.

        • Stanislas
          Yes, the Jeep is already proof of this, as they sell almost as much electrically as they do thermally. This association will be FCA's undoing!

        • It's a good thing the Japanese still make fun cars and want to keep going, otherwise we'd be living in a world to cry about. But since some people believe that all-electricity is the solution when all the evidence is to the contrary, we can't turn a donkey into a racehorse, as the saying goes.


    There's an error in your comment written on the "About Ital Passion" front page. A Portuguese friend showed it to me when I told him to come to the group.

    "The content is translated into the languages English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese, giving access to information to many readers internationally."

    I don't think it's "esagne" but rather spanish and portuguese there's no "u" between the g and the a.

    Good evening

  12. With the Paris ring road about to be reduced to 50 km/h, we wonder whether we're still driving a car or a buggy for tired golfers!
    I've stopped buying Alfa's because for pleasure d and sensations there's only the circuits left...a

    • The Fiat Topolino will become the ideal car for speeding.
      Normally, buggies are forbidden on expressways, freeways and perifs, but maybe they'll have to be allowed.

      • It's about to become everyone's car in France, because the more things go on, the deeper they get into their delirium.
        But when I see that it's because of asthma that they're lowering the speed limit on the ring road... strangely enough, in rich neighborhoods pollution must not exist because they haven't had any speed limits for ages. 2 weights, 2 measures or how to take people for fools, but the worst thing is that some people support this kind of stupidity even though they don't drive every day or do 30km at all costs.

  13. Mitlerweile habe ich den 5 Alfa den Ich fahre.Einen Stelvio Qv 2.9 .
    Hatte den 166 ,Brera .33.Giulia.
    Mit abstand der schlechteste war der Brera.und der 166 der Beste.
    Der Stelvio wird für mich der letzte Alfa sein den Ich fahre.Es ist für mich ein Graus was man mit diesem Namen macht .Wie kann man nur fremde Motoren in einen Alfa bauen.

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