Maserati launches MC Edition range for return to competition

The Trident-based manufacturer is not sparing with special editions. Maserati today unveils the MC Edition range on the occasion of the brand's return to competition, namely Formula E.

MC, for Maserati Corse. This name is emblematic of the Italian brand. These initials can be found on the Maserati MC12, the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale or more recently the MC20. It is the symbol of the performance branch of Maserati.


So, on the occasion of the brand's return to competition, namely Formula E in 2023, Maserati unveils MC Edition line for Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante.

Only available on models with V8 engine, this MC Edition range is a kind of Trofeo version (already in the catalog) but with new colors: Giallo Corse and Blu Vittoria.


The prices have not been revealed but, if it is close to the Trofeo versions, it will be more than 140 000 € for the Ghibli, more than 160 000 € for the Levante and more than 170 000 € for the Quattroporte. Excluding the ecological malus of course!

This MC Edition range is therefore only interesting for those who want to have a Maserati different from the others. Will it be a collector's item one day? It's hard to say. But V8 engines are going to disappear at Maserati so... why not, one day... when we won't have the right to drive a combustion engine anymore 🙂



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  1. Back to the competition?
    Personally, back to the competition, it would be rather Le Mans ! And as it is PSA who decides, Peugeot in Le Mans and Maserati in Formula E

    • Formula E is still a championship... after that, we'll see how the brands position themselves in the different competitions in the years to come, it will change according to the results. Formula E, as I said in another article, is a very pragmatic choice.

  2. Superb grand touring sedan. The environmentalist ideologues are killing our automotive industries, and we should applaud them!

  3. Stellantis will not be different from FCA, which was not different from Fiat either. The objective will remain the same: to kill Italian brands with a prestigious past.
    In the end, only Ferrari and Lamborghini will be interesting in Italy... all those who are linked to Fiat and Peugeot will never reach the excellence.
    I put Pagani aside because I see this manufacturer as Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

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