Maserati doubles sales in Q1 2023 vs Q1 2022, but could have done better

With the presentation of the Stellantis Q1 2023 figures, the group's luxury brand Maserati also unveils its own, and they are quite good. Indeed, Maserati doubled its deliveries in the first quarter of 2023 compared to 2022with 8400 cars vs. 4300 cars. These figures are mainly driven by the USA and Italy. However, we were expecting more, as the brand is banking heavily on the Grecale.

Without further ado, here is our table of follow-up of Maserati deliveries in the first quarter of 2023.


How did Maserati manage to make 8400 deliveries in the first quarter?

Certainly not thanks to France, which, according to the CCFA, will cap at 42 deliveries in the first quarter of 2023 (a good part of which are demonstration vehicle registrations).


This is mainly thanks to the USA and Italy, which are Maserati's biggest markets! Two countries where internal combustion engines are popular because they are not taxed very much.... Italy is even the only major European country where electric car registrations are down.

New, this is our chart tracking Maserati sales by country from January to March 2023.


As mentioned in the comments, we are missing countries like China or the United Arab Emirates for which we can't find the figures.

The table will be updated as soon as all April 2023 figures are released.


Grecale sales not on par with Levante launch

Behind these encouraging figures, let's not forget that the brand Maserati relies heavily on its Grecalea mid-size SUV that is designed to boost its volume as the Levante SUV did in its day.

It was when the Levante SUV was launched in 2016 that Maserati started stringing together record years. So while the 2023 numbers are encouraging, the Grecale does not seem to have the same success as the Levante in terms of volumes. Another comparison, Porsche sold 86 724 units of its Macan in 2022...


You will answer that Maserati is a luxury brand that is better than Porsche? Then don't look at the sales of the Ferrari Purosangue and the Lamborghini Urus. Come on, we'll give them to you, at least 4000 Ferrari Purosangue and more than 5000 Lamborghini Urus were sold in 2022.

Is it because of the ecological penalty? Or the price positioning?


In any case, we expect more from this Grecale which must be a best-seller.

The Grecale Folgore may be better (we're still waiting for prices and orders), but it will be a whole new market, that of the electric luxury SUV.



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  1. Ferrari voluntarily restricts the sales of the Purosangue unlike all the others.
    All the countries that have crazy taxes think twice before having to put crazy amounts of money into government scams (which alone allow you to buy another car).
    It's the Swiss number that seems odd to me considering the number we come across!🤨

    • It's sure that the Purosangue if they didn't restrict it could easily represent more than 50% of sales. For Switzerland, we'll have to see in April when the figures are available, but it's not so bad when you compare it to Luxembourg, Belgium and even France...

      • Yes, you are right, but in Belgium as in France, people are disgusted by taxes (it is pure and simple theft).

  2. Nella tabella ci sono anche Paesi in cui sono state vendute meno di 10 Maserati (New Zealand 0, Finlandia 1, Singapore/Bulgaria 3), me non c'è la Cina (che credevo fosse uno dei mercati principali per questo Brand), ma neanche gli Emirati Arabi, la Russia e il resto del Sudamerica a parte il Chile. Is it possible that in all these places a Maserati was not sold in three months?

    • In tutta trasparenza, si tratta di cifre non ufficiali che sono riuscito a ottenere, ma piuttosto affidabili perché, ad esempio, i dati relativi alla Francia corrispondono bene alle immatricolazioni ufficiali. Tuttavia, è possibile che manchino alcuni dati: Maserati ha annunciato 8400 vetture nel primo trimestre del 2023, mentre nella tabella per Paese ne ho solo 4800. Quindi devono mancare Cina ed Emirati Arabi Uniti. No riesco a trovare le cifre per questi paesi.

  3. The more I see it in Switzerland, the more I find it really successful even if I would have liked the same one from Lancia in 4 cylinder and the Stelvio/Grecale in V6.
    I've seen the Purosangue 3 times but I really can't do it with those damn front doors that are ruined by that ugly center post (they should have sent them the RX8 designer because it sucks) and even a multimillionaire.... I wouldn't want it. Seriously it's really awful awful awful!!!

  4. buongiorno

    da 30 anni ho sempre avuto una Maserati.
    non la compro piu' . sono brutte

    erano originali di lusso di classe , adesso sono banalizzate sembrano auto giapponesi di serie

    dovete ritornare alla QUATTROPORTE 2004 2008 quelle rano macchine di classe

    enrico petretti

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