Lancia: CEO confirms plans for brand's return to rallying

Lancia could once again capture the hearts of rally enthusiasts. The recent announcement by Luca Napolitano, CEO of LanciaThe "Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia" film, which was released to coincide with the event, generated a great deal of enthusiasm: Lancia's return to rally competition is not only being considered, but actively pursued.

At the heart of this comeback is the new HF crestthe symbol of Lancia's high performance, unveiled by Centro Stile Lancia. Redesigned to meet contemporary aesthetic requirements, the logo retains its historic colors - white, red and black - while simplifying its lines. These colors echo those used on the 1966 Fulvia Coupé and pick up on the orientation of the letters on the Lancia Delta of the 90s.


The HF logo, emblem of Lancia performancewas first introduced in 1960. Over the decades, it has become synonymous with victories and innovations, marking motorsport history with legendary models such as the Fulvia Coupé HF, the Stratos HF, and of course, the Delta HF Integrale. These vehicles, which have dominated rally competitions in the past, continue to inspire Lancia in its quest for renewal and excellence.

Lancia's return to rallying also includes the future Lancia Ypsilon HF 100 % electric. Scheduled for 2025, this first electric car to bear the prestigious HF logo promises interesting performance: 240 hp under the hood, 0-100 km/h acceleration in 5.8 seconds, a lowered chassis and wider tracks.


Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano's announcement leaves no room for doubt: Lancia is on its way back into the rally arena. The decision is part of "Rinascimento Lancia", a global rebirth project for the brand that aims to marry its sporting roots with a future vision focused on performance and innovation. "Returning to rallying? We're working on it," said Napolitano, promising rally aficionados exciting days ahead.

It remains to be seen, as we as mentioned in our other article on the subjectWhether it will be the 100 % electric or the 1.2L Puretech internal combustion engine.



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  1. Except that the Rallye is turning its back on electrics and even hybrids due to lack of participants and high costs... so I don't see what the 240hp electric has to do with it.

  2. Are you kidding? A Lancia with a PureTech engine or an electric motor in rallying?
    To return to rallying, you'll need real engines in a Lancia.

  3. Uh, a Lancia rally comeback, but with what? A Ypsilon? Puretoc engine or electric like its cousins the 208 Rally4 or Corsa-e Rally (FIA Rally5e class)? What a joke! It's going to be another tear-jerker...

  4. Lancia's return to rallying is a blessing in disguise for the Turin-based brand, but given that electrics have been an abject failure and hybrids are a mess in rallying, it's better to have a real Lancia engine with a Delta S4-style turbocharger. A Lancia Ypsilon in Rallye with a Puretech engine is madness, I can't wait for a Lancia with a turbocharged Lancia engine!

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