Ferrari unveils a more manoeuvrable SF-24 - is it enough to win?

The Scuderia Ferrari has lifted the veil on its new pretender to the throne of the Formula 1 for 2024, the SF-24, promising both an aesthetic and technical revolution. In a world where speed and precision reign supreme, Ferrari seems to have painstakingly fine-tuned its technological jewel to meet the high expectations of its drivers and fans. But is it enough to dominate the championship? Let's delve into the details of this new creation.

A colorful tribute

The first thing that strikes you about the SF-24 is its livery. Moving away from the black that has dominated since 2022, Ferrari opts for a bold mix of white and yellow, a nod to his 24 Hours of Le Mans victories with the Hypercar 499P prototypes. This color palette is not only a tribute to its heritage, but also an assertion of its identity on F1 circuits.


Technical evolution

Under the hood and beyond the paintwork, the SF-24 has undergone a total redesign. Ferrari has retained some of the suspension characteristics of the previous year, with a pushrod configuration at the front and pullrod at the rear, but has not hesitated to completely rethink the single-seater to improve overall performance. The enlarged but precisely crafted pontoons and redesigned nose bear witness to Ferrari's ambition to optimize every air flow.

The introduction of "cannon cooling" is another remarkable innovation, underlining Ferrari's quest for optimal thermal management and superior aerodynamics. These developments are not just aesthetic, they are the fruit of a clear ambition: make the SF-24 easier to handle and exploit its full potential on the track.


Ambitious goals

Enrico Cardile, head of the chassis department, reveals that the main objective behind the design of the SF-24 was toto improve handling. The strategy was clear: allow drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, and soon Lewis Hamiltonto get the most out of the car at every turn, on every circuit. The SF-24 is described as a continuation of the SF-23 in terms of objectives, but with a clear break in approach and execution.

The question of victory

So, does the SF-24 have what it takes to win the championship? Technical improvements and strategic adjustments seem to be pointing in the right direction. Ferrari has not only listened to its drivers, but also responded with bold innovations. However, success in F1 is not just about handling or power, it's a symphony of factors, including racing strategy, reliability and, of course, a little luck.


Ferrari has laid the foundations for what we hope will be a triumphant season. But as always in Formula 1, Only the chequered flag of the final race can confirm whether the SF-24 really is the winning machine Maranello is hoping for.. For Ferrari, the race to glory is just beginning.


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  1. This year, if the Ferrari SF-24 is up to it, it's Leclerc and Sainz's last chance to hope for a few victories.
    Then in 2025, with Hamilton, Ferrari will have a much more solid driver than Leclerc, and Sainz will be floundering at Audi (well, first Stake-Sauber).

    • Except that we can keep our fingers crossed that if Verstappen decides to leave and Leclerc doesn't make the grade, he'll fire him and break Hamilton's contract too.

    • When I think that they preferred to part with Sainz, who won last year, and keep Leclerc, who did nothing but complain and understand nothing.

      • Carlos Sainz is the one who complains all the time and sometimes behaves to excess on the track. Sainz is sometimes good, but often bad.
        Leclerc complains less than Sainz in comparison.

        • Last year, Leclerc was more often seen complaining during interviews, either because the car wasn't working or because his team-mate wasn't offering him this or that. If you take away the manhole cover and Sainz's engine problems, he was more often in the points than Leclerc, who often scratched his car or was never able to overtake when he had the chance.
          If he has equal materials, I think Sainz could be ahead this year, because of the 2, he's the only one who's won a race hands down.

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