Lewis Hamilton to join Scuderia Ferrari from 2025!

UPDATED : It's official: Mercedes has confirmed the end of Lewis Hamilton's contract for the end of 2024, and Scuderia Ferrari a new contract for 2025. He will replace Carlos Sainz, who will be driving for the last time this season.

In a potentially historic turning point for Formula 1, rumors intensify about a possible transfer of Lewis Hamilton to Scuderia Ferrari for the 2025 season. This move, if it comes to fruition, would not only mark a major change in the seven-time world champion's career, but also a masterstroke for Ferrari, which is looking to strengthen its position in the championship.


According to well-informed sources in England, Italy and Spain, Ferrari is preparing to make a resounding announcement. British driver Lewis Hamilton could join Charles Leclerc at the prestigious Italian team as early as 2025. This news comes after a period of intense speculation regarding the future of Hamilton, whose contract with Mercedes was originally due to expire at the end of last season.

Hamilton's contractual situation was a hot topic at the start of 2023, with discussions surrounding his future in F1. In the end, it was announced before the Italian Grand Prix that Hamilton would remain with Mercedes F1, alongside George Russell, thanks to a two-year contract. Nevertheless, Ferrari wasted no time in making a splash, recently announcing a multi-year renewal of Leclerc's contract.while leaving Carlos Sainz's situation in limbo.


Behind the scenes, discussions between Hamilton and Ferrari chairman John Elkann are said to have advanced, suggesting that a deal for 2025 is about to be announced. Hamilton's current contract with Mercedes for 2024 and 2025 includes a firm year and an option in favor of the driver, which leaves him plenty of room for manoeuvre as he looks to the future.

Mercedes' performance this season could be decisive for Hamilton's future. If the team manages to compete for the title, Hamilton could be aiming for an eighth world title before taking on a new challenge at Ferrari. If Mercedes can't compete, Hamilton's choice of Ferrari would seem even more sensible, especially with the prospect of 2026 in sight.


Hamilton's potential arrival at Ferrari would be a masterstroke for Frédéric Vasseur, the team principal. This would signal not only a major investment in the team's future, but also a desire to bring back to Maranello a world champion of Hamilton's stature, following the departure of Sebastian Vettel.

While Lewis Hamilton's future in Formula 1 is the subject of intense speculation, the announcement of a move to Ferrari for 2025 would be major news for the motorsport world. With Hamilton and Leclerc as team-mates, Ferrari would be a formidable contender in the quest for the world championship. However, as we await official confirmation, F1 fans remain on tenterhooks, hoping to see one of the most sensational transfers of recent years come to fruition.



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  1. If this is confirmed, it will be because Hamilton has understood that Mercedes is now screwing up in F1.
    I'm not sure that Hamilton's possible arrival at Ferrari is good news for Leclerc. Hamilton is at a completely different level to Sainz.

  2. It's no longer a rumour, it's official: Lewis Hamilton will be driving for Ferrari in 2025!
    It's good to drive for Ferrari during your career, and even better to finish your career on a high note.

  3. Not happy to see hamilton with the reds....... Not cool for Leclerc
    I don't really like his mentality, just like verstapen, he's a good driver but like verstapen, they're good when they have the best car, Leclerc or Sainz in the 2023 redbull would surely have been world champion too.

    • Verstappen's driving is on another planet and he's proved it for all to see... he's of the calibre of a certain Schumacher, while the other 2 behave like divas.

  4. Hamilton has already fulfilled his part of the contract at Ferrari. The reds' stock jumped 10%, or about 7 Billion $... I'll find it amusing if Lewis makes his 8th title next year before he arrives :))

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