Alfa Romeo updates its Quadrifoglio: last chance before the end of production

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio MY23. Credit: Alfa Romeo

After updating less powerful versions of the Giulia and Stelvio sedans a few months ago, it's the Quadrifoglio models that need the update to remain consistent with the rest of the range... namely the Tonale.

This title is deliberately "provocative". In fact, it is, Alfa Romeo has not announced that production of these cars will cease. But when you consider that the all-electric BSUV is scheduled for 2024, and that we'll be moving on to an all-electric BSUV in the near future, it's easy to see why. new Stelvio in 2025 and new Giulia in 2026As these MY23 Quadrifoglios are also all-electric, it's likely that they won't be in the catalog for long... 1 or 2 years at most.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio MY23. Credit: Alfa Romeo

So, for those who can, the opportunity to buy, in our opinion, the best sedans and SUVs on the market. High-performance, sporty, elegant cars... they offer real driving pleasure. These are real Alfa Romeos. We've talked about it enough in our various tests:

These new Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio models benefit from the new LED lighting signature inaugurated by the Tonale, the V6 engine which increases from 510 hp to 520 hp, the 100 % mechanical slip differential, new carbon elements on board, and an updated multimedia system.


Leaving aside the unfortunate ecological malus..., and knowing what's under the body, these are very good investments. They're also the latest in a vanishing line...

Prices from €93,500 incl. VAT for the Giulia €102,600 incl. VAT for the Stelvio.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio MY23. Credit: Alfa Romeo

A bon entendeur!


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  1. I was sure that this weekend (Alfa's anniversary) they would bring out the new 33 stradale or 6C that we've been waiting for so impatiently... On the update, bof!! two, three odds and ends and 10 hp better?... already the GTA & GTAm I had found it light (540 hp) for almost 200,000€. Given that the next Stelvio & Giulia will be electric, I was expecting to end up with a 6-cylinder Maserati and a little 630 hp.

    • Likewise, I was convinced that with the brand's anniversary we'd have the new Supercar, but nothing... with the electric baby suv due to be unveiled in September, I don't see when it'll be presented now...

    • It's not the power that's spectacular on the GTA and GTAm, but the preparation of their chassis and, above all, the weight loss. No other car has done better so far, but a 580hp would have been welcome, given that this engine can handle 670hp without flinching.

  2. Hello everyone
    I have a beautiful giulietta véloce 2l diesel very nice 75000 km red obviously . but a seat av degraded and already changed at 20000 km (And without response from alfa France for a new change 2 months waiting ).
    Alfa is still a great car, but it's sorely lacking in build quality and shitty after-sales service at dealerships and elsewhere. It's a shame, and that's what needs to be improved, and it's this lack that will make me change brands after 5 acquisitions.

    • As a driver, I can assure you that BMW 7s and S-Classes get warped all over the sides after 50,000km, and neither BMW nor Merco want to take it on. As for the build quality of the C-Class, A3, 1-Series and Golf, it's no better, and their after-sales service is no better.
      They all want to sell cars at a premium, and then... they're nowhere to be found when something goes wrong.
      Simply shameful.

  3. If the future of the Giulia is solely electric, I'll be out. I'm not opposed to electric cars, but this technology is an answer to certain needs, not the absolute answer. BMW has understood this, while Alfa prefers to break its image. Regrettably, my current Giulia will be my last Alfa. Farewell friend

    • We're in the same position. I'll stay with the Giulia Quadrifoglio for as long as there's petrol, but I'll be on the sidelines for the rest.

      • Why this attachment to a given technology if electronically, we can reproduce the sensations of a V6? Except for the noise, of course... Honda manages to bluff everyone with its false gearshifts, and BMW has already filed a patent to offer à la carte "mapping" on its future electrics. I can't wait to try it out!

        • Having both at home, a 440hp V8 and a 300hp electric, I can indeed say that what's great about the electric is the instant torque, available all the time. On the other hand, there's no exhilarating noise. So I think that in terms of sensations, even without shifting gears, you've already got that with the catapult effect of electric power. Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing the electric Giulia, which I'm convinced will offer just as good sensations as the internal combustion engine. As far as noise is concerned, I don't think there's anything to complain about with the 2.2L diesel or the 2.0L petrol, just the V6... but for the latter, I don't see what solution could be found, especially as I'm only moderately convinced by external artificial sounds (but I'm only waiting to be convinced otherwise). Let's get to work, manufacturers!

        • Why focus on electric cars, which have no long-term future and whose customers still prefer combustion engines?
          The illusion that everyone is attached to this electric wave is downright heresy, and Porsche, fortunately for their customers, have understood this.

          • And then it's so exciting to wait for ages to fill batteries 🪫 that you can't even fully charge, that take a beating when temperatures are too low (in Canada they pay the price) or too high (40% recharging only for Texans), not to mention rapid recharging that kills batteries twice as fast as an ordinary socket.
            Ah, but what a revolution!!!!
            It makes you wonder if a horse-drawn carriage and a donkey isn't more cost-effective!😂🤣

    • Proof of this, Serge, is the fact that Porsche is backtracking on its Macan at the request of customers who prefer to keep a combustion engine, and is asking the same question for the Boxster and Cayman.

        • Nothing to do with technology, it's the customers, many of whom want to keep a combustion engine and don't believe in electric cars.
          Having 1000 or 2000hp in electric drive leaves them speechless, and they've made it known.
          We'll be talking about Alfa and Maserati once they've gone all-electric, if they're not going to lose a lot of customers when we can already see below all those who have deserted Abarth since they gave up combustion engines.
          You can say what you like on the internet, but the facts are there and that's what counts.
          It's not for nothing that Lexus is taking so long to get started, and when you see all those who had Teslas and are now backing out... the die is cast.

  4. Ich verkaufe jetzt meine gjulia qv. Zu wenig Zeit aber wundervolles Auto... auch optisch unschlagbar. Aber hab nur 25000 km in 3 Jahren gemacht. Und jetzt ist es halt nur noch ein Auto mit dem man von a nach b kommt. Werde dann vermutlich was altes kaufen und wünsche dem nächsten Besitzer viel Spaß damit. Hab sie neu gekauft und in den Alpen perfekt eingefahren und nur für Freizeit und Urlaubsreisen gefahren. Hoffe die Lady hat dann noch ein schönes Dasein. Gruß Helmut

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