Alfa Romeo Milano: starting price now known

Alfa Romeo is about to take another significant step forward with the introduction of its new SUV, the Milano. First Alfa Romeo 100 % StellantisMilano is also positioned as the rstylistic renewal of the brand. While we already have a great deal of information on the exterior design and interiorand even motorizations, one unknown remains its price.. until today.

According to our information, the Milano will have an entry-level version priced at under €30,000It competes directly with the technical cousin of the Peugeot 2008 hybrid 136 hp, priced at 29,480 euros. Also for the Milano, for approximately €34,000purchasers will be able to offer an "extremely well-endowed" versionThis is a very attractive price/performance ratio. By way of comparison, the 2008 in GT trim costs around €33,000. In other words, if you want to get an idea of the Milano's price, take a look at the Peugeot configurator!


In addition to its competitive price, the Milano will stand out for its driving dynamics. Heralded as the most dynamic model in its class, and above all its 2008, Avenger and 600 cousins, you'll have to test it to confirm it!

Visit motorizationThe Milano will have a choice of 136hp hybrid, 240hp electric, 163hp hybrid (like the new Jeep 4xe) and 156hp electric versions.


The Official presentation of the Milano is scheduled for April 10 in Milan.a symbolic location for the brand. It will then be exhibited during the Alfa Romeo Emotion Tour in June and July, before joining Tribe Days on October 5 and 6, 2024, offering several opportunities to discover this new model up close.


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  1. If the Alfa Romeo Milano has the same price as the Peugeot 2008 and the e2008, it's because it's going to be the same car, isn't it?
    In that case, I'd rather look at the luxury 208, the future Lancia Ypsilon HF, at least the design won't be bad, and we know that the new Ypsilon is luxurious, while being a compact that's not an SUV.

    • Alfa stopped making cars for alfists a long time ago and it's very sad.... It's getting worse and worse, you take a Peugeot, change the badge and say it's an Alfa. That's not the soul of Alfa. I'm afraid for the future of the brand.

      • The Giulia and Stelvio are authentic Alfa Romeo, to say the least.
        The problem is therefore a recent one, since Stellantis, who finds nothing better than to make Peugeots available on all the Group's brands.

      • Léo
        The Alfa Giulia, Stelvio, 8C and 4C are pure Alfa Romeo and haven't been since 1992. As for the rest, I couldn't agree more.

  2. Thanks to stelanttise for taking over alfa but if it's to destroy alfa with models that don't reflect what alfa is a sporty brand I'd rather the brand die than live with models that don't sound like alfa for me alfa is finished the giulia and the stelvio are there fenced in by a sporty mite ( it's sporty heart) ❤️

    • Stellantis is simply applying an industrial logic of cost-cutting by applying platforms, chassis and engines to all its brands, while at the same time trying to retain their specific characteristics. VW and others have been doing this for a long time, and given their sales, nobody seems to be complaining. If AR were content to sell only to "Alfists", it would soon have to close up store. It absolutely must win over new customers if it is to survive with Tonale and Milano, while continuing to satisfy "Alfistes" with Giulia, Stelvio and other future models. But you'll have to have a well-stocked wallet to access these models.

  3. I'm proposing that Italpassion do an article on the incredible and magnificent Totem GT (with its accessories!), enough to put a smile back on alfists' faces!

    • Yes, excellent idea, and on the 037 and 38 from Kimera as well as the Delta Futurista from Automobili Amos, the 4C Scara 73 (an absolute masterpiece) and the Delta R from Scara. This is a real grail 👌

  4. I wonder if Stellantis aren't a bit stupid. An Alfista, or at least what's left of one, would never buy an Alfa in name only.
    Apparently they didn't learn from the failure of the 159, one of the most beautiful cars in its category at the time, due in large part to the fact that they replaced the Twin Sparks and Busso with vulgar General Motors engines unworthy of the Alfa name...and at least they were reliable, unlike Peugeot's crap!

    • Why are you against peugeot? In my family we practically only have peugeots and we don't complain. I've had an Alfa 147 and I've had nothing but trouble with it. The battery died in one go. Smoked shock absorbers at 60,000 kms. Timing belt snapped at 60,000 kms. Clutch problem. Bulbs rattling, leather seats tearing. Tires worn out at 20,000 kms. So for me, alfa sucks. But taken over by peugeot it's surely better.

      • Surprising, but I had a 156 2.5 V6 for a long time, and 2 years ago I bought a 147 GTA, and I've never had this kind of problem. Obviously, if you don't look after your car properly, it becomes less reliable. As for the battery problem, there isn't a car in the world whose battery doesn't need changing one day. Stay with Peugeot, because they're "reliable" cars, and there's something for everyone.

      • A par ce que les moteursPeugeot non de problèmes?
        Peugeot produces the worst engines today
        Just ask the owners
        A national trial is underway

    • Amoroso
      I'll join you at 1000%.👍
      Except on one point, no, the GM/Holden/Opel engines were a real mess and even if you divided by 2 the spaces between the maintenance and the gearboxes, a finished horror!

    • The Fiat-based Mito and Giulietta weren't brilliant in terms of quality and reliability, and Peugeot was certainly no worse, so...

  5. Gentlemen,
    Montezemolo himself wrote an article on the end of Italian automobiles, not forgetting the extremely serious sale of Magneti MARELLI to the Chinese...
    We no longer have anything in Italy that performs reliably, is beautiful and not too expensive! How sad!
    Premium cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Dallara, are unaffordably expensive...and I don't even think they're Italian anymore!

    • Ferrario Luigi

      1/ Lucas Cordeo Di Montezemolo never said that - quite the contrary.
      2/-Magneti Marelli was never sold to the Chinese, but to Japan's Calsonic Kansei, of which Exor is still a shareholder.
      3/-Forvia (formerly Faurecia) is no longer owned by the Peugeot family or the French state, but by Exor (Agnelli family).
      4/-Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani, are prestige cars and not premium (apart from Lamborghini which are Audi clones) and are still 100% Italian!
      5/-Dallara makes pure sports cars that sell like hotcakes and 100% Italian cars.
      6/The Peugeot family is losing PSA to Exor (Agnelli), so there's almost nothing French about PSA any more!

  6. Same old comments... stellantis, l'ame alfa... blah blah blah....
    The mixing of chassis and engines has existed since the dawn of automotive history... (at the beginning of the 20th century, you bought a chassis with an engine, and chose your coachbuilder); the Italians have never been the last... (there's fiat in ferrari and VW in Lamborghini) the soul of each brand is made up of style, chassis settings and many other parameters. Alfa is no exception to the rule; it's a prerequisite for survival, and it's only going to get worse with the draconian environmental standards. It's economically impossible for any brand to work alone. Unless you multiply your prices by 10... and then sell nothing... Live with the times... or throw away your iphone and go back to dial phones...

    • When you have a profitability target of 12 to 15%, yes, it's impossible. Otherwise, you can develop your own engines and avoid becoming an empty shell.

    • in fact, if we're going to choose common engines, we might as well choose Alfa engines, which are far more reliable than the crap from Pijot, or even Fiat engines, don't you agree? By the way, it's said in the upper echelons of Stellantis that the boss is Italian (Elkann) and that the main shareholder is Exor, i.e. Fiat, so by deduction we'll say that Stellantis belongs to Fiat and the Agnelli family, just as FCA was 100% Italian, but to avoid offending our American friends, we used to say an Italian-American group! The only people in France who believe that Tavarès is the boss are Tavares, the Managing Director, who is about to be sacked and replaced by an Italian, because Elkann and Fiat, the owners, are getting too big to be polite.

      • Amoroso
        You've detailed the situation very well and Peugeot Holding is virtually out of the picture. Tavares is going to be ousted by Elkann who is already thinking of putting De Meo in his place. Without the French Etzt, PSA would be an international group (Fiat/Chrysler/PSA).
        When the puretech collective complaints go to court (they're piling up all the time), Tavares will jump, and so will the PSA engines for greater reliability.

    • You can't just put in faulty engines that break like crystal and pretend nothing's happened, then wait to find yourself in court with billions in compensation to pay out!

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