Stellantis: the Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 project is ready

Mirafiori is in the spotlight with the plant's production cutback and thehypothesis of the return of a combustion 500 alongside the electric 500. Perfect timing, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantisgave an interview to the Italian newspaper Quotidiano Nazionale during which the Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 project was discussed.

Carlos Tavares clearly expressed Italy's strategic position in the Stellantis Group, asserting an ethical responsibility towards the country and its employees. Acknowledging the need for a responsible transition to electric vehicles, he emphasized the importance of the Italian market.he importance of government support in the form of subsidies for the entire automotive industry. This support is crucial to encourage change and ensure economies of scale, while combating growing competition from Chinese brands.


The aim of produce a million vehicles at Stellantis' Italian plants is truer than ever," reveals Tavares. To achieve this, favorable market conditions are needed, as well as a recovery in pre-COVID business levels and support in the battle against Chinese brands.

Speaking of investments, Tavares details Stellantis' plans in Italy, mentioning an investment of over 2 billion euros in a battery gigafactory in Termoli, and the development of new production platforms in Melfi (STLA Medium) and Cassino (STLA Large).


At the heart of these investments lies Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 project, a 240 million euro development plan to make Mirafiori a symbol of sustainability and innovation. The park will incorporate a battery technology center, the eDCT electrified transmission plant, a circular economy hub, and much more, symbolizing Stellantis' commitment to greener, technologically advanced mobility.

Tavares also stresses the importance of government support in the form of incentives to stimulate the electric vehicle market in Italy, an essential step in accelerating the transition and countering international competition.


With this interview, Carlos Tavares is merely repeating what he has been saying for several months (in July 2023 Stellantis had already announced 200 million euros for Mirafiori) and doesn't really give any clues as to solutions for production at the Mirafiori plant, other than to say that he would like the Italian government to be more generous with purchase aid. As he likes to point out 93 % of Mirafiori's production is exported.


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  1. He would like the Italian government to be more generous with its purchase subsidies, to do as they have done in France: raise car prices to the level of the bonus. In the end, he's the one pocketing the taxpayers' money.

    Strangely enough, his e-308 quickly fell back below 47K...

  2. Before, shareholders financed companies and their investments, and took the risk of losing everything for which they were remunerated. Today, it's the states and therefore the taxpayers (those who don't have a wealth manager and an account in the Cayman Islands) who guarantee dividends by making investments on their behalf and subsidizing models... Soon they'll be asking Italy to pay employees directly.

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