Fiat 500 electric factory in crisis: a meeting with Stellantis "pointless" according to the unions


This is the "hot" issue that Stellantis has been dealing with for several months. The Mirafiori plant, which produces the electric Fiat 500, is at a critical juncture. The recent meeting with StellantisThe purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future of this emblematic site. However, the unions consider the meeting to be "pointless".Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares was conspicuously absent, and Stellantis management representatives had nothing new to say.

Despite the government's ambition to revitalize the Italian automotive industry and achieve an annual output of one million vehicles, Stellantis ended 2023 with just 800,000 units produced. Mirafiori, which produces the electric Fiat 500 and some Maserati Granturismo and Grancabrio models, is suffering from a major slowdown, which is struggling to reach a production threshold of 50,000 vehicles a year.


Piedmont, where the plant is located, presented a united front at the meeting, bringing together unions, local authorities and companies in the sector, in the hope of reinvigorating local car production. Their collective request to Stellantis? Produce at least 200,000 cars a year at Mirafiori to secure jobs and stimulate the local economy.

The Mirafiori plant's difficulties are exacerbated by the decline in sales of the Fiat 500e in Italy, where only 614 units sold in three monthsequivalent to two working days. The massive recourse to short-time working and the absence of new vehicle models on the horizon at With the exception of a hypothetical hybrid version of the Fiat 500are accentuating the uncertainty.


Faced with this situation, the unions are expressing their frustration and stressing the importance of a clear strategy for Mirafiori's future. The announcement of a strike on April 12 is evidence of their determination to focus renewed attention on the plant. Meanwhile, Stellantis remains optimisticonce again referring to significant investments in infrastructure and technology, including the "Green Campus" and the "Battery Test", from the Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 project.

Despite promises of investment and Stellantis' reaffirmation of its commitment to the electrification of its fleet, unions remain skeptical about the company's ability to fully revitalize Mirafiori. The possible project to produce 100,000 Fiat 500 hybrids and 75,000 electric models could represent a breath of fresh air, but local stakeholders are demanding more concrete commitments to ensure a sustainable future for the plant and its employees.


To be continued...


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  1. 614 Fiat 500e sold in 3 months in Italy is nothing at all, and proves that selling only electric models is a dead end.
    It's time to make hybrid models, including for future Alfa Romeo models, otherwise Stellantis will kill off the Italian automotive industry.
    The unions are right to protest, Mirafiori can't be allowed to idle.

    • My wife owns a 500 hybrid from 2021, and if the 500 electric is a hybrid, she'll take one straight away. The problem is that the electric's range is not compatible with her journeys.

  2. "However, this meeting is deemed "pointless" by the unions, in the face of the notable absence of Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares..."

    Pure class contempt, coupled with the cowardice of refusing to face up to the workers whose decisions have placed them in a critical situation.

    The least he could do would be to come and explain himself, but that's inconceivable for him...

    That's a good description of the character... to put it politely.

  3. We should stop production of the Fiat 500e 23kwh small battery and only produce the 500e 42kwh and the 600e and the Abarths.

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