Luxury cars and electric cars: an impossible marriage?

Welcome to our first Italpassion podcast, where today's topic takes you into the world of electric luxury cars.

It's a world where the most prestigious brands have to compete with each other in terms of creativity and technology to offer models that are always exceptional, yet where the marriage between luxury and electricity seems impossible.


Between ecological issues and dilemmas with potential customers' expectations regarding the noise of their V12, some manufacturers seem to be taking their time.

To talk about this today, I'm pleased to welcome Philippe Beaugé, head of the automotive branch of the Dubreuil group, whose Trident Maserati La Roche sur Yonwho welcomes us to his home for this podcast.


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  1. The interview is interesting, but the bright future of electric cars thanks to human inventiveness doesn't convince me at all.

  2. It's all about bringing out successful products, or not bringing them out if they're not. Luxury carmakers like Maserati are taking their time with the transition, given their limited volumes, and have a certain respect for their history. It's a bit off-topic, but once you've positioned Alfa Romeo as a premium brand, you can't offer an Alfa without the fundamentals, i.e. a rear-wheel drive platform, highly dynamic handling, consistent, direct steering that's typically Alfa, and electric or non-electric motors that develop at least 200 hp. The Tonale doesn't meet all these criteria, and we're afraid that the bambina will be even worse, with a design that doesn't respect the brand's standards. I'm sure our reactions are being read, and I'd like to ask the manufacturer a question: even though I'm one of the most positive people here about the potential of electrification, we shouldn't be surprised if the B-SUV (which was also the priority for customers here) is an economic disaster if it matches the leaks relayed here. At that point, we shouldn't be questioning the brand's potential, but rather the current management's ability to design models that respect loyal customers.

    • Finally, I'd like to remind them that no, an electric Alfa can't have linear acceleration like a Tesla - it's not possible. It has to offer a range of mapping options that exploit the DNA concept and reproduce the characteristics of the firm's best engines (twin cam in particular). What we're looking for when we buy an Alfa - and an Italian car in general - is a specific character, which is what Philippe Beaugé is talking about.

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