Maserati MC20: everything you need to know about the new trident supercar!

It was expected in May but the covid-19 crisis has upset the brand's plans Maserati. It is thus in this beginning of September that the firm of Modena thus unveiled the one which marks the return to sportiness of the brand, after four years without any major novelty and a trend towards "premiumization of grand touring", which had been its hobbyhorse during the Sergio Marchionne era.

She is the new Maserati MC20. MC for Maserati Corse and 20 for its presentation vintage: 2020. Be careful though, it does not replace the Granturismo and its positioning is different. Let's now move on to the presentation and the technical characteristics.


The MC20, presented in white with a few touches of blue, is an ode to sportiness and especially to thesaving of superfluous appendages even vulgar (isn't that Lamborghini?). Here, everything is soft curves and harmonious purity. The front end is reminiscent of its predecessor MC12 with its low grille.

Maserati MC12

The elytra doors are a surprise that was not foreseen and give a little extra character to the new Italian diva. This is obviously reminiscent of McLaren, which is somewhat of a contemporary trademark.


The rear end is as much sporty as it is economical in terms of overloading. We can obviously guess a very nice carbon diffuser with double central exhaust outlet. The LED lights are reminiscent of the Granturismo's but in a modernized version. Some will also see Alpine lights (which is not wrong). It also proves that nowadays, everyone copies each other and that designers often seem to go in circles, even in the world of supercars.

A special feature of the MC20 compared to the competition and a touch of originality: theinlay of the Trident in the rear windowa true signature and affirmation of the brand. We can then guess inside the new in-house V6 called "Nettuno (Neptune in Italian, the famous god of the sea whose emblem was the Trident!) As announced from now on, you will also notice a softer rear lettering.


Let's talk about the New V6! It develops 630 hp (we were talking about 600 until then) at 7500 rpm. It is supercharged and develops 730 Nm at 3000 rpmall associated with a dual clutch transmissionThe 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in only 2.8 secondswhich is exceptional considering the "limited" power. Maserati announces in passing a weight contained to 1500 kg. Learn more about the Maserati V6 Nettuno engine.

Finally, for the mechanical enthusiasts, note that Maserati announces that this V6 is equipped with a dry sump, a double turbocharger and a direct and indirect fuel injection, via a pre-chamber of combustion which improves the output and the polluting emissions. Note that the chassis is made of carbon fiber and developed by Dallara.


As for the style itself, we can already read comments from disappointed people. Many regret a lack of risk-taking. Honestly, it's true that we don't find the Italian "touch" and even less Maserati in this new beautiful baby. The car has the curves of any competing supercar, McLaren-like doors, Alpine-like lights, a front end that reminds a little of Jaguar in its headlights (the F-Type or the CX-75 concept). In short, some will see it as a patchwork as it is more and more often the case. Especially today, when any tuner or billionaire launches his supercar, picking up style influences here and there and leading the faithful of each brand a little further astray. Maserati is following the same path. It's a shame.

As for the interior, it's a bit the same. It's beautiful, it's clean, neat and tidy. But it lacks the little touch, the risk-taking, the element that makes it... No, there, you remove the logo, you don't know you are in a Maserati. There is not even a watch ! As for the visual rendering, it seems, it must be said, rather ordinary, with a lot of gray/black. The whole thing seems to be covered with leather, carbon and a kind of alcantara. To be seen more closely.


Doesn't this steering wheel remind you of something?

Alfa Romeo steering wheel

We note in passing a instrumentation 100 % digital and a touch screen which seems to be embedded at the last moment, placed like a smartphone or a tablet. It does not look very premium, let's admit it... The deep blue inserts enhance a very dull atmosphere. For the rest, move on, there is nothing to observe...


Oh yes! Note nevertheless the driving mode selector son the center console (in carbon fiber), offering several functions: GT, Wet, Sport, Corsa and a fifth, ESC Off, which disables the control functions.

In the end, then, a nice proposal but without the expected "wow" effect. The style is flawless but leaves you wanting more. The interior is of the same barrel and could belong to any brand without particular inspiration in the field. The technique seems to be mastered and the values provided seem to make you shudder. The V6 will obviously be tested by the car journalists and we hope that it will be as smooth as it sounds. Because with "only" a V6, the brand seems to continue, despite its newfound freedom, to remain in the shadow of the greatest like Ferrari, which lives on V8. Does Maserati have enough confidence in itself or does it seem determined to always be a step behind the others? The answer with the next Granturismo in the next 24 months.



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  1. Well then, first feedback from Romain Monti, he finds the model very successful on track, "a very good base" and prefers its line to that of a F8 Tributo. There is worse.

  2. Well then, first feedback from Romain Monti, he finds the model very successful on track, " a very good base " and prefers its line to that of a F8 Tributo. There is worse.

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