Maserati Grecale Folgore: we configured the most expensive version, here's the result

Available to order for just over a month now, the new SUV Maserati Grecale Folgore 100 % electric is well priced from €126, malus, no bonus. But how does this model perform? Maserati if you add all the options? That's what we tried.

To get the experiment off to a good start, let's begin by vehicle color. Maserati offers non-metallic and metallic paint finishes, as well as Fuoriserie, which is produced by the brand's personalization department. Fuoriserie offers a choice of 4 colors: Blu Atmosfera, Rame Folgore, Grigio Lava Opaco and Brozon Opaco, at €16,800 each.


Next, rims, there are only 2 designs proposed. Probably, because they have been designed in terms of weight and aerodynamics to have a positive impact on the vehicle's fuel consumption. A choice of 20" and 21" wheels. The 21-inch version costs €2040.

For brake calipersHere, too, customization is light. Black, red or copper. Apart from the last color, it's not very original... Add €360 for red or black.


On the upholstery sideHere, too, it's very light: black, red or black fabric with copper stitching. No extra charge here.

Finally, you can choose between several interior colors/finishes Piano black (gloss black), gloss carbon fiber, radica wood, 3D carbon fiber and 3d carbon fiber with copper wires. The most expensive option here is carbon fiber, for an additional €1,200.


After customization, the model goes from €126,000 to €148,506.. It's still a very good price, especially as it's the Fuoriserie paint that has a lot to do with the new price.

Now let's add a few optionsThe Grecale Folgore already comes with heated rear seats, ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel as standard:

  • tinted windows + €540
  • panoramic roof: + €2040
  • Sonus Faber audio system + €2,640
  • kick sensor (trunk opening with foot) + €360
  • 360 camera: €1,200
  • alarm system: €624
  • wearable key: €96

We end up with a Well-equipped Grecale Folgore at €156,006. Not bad for a luxury SUV.

On the plus side: the price of Grecale remains well positioned, even with the most important options.


Negative points: it lacks a little craziness when it comes to customization. There's no yellow, no red, only a choice of two rims, 3 colors of calipers (if you count black as a color). The same goes for the upholstery: black or red, nothing very original. The SUV is very (too) discreet, whatever the configuration.

And to conclude, this configurator is sorely lacking in 3D, as with Porsche, BMW and other manufacturers, to see the vehicle configured from every angle.


Less expensive, the Bianco Astro color with copper-colored stirrups suits it particularly well.


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  1. If, like Alfa, Imperato has withdrawn options from the Giulia and Stelvio, Maserati is doing the same, it's another huge mistake. For these types of brands, customers like to have a wide range of options to make their vehicle unique. It's totally incomprehensible. I know some people who'll go on and on about this limited choice and will be disgusted.

      • So I might as well tell you... it's a load of rubbish and once again they'll be biting their fingers off if it's the case. Marchionne had done something right, but now they're sabotaging all the work that was vital.

    • The Maserati Grecale Folgore is very elegant, and I think it looks good with the brand's distinctive styling. The only thing I don't like are the rims, which are often not very pretty on electric cars.
      Bright colors aren't for Maseratis, they're for Urus.
      With no malus, the price becomes competitive.

      • Stanislas' showy paintings are what make a product unique, and when they're rare, they're often the most sought-after by collectors, justifying a higher price tag.

        • It's not my favorite, but to each his own. There are exceptions, like the Montreal green at Alfa Romeo, or the Etna rosso, both of which are magnificent.

          • Stanislas
            I only work with gray and black Maseratis and Mercedes, so that's probably why I can't see those colors in paint anymore. It gets tiresome.

  2. Much more expensive than the more powerful Macan Turbo electric, and with options unavailable from Maserati... The Folgore is sold at the price of Luxury for a premium configuration without more.

    • When you see the quality of the materials used on the latest Macan, it's laughable: long live the hard plastics on the console and door sills, not to mention the rear seats, which are worthy of a 2+2. In short, the Macan has become a generalist's product, with an unworthy and indigestible price tag that borders on a rip-off. Customers of the old model are disgusted, and many of them are not thinking of renewing their order.

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