Maserati Grecale Folgore vs Porsche Macan electric: who wins on paper?

As expected, Porsche has today unveiled the full specifications of its new electric Macan. As Maserati has planned to become a 100 % electric brand, it seems interesting to compare, on paper, the characteristics of the Grecale Folgore vs. the electric Macan.

Maserati Grecale FolgorePorsche Macan 4Porsche Macan Turbo
Price122 900 €86 439 €118 910 €
Power410 kW300 kW470 kW
Couple820 Nm650 Nm1130 Nm
Vmax220 km/h220 km/h260 km/h
0 to 100 km/h4.1 sec5.2 sec3.3 sec
Autonomy500 km591 km613 km
Consumption24 kwh21 kwh21 kwh
Battery105 kwh100 kWh100 kWh
Cell supplierCATLDraxlmaierDraxlmaier
Power load150 kW270 kW270 kW
Battery weight676 kgNCNC
Length4,86m4,78 m4,78 m
Total weight2480 kgNCNC

It's interesting to note that Porsche has come up with the idea of offering several different versions of its electric model, including one that is particularly attractive financially, from €86,000. The Grecale Folgore is positioned between the lowest and highest-performance versions of the new Macan.


If the Macan looks more attractive financially, it should be pointed out that the Grecale Folgore comes very well equipped as standard, where Porsche's options are numerous. We'd have to compare an equivalent configuration to have a definitive opinion on pricing competitiveness. It's unlikely that Maserati will want to launch a deflated, more accessible version of its Grecale, as the brand intends to focus solely on luxury and therefore exclusivity.

Orders for the new Porsche Macan are now open, with the first deliveries scheduled for the second half of this year. Concerning the Grecale Folgore, orders opened about 1 month agowith the first deliveries scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2024. If you're interested, contact your nearest Maserati dealer.



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  1. Magnifica as a product, but Maserati continues in the premium and not the luxury segment... they're going downmarket and stepping on Lancia's toes.
    In fact, it's no wonder that customers are confused and don't know what to do next!
    The renewal of the Levante and Quattroporte were far more vital to the brand's survival, as was the Alfieri.
    We keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

    • Maserati fara' il solito buco nell' acqua .Voleva competere con porche in termini di prestazioni e prezzo ma ha toppato clamorosamente su entrambi.Non esiste dopo tutti questi anni uscire con una piattaforma da 400 volt con batterie da 100kwh.Per non parlare dei consumi e quindi dell' autonomia .A suo favore solo la dotazione di serie ma con un prezzo completamente fuori dalle aspettative.Grecale avrebbe dovuto rilanciare il marchio anche a fronte di una nuova vettura più alla portata delle Maserati del passato ma invece così non e' stato ne per le versioni ibride tanto meno per la Folgore con un prezzo che una volta in strada con qualche optional supera abbondantemente la soglia dei 100000 euro!!! Che disastro !!

  2. Still, there's a big difference in price.
    Tightened with the MacanTurbo.
    And unfortunately, the average customer will choose Porsche.

      • It's therefore incomprehensible that they haven't opted to go all out with the 800V platform. Customers are likely to postpone their purchase or go to Porsche.

        • Because Granturismo and Grecale were, I think, well advanced in terms of development. Rethought at 0 on stla large, we see the result with a levante not before 2027... I'm sure Carlos Tavares didn't like the idea of spending the electrification budget on 2 models, one in 400v and the other in 800v, in order to be able to mutualize...

          • I don't know enough about the technical side of things, just that they have the same platform, one in 400v, the other 800v and catl battery in one and lg in the other. But yes, it must have cost a lot to develop, and I hope it was used as r&d for stla large ...

  3. I've configured the Porsche Macan from the basic version, which is more than sufficient, by adding 26,000 euros worth of options. For this amount, you get options that don't even exist at Maserati (heated windshield, steered wheels, passenger screen...). This comes to 112,000 euros, or 10,000 euros less than the Maserati with basic equipment. Sorry, but the Maserati doesn't stand a chance with this price positioning. Porsche is consistent. The Macan EV costs a little more than its basic internal combustion version, excluding tax. At Maserati, we're talking about 40,000 euros more than the basic combustion version (GT). Is it really the extra cost of the electric motor? I love Maserati, but I get the impression that the Stellantis group is messing around with its premium sports brands (Alfa Romeo, Maserati...).

    • I totally agree with you about the problem of options, but Maserati is a luxury brand, not a premium one.
      By chasing Porsche's turf, they've got the wrong competitors, which are Aston and Jaguar (which is definitely returning to luxury).
      It's Alfa's place opposite BMW and Porsche (since Porsche has moved down to the premium segment), Citroën and Lancia opposite Audi, Genesis, Lexus and Mercedes.
      In short, this product would be really great at Lancia and Citroën with a V6 F160 hybrid, and Maserati should concentrate on renewing the Quattroporte in hybrid and the Levante, leaving products like the Ghibli and Grecale to truly premium brands.
      It's a shame to have taken the sportiness out of Lancia and the innovation out of Lancia/Citroen, which speaks to everyone, and to have invested in DS, which takes this brand for Citroën with a new badge.
      If Stellantis wakes up and really gives Lancia and Citroën the importance they deserve, applying the Toyota method to Lexus.... Audi, Genesis, Lexus and Mercedes risk taking a nasty slap in the face, but with hybrids, because it's clear that all-electrics limit customer potential.

    • But there's also a problem at Porsche. In the Macan, the rear seats are apparently not very good. The seat is too high, there's no legroom and the knees are jammed or even embedded in the front seats, which is unforgivable for a vehicle that's grown up a lot compared to the old model.

  4. As you can see from several articles, the quality on the Macan has gone down and down, because the bottom of the dashboard is made of hard plastic. Porsche quality has taken a serious hit. We're beginning to see the limits of material sharing. Customers are going to pay attention, and many aren't starting to appreciate what they're reading, given the asking price.

  5. Hello everyone,

    It's really "stupid" to want to compare two rivals for a purchase,

    Porschists will stay with Porsche, and those who prefer elegance, beautiful lines - in short, who love Maseratis - will buy Maseratis, period.

    For my part I bought both brands, the porsche cayenne biturbos often went to the garage for problems, gearbox, shock absorber airs, etc.... with 78000 km .......

    On the other hand, I only go to the garage with my Maserati Quattroporte for scheduled maintenance, and so far I've never had a breakdown of any kind........ with 176000 km ......

    So that's it for me, but I have absolutely no wish to influence anyone, to each his own....... the adviser will never be the payer.........

    Sincerely Mr Gheller

    • You're not the only one to have had problems with the supercharged versions of the Cayenne or Macan.
      That's why so many are for sale in Switzerland at low prices, as repairs and maintenance often cost more than the vehicle itself.

    • The latest Quattroporte, like its predecessor, doesn't have any particular recurring problems, but regular customers have found that the design of version 6 has missed the mark in terms of headlight design compared to version 5 and the Ghibli, and that's a shame.

  6. I quite agree.
    Porsche quality is a myth.
    I've had 4 911s (930 turbo, 997 turbo, 991 carrera s and Cayenne turbo). All have had problems.
    I had 2 maserati ( quattroporte, granturismo s)
    No problem at all.
    I've owned many other vehicles ( 27 BMW M3, M5, 530I, 330XD, X6, X5, Z4 35IS, Z4M, mini Cooper S and works etc...).
    Apart from Porsche, none of my vehicles had the slightest difficulty.
    So if I have to buy a vehicle and the choice is a mid-range SUV, I prefer the maserati to the porsche.
    Much better finished and reliable

    • The only really reliable Porsche products... are the Boxster and Cayman. The ones to avoid above all are the Porsche 996, 997 (which rust, and not just a little), Cayenne and Macan, as well as the Audi-derived sedans, of which only the brand's 4.2 V8 is truly reliable.

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