Lancia: a product plan that holds up until 2028

After the plans produced Alfa Romeo 2028, Fiat 2029 and Maserati 2025... here's the one from Lancia. This one only confirm the brand's previous announcements, and its CEO Luca Napolitanoand learns just a little more about the platforms used.

Here, according to a document we have been able to consult, are the Lancia models to come by 2028, only on CMP and STLA Medium.

Lancia YpsilonCMPhybrid / electric2024
Lancia C-CUVSTLA Mediumelectric2026
Lancia DeltaSTLA Mediumelectric2028

Lanca Ypsilon, no surprises

The future Lancia Ypsilon, about which we already know almost everything, will be based on the CMP platform and offered in hybrid and electric versions, with a launch date of 2024. According to our document, production won't start until the end of 2024, so it's not impossible that the first deliveries won't arrive before 2025...

An HF version will then be introduced in 2025, increasing the car's power to 240 hp (like the Abarth 600 and the Alfa Romeo Milano).


Lancia C-CUV from Aurelia to Gamma


For the 2026 model, several interesting things. The document indicates not a C-SUV but a C-CUV, i.e. a Crossover Utility Vehicle. Based on the STLA Medium platform, it will be available in 100 % electric version. If the document doesn't name the car, it's because 2 years ago it was called the Aurelia, and now we know it's going to be called the Gamma.

According to the latest information, the car will be 4.60 m long and, on several occasions, we've indicated that it will have a 408 look. Doesn't that remind you of thehe future Giulia will not be a sedan after all ? Technical difference, however, between the Gamma on STLA Medium at 400V and the Giulia on STLA Large at 800V.


Lancia Delta

And finally, a more distant model, the Lancia Delta. On STLA Medium and with a length of 4.4 m, we think it will be a cousin of the future Peugeot 308 and DS4 which will be launched almost at the same time... but you'll soon see 😉


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  1. I'm bound to irritate some enthusiasts, but this brand should have disappeared with the current Ypsilon sold on the Italian market. And move on to something else. Sorry for the purists, but Lancia has been a deadly brand for years. An image close to nothing in Europe and around the world. It means nothing to the average person. Three-quarters of them don't know or even remember what the brand used to be.

    So instead of spending billions designing new products that will compete with other brands in the group, I don't see the point. They would have done better to invest more in Alfa to make it great again, rather than taking Lancia out of the fridge and proposing a direct competitor to the future DS4 and Giullietta.

    Both DS and Alfa-Romeo have their own distinct identities, one calling itself premium, the other pretium-sport. What will Lancia be?

    In short, I'm not enthusiastic about Lancia's "comeback"...

    • Lancia's image is huge. In 2020, an S4 went for 850,000 euros. When GCK showed its electric Delta Integrale, it went round the world. What's likely to happen with the Ypsilon is a flop, because it's an e-208 that will be technically outdated by 2025, and it offers nothing. In short, nobody is waiting for this product, it already exists. Management needs to come up with something that doesn't yet exist, namely an integrale that's much lighter, more compact and more agile than German products.

      • I couldn't agree more, while the DS aura doesn't exist, hence the continual flop. There's also the Hyena, which fetches stratospheric prices, the 037, the Stratos and so on.
        As for the rest, I agree with you completely, Fredo. If there's one brand that has a premium aura in the world at PSA, it's Citroën, and the prices in collections show it, especially with the SM, but Peugeot is stubbornly trying to destroy it because they've never been able to stand internal competition like they did in the Simca era.
        Lancia and Citroën need to re-establish partnerships as they did in the old days, return to innovation and, above all, get the STLA wide.

  2. The new Ypsilon is designed to relaunch Lancia by turning it into a luxurious Peugeot with an attractive design, rather like Audi's more luxurious VWs (Premium in the automotive world).
    The concern is also to focus on electric power for future Delta and C-CUV models.

    • That's why VAG and Audi customers now prefer to buy... Skoda. This technique, which dates back to the glory years of Chrysler, Fird and GM, just doesn't work, and we've seen how groups like these end up, stripped bare at the first crisis to hit them, or even bankrupt.

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